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Miami Heat coach: Plan for training camp “all inclusive”

Yeah, there is. There’s a plan that I have for
training camp. It’s all inclusive. We’re trying to build our system,
get guys comfortable with that. Get them confident playing
with each other and while at the same time
making some evaluations. Every camp is different. The teams that we had the last
couple years, that’s in the past. So I’m just focused on
this group right now. And that’s what I’m doing. But we’re able to speed things
up to an appropriate level. But there are new guys that we have
to incorporate into our system, make them comfortable,
make them confident. Well, we have nine determined guys, we have to fast track our
system to lead defensively and even the majority of
the offensive package. Jim is coming to this with the right frame of mind and he’s coming here to help and also is doing to learn frorm. And make sure he gets up to speed
as he gets more comfortable. We brought him here for a reason, and we
want him to be a good voice for our team. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Reynold King

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