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Motivation Theory – 3 Proven Methods for personal development – Self-Discipline

what’s up shenanigans John here in I am
back today I’m here to talk to you about the top three things to help improve
discipline and ultimately consistency on your YouTube channel or pretty much
anything you want to improve discipline and consistency on if you are new here
this channel is for inspiration is for motivation it’s for those who create is
for those who want to create it’s for those who want to discuss the trials and
tribulations of being a YouTube creator and find like-minded people in which to
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back in to the conversation look it’s probably safe to say consistency and
discipline are probably something that we all struggle with whether you’re
working on losing weight exercising or just producing content for your YouTube
channel you’re probably struggling day-to-day to find ways in which to
motivate yourself and be consistent and therefore progress and your goals
watching videos and good intentions can only get you so far no matter how good
you start off you can start to easily lose your momentum missing a day here
missing a workout they’re missing a video here not posting for a week things
can start to unravel very quickly for yourself and you can start to feel
really down and that Kansas spiral out of control and to the point where you’re
not doing anything at all just feeling anxiety and depression about not getting
the things done you want to get done so how do you develop more self-discipline
how do you become more consistent in things is it a matter of just trying
harder there are there ways and things that you can do to help establishing new
habits and making them a little bit easier to embrace so developing more
discipline and consistency can be tackled many different ways it’s there’s
some things that can be triggered just by being disturbed or by positive
reinforcement and when I mean you know being disturbed Tony Robbins and I went
through his program get the edge many many years ago and he said something
about getting disturbed that really resonated with me because at that point
I was overweight this was about 13 years ago I wasn’t a runner and I needed to do
something I needed to finally get disturbed and just angry with myself and
essentially just pissed off to move forward to get out of the rut get out of
that mud I was stuck in and you know I shot a video a while back talking about
my 15 year goals after I went through to get the edge program
like that right here and you can watch that tip one being honest with yourself
being self-aware about why you’re not doing the things you need to be doing to
progress towards your goals you know you do need to get disturbed you need to get
disturbed to get out of the rut to get moving towards your goals and stop
making excuses for yourself as to why you can’t do things why you don’t have
time why you don’t have the skill whatever excuse you’re making for
yourself you need to stop and be extremely honest if it’s about filming a
new video why aren’t you filming the video why are you not shutting down
YouTube right now writing your script and getting ready to film a video it’s
about exercising why are you watching this why are you not strapping up those
running shoes and getting outside walking or running whatever it is you’re
trying to do for exercise now I may not mean that literally because I want you
to finish watching this video but you know you know what I’m saying you know
what I’m saying you have to stop making excuses and justifying the reasons why
you’re not doing what you need to be doing we all go through periods where
retired and stressed and have anxiety and feel overwhelmed with pretty much
everything to do with life we all go through it but it’s gonna make you
better what’s gonna help grow you as a person is finding a way to overcome that
and what you doing like a 60-second period determines what you’re gonna be
doing for that day are you gonna sit or are you gonna stand up and go forward
towards your goals so again being honest yourself being self-aware will help do
tremendous things for you it will help give you a clearer vision of what’s
really happening and why you aren’t moving forward tip to really visualize
what success is gonna be like when you reach that goal whatever that goal is
you know as a content creator nothing feels better than hitting that publish
button on a video you have that deep sigh like I’m finally done or if it’s
about losing weight and you want to get to the size so you can wear the clothes
that you want to wear or having the compliments from people noticing that
you’ve dropped you know 20 30 40 pounds whatever that whatever it is you have to
visualize what that positive affirmation that reinforcements going to feel like, you
know it’s gonna feel great to publish that video it’s gonna feel great to
write that book it’s gonna feel great to lose that weight and to put on those
clothes you haven’t worn in a couple years it’s gonna feel great to see those
people that you haven’t seen in years and then to see you as a new person and
again I’ll go back to a Tony Robbins example
he said something and to get the edge of program wht he said is nothing and
this has to do with losing weight he said nothing tastes as good as skinny
feels and that sounds silly but when you’re overweight like I was and you
needed the motivation to stop eating crappy food and exercise he started
thinking about what that really means that nothing tastes as good as skinny
feels and when I lost all the weight that was 100% a fact I never wanted to
go back to that point in my life again where I chose food over health I chose
food over wanting to feel better truly feeling better about myself not
those momentary moments where I made food the thing that made me feel better
visualization is such a strong strong tool think about how it’s gonna feel and
realize that’s what you’re working for that’s more powerful than concentrating
on the feelings you have right now there’s things that are telling you know
that you can’t do it you need to overcome those and focus on the
visualization that the mental pictures of the affirmation you’re gonna receive
when you finally get that goal and how good that’s gonna feel 2 3 the final tip
is just writing it down holding yourself accountable having someone else hold you
accountable for the things you want to do you need a plan you need to set a
plan to help keep from giving yourself leeway for excuses and I know this
firsthand I’ve been on this channel for three and a half years and I have yet to
set a schedule for this channel three and a half years and I have completely
avoided setting a schedule and I did that because I never wanted to be held
down or pinned down to any kind of schedule so I didn’t have to feel bad
that didn’t work so it didn’t feel bad about not posting on a regular schedule
if I didn’t set a schedule I’m not setting any promises and not letting
anyone down not that you all cared that much but
from a channel success standpoint I can’t blame anyone but myself for not
setting that schedule it didn’t avoid it it didn’t help me avoid anything it
didn’t help me avoid feeling badly because I still felt badly when it
didn’t post content so right here right now I’m telling you I’ve set a schedule
it’s going to be Mondays and Thursdays on this channel that’s when I’m going to
produce content and the reason I’ve done that is because I have to start setting
a schedule and set a plan to help me organize my
life the reason it was so chaotic and so hard before it’s gonna didn’t have a
sketch I didn’t have a schedule I would just think of things I would write and I
try to do everything in one day all at one time and that wasn’t conducive to my
life and so now I’m gonna be having days where I plan on writing you know
scripting out things filming editing and uploading I would know those the days
I’m gonna do this things that will help me feel so much less anxiety it would
help me move forward with my goals for this channel so you heard it here you
heard it here first Mondays and Thursdays now I’ve I’ve said
it to you now I have to go put it on my channel
and now I have to tweet it out to help myself
to hold myself actually accountable to have you guys help me hold myself
accountable now I have a plan and actually it doesn’t stress me out like I
thought it would it actually helps me feel a little bit less anxiety that I
know what I’m gonna do now I always thought it would help create more stress
it’s actually helped relieve stress so now that I have this plan hopefully it’s
gonna help lead to more consistency and help me reach the goals that I have for
this channel all right guys that’s all I have hopefully these tips will help make
you start to churn to think about some things that can help you with your
discipline and ultimately your consistency with whatever you’re looking
for whether it’s losing weight creating content writing of books exercising
whatever it is the same concepts are applicable in every situation right
that’s all I got if you like this video please make sure you hit that thumbs up
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now you know it’ll be Mondays and Thursdays for the most part no I’m gonna
do it I’m setting a schedule I have to do it I have to do this
all right everybody until next time thank you for watching and I will see

Reynold King

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  1. I have a schedule….sort of.  As for my other channel?  I have some consistency work to do there.  Without a training plan, it didn't matter when I ran.  I have to write it down or it doesn't get done regularly.  Nice one on ones John.  I'm looking forward to Monday.  😉

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