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MPN Hero Lindsey Lyle: A Passion for Educating MPN Patients

(Lindsey): I’m Lindsay Lyle, a Physician
Assistant at the University of Colorado in Denver. My involvement with the MPN community really
began when I was put with a physician who specialized in MPNs. He very quickly took me under his wing and
taught me everything about how to care for MPN patients. If I see a patient for the first time who
has an MPN- they were just diagnosed – I try to really give them the tools to learn
as much as they can about their disease. Patients often say to me, “ Well, I have
no clue what the doctor said because I didn’t even understand the words”. And so then there’s your opportunity to
say, “Great, let’s break this down a little bit and talk about it.” so that they really are understanding .
If you want to treat a patient well, they have to trust you. And trust takes time to build. Getting to know my patients is my favorite
part of my job. And it’s what really allows me and encourages
me to keep going in a field that is difficult because at the end of the day, I have spent
so much time getting to know somebody in a very vulnerable and scary time for them. I’ve become more involved in educating patients
through a group called Patient Power. So Patient Power is an online patient empowerment
network where there are videos from different experts in the field and they touch on a variety
of topics. Patient Power also hosts live events, which
are really incredible. It brings a sense of community to wherever
you are and really unites the MPN patients. This year I was the editor for a series called
MPN Updates. And I really tried to increase education at
the advanced practice level, as we are seeing a lot more patients with MPNs and really driving
their care. You know I never thought that I would be so
invested in one specific disease state. But I have so much joy when I take care of
these patients and when I’m educating others and also educating myself so that I can be
the best provider for my patients From a young age, I cared about people. And I learned this from my family that every
person has dignity and worth. They deserve to be cared for and loved. Having the ability to emotionally and medically
care for somebody when they’re in a very tough time is such a gift. You get to know about, you know, their upcoming
trips and what their goals are. And then you get to make that happen. And it’s a really, really beautiful thing.

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