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Model Wears Corset 23 Hours A Day To Achieve 20 Inch Waist

COMM: Aleira Avendano is pushing her body to the limits, squeezing her waist down
to an eye watering 20 inches – by wearing a corset for the last six years. COMM: She’s also had surgery to enhance her shape, but she could be pushing her body too far. COMM: The 25 year old Venezuelan model began waist training while she was still in her teens and now wears her corset for a staggering 23 hours a day. COMM: Along with the waist training Aleira tries to maintain her extreme figure through diet and exercise. COMM: She also admits to having surgery to enhance her incredible hour glass shape. COMM: But the extraordinary stress placed on her body by the corset could lead to
problems in the future. COMM: Unsurprisingly she draws both adulation and criticism in her home town of Caracas. COMM: Despite the controversy her figure draws she has the support of her family – except
for her father who still finds the attention a little hard to bear. COMM: But she considers wearing a corset for 23 hours a day a small price to pay for the
happiness it brings her.

Reynold King

100 Replies to “Model Wears Corset 23 Hours A Day To Achieve 20 Inch Waist”

  1. 20 inch waist is small/small-average lol, there are girls who are really thin and have a thinner waist, plus she also seems really short so for her being short is not that small, what helps her to make seems her waist that small are her big hips and boobs. I'm myself 171cm and my waist is 23 inches also I weight more than 60Kg…

  2. The exposed skin on the waist looks really, really weird.

    Nothing a little photoshop can't fix though? AMIRIGHT

  3. Don't say "yuck" that's how she wants to be and she's a friendly person not rude and selfish like some other thots.

  4. eh,, my mother used to have 20 inch waist when she was 18 years old (her waist is normally like that) and it doesn't look abnormal. maybe 'cuz she ain't thick 😂

  5. She looks nice but she should dress better. Her bra is showing thats a club outfit not a around town visit ur doctor

  6. I think she looks great👍 she is foxy as hell more women should do this to achieve the perfect hour glass figure ….

  7. I get everybody wants to be and feel beautiful especially us women but to hear her say that she wants to be known for her body no absolutely not why are women doing this to us as women we should want to be known for our BRAINS our TALENTS and STRENGTH not just a body that's degrading us as women which makes it easier for men to degrade us and treat us as such doesn't matter what race or nationality she is she's still a woman it teaches women that there self worth only comes from what they look like and desperately seeking the attention and approval not just for men buy from ppl in general we as women are more than that and we always will be She should use her beauty to show women we can be strong and beautiful and have other talents besides just sitting there looking pretty #sigh😪😪😪

  8. In the future, hopefully when I lose some of my weight. I would love to wear a corset, but I wanted it to fix my body. I am not removing anything. I do wish her luck and good health.

  9. Said no one (except for her and every other narcissist idiot):
    “My biggest ambition in life is wanting to be known for the shape of my (fake) body.”

  10. Her waist doesn't look horrible,the horrible thing is her butt and those ballons,is like those two things doesn't look semetrical with her body

  11. https://www.s/

  12. Que venga a medallo y cali para que vea como se le baja la moral mujeres brutales sin cirujias rostro hermoso y sencillas y no malcriada como esta

  13. She looks silly to me. For attention you will put your organs at risk to look some kind of cartoon character. That's a bit sick, but it's her body not mine.

  14. She looks like a cartoon and then my brain gets weirded out when she’s half naked, leik that’s not human.
    But no hate not my body.

  15. I feel really bad because I have 50 cm waist and its just in the gene . but others are training and having surgeries to have small waists.

  16. Why not just exercise regularly, the waist will get smaller by doing the right exercises ,it will look natural & be healthy

  17. Thank Kim Kardashian for all the chicks doing extreme waist training now..😂 I don't get it why do you want to look so fake. Not only that but it can't be good for your organs…

  18. She’s gonna look way older than her actual age when she’s 30 or 40, especially if she keeps these surgeries up.

  19. I have a 22 inch waist and I don’t wear a corset… 20 inches is far too small for your organs. One day it’ll prove to be a difficulty.

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