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Muay Thai Training Day & Fight Night at Bangla Boxing Stadium ❤ Katya’s Vlog #1

yes I got a selfie stick over here but then it go prom for sure but I don’t have GoPro at the moment so I’ll use sophistic and my phone to make this video blog subscribe on my channel guys so now it’s a lunchtime and I’m going to have lunch probably at Tony Tony’s restaurant is one of their most famous places for eating here and yeah the cheapest one so I need to put something on and that probably could I get massage because my body sore after yesterday’s with reality and now I’m going to show you right up straight and all these places for fighters one more perfect Sunday here in Phuket look there it is awesome today hello guys you’re probably prison somewhere in winter most my roommate still sleeping because she normally wake up’s like 2 p.m. my time here very famous place over here okay guys look what I just got it’s chicken chili no these wedges and mix food shake and put it in right then I keep some laps on the hook very tight a firm have this map when I mix a little and it’s my favorite place on the street I always go there because I like strong massage I don’t like it’s a Geisha I like strong guys how weather changed it changed so fun very sexy lady what is your name and already rain – Misha and now the best part of the day wear tight training coming to the best place in the world the best MMA and what I do in fall Asia who can’t talk to you guys remember this place I’m coming inside in the office here you can buy everything for my thigh and the my my training a lot of beer remember my shorts and stuff many t-shirts I have this one really cool to go to Thailand a lot of ground and gloves and shin pads and everything this workshop my trainers okay going inside my tattoo now the place in my heart Oh dreams one of them is gone his boxing champ tonight we have flight at found bangle box in stealing so whose poison don’t fucking touch him charlie he’s my friend Sharon lost his name is probably not plaza but whatever and the Chinese guy so we have three fighters for tonight and I’ll be there so guys I wasn’t able to speak with stylist yet about my fight if I’m fighting on or not but I guess I I am so I have to try Australian is already started they are doing the skipping right now my skipping was right on the street I don’t need to do it my friends and now I’ll ask them about integration special Who am I fighting 24 sighs geez number 115 progressive who is killing me so we all go in the box video boxing stadium now we’re waiting for trainers well Oh Oh I never have seen so many people here hi stealin motherfucker bloggers their own fighters are very qualified down with this day I’m so tired but I will fight it it’s always so much fun it’s crazy yeah today I spoke to the trainer Lampton as you could hear and he said I’m fighting not on 25th but on 24th what even sooner so tomorrow morning I wake up 6:30 around 5 p.m. train in two hours afternoon I run two and half train in two hours and then I’m just dead but it’s my journey and I love it so much one of more time stay tuned

Reynold King

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  1. Какая классная фигура ! Идеальная девушка. Плиз Катюша сделай канал русскоязычным .

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