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Must Hear Advice For Every Aspiring Entrepreneur

My intention in this video is
to give some specific advice for, particularly new entrepreneurs in the form of 10 of the
most powerful lessons that I’ve learned through
screwing up and failing again and again on my
entrepreneurial journey in online business over
the last few years. Now, of course, there are
potentially other aspects to success, but these
are my definitive top 10 of some of the most important things that we need to focus on in our journey, if we ultimately wanna achieve the success that we’re working towards. So by the end of this video,
if you can start incorporating some habits in your life
that are gonna build these 10 foundations, these 10 principals into your day-to-day
daily method of operation, that’s gonna go a long
way towards enabling you to create that longterm success
that you’re looking for. So principal number one is that you must have clarity of vision. Now that doesn’t necessarily
mean that you need to know your life’s
purpose or be fully aligned with what you’re gonna
do for the next 20 years. But what it does mean is that you need to have a really strong motivation why you’re doing what you’re doing. And earning money is
not a strong enough why. Because the point is that this journey, however you go about it,
whether it’s online business, offline business, brick and mortar. Whether it’s real estate,
whether it’s Forex, it doesn’t matter, the point
is that it’s gonna take time to master whatever path
that you’re going down and it’s gonna get challenging. There’s gonna be times that we’re tested. But with that in mind, if
we don’t have a motivation that’s just bigger than,
oh I just wanna earn money, then we’re gonna give
up when times get tough. It’s exactly the same with
people who go to the gym and succeed and people who go to the gym and then after three weeks,
have just stopped going. The people that stop
going generally speaking, they don’t have a big enough reason why. Imagine the difference
between someone who’s like, “Yeah, it’s January and I’m just gonna set “a New Year’s resolution to get healthier, “so I’m joining a gym and I
kind of think I wanna do it, “but I’m not really sure, I’m not really “that committed to it,”
versus somebody else who’s just been told by the
doctor that if they don’t change their habits and if they
don’t take their health more seriously, they
will have a heart attack and die within the next two years. Who do you think is gonna be more motivated to follow through? And the point is it’s the reason why. If we can make sure that
we’re dialled into that in our lives and in our business, that’s what’s gonna
keep us moving forwards when things get tough. So we’ve gotta have
that clarity of vision. And then number two is we’ve
gotta invest in ourselves. And that will look like,
it could be buying books. It could be buying education courses. It could be getting
mentors, getting coaches. It could be attending seminars and events. There’s a whole myriad
of things that we can do to invest in ourself, but
the important thing is that, in one way or another, we
are investing in growing and improving and learning
and moving forwards ourselves. And if we can embody
this, and show up in a way where we’re not attached to
fear, like scarcity mindset. We don’t wanna hold onto money
because what if I spend it and I don’t get it back, but instead, if we can let money
flow, and particularly, invest it in ourselves,
money’s gonna come back to us tenfold, the more
consistently that we do this. We’ve gotta invest in ourselves. And then off the back
of that, number three is improve your circle of influence. We’ve all heard the quote from Jim Rohn that “We become the
average of the five people “that we surround ourselves with.” And it is so true, ’cause
when we get ourselves in this space with other
people who are, you know, achieving the result we
already wanna achieve or who are thinking to a level that we’re not thinking
at yet, that rubs off. And we start to develop
the mindset of these people that we’re hanging around
with, we’ve become the average of the people that we
spend the most time with. So if you look at your
circle of influence, if you don’t have people
in your circle of influence that are achieving the
life that you wanna live, we’ve gotta make sure
we’re investing our time and our effort and our
energy into actually, improving our circle of
influence so that we are surrounding ourselves with
people who are gonna fuel our own self-belief and
who are gonna empower us to start aiming bigger, thinking bigger. Circle of influence is absolutely key. And then number four
is a principal that I, for the last three years,
have certainly embodied, and that is learn, do, teach. The general principal
behind learn, do, teach is it’s in the teaching where most of the learning will happen. Because if you learn something,
if you learn knowledge like sure, that’s powerful,
and if you implement and act on that knowledge, that’s
a lot more powerful ’cause it’s in the acting
that we really embed into our thinking, our
daily method of operation and everything we’re doing,
that’s where we solidify it. But it’s in the teaching
where the real value is. ‘Cause if you can help somebody
else understand a principal that you have learned or
adopted in your own business for example, to help teach
somebody else that principal, we have to understand it
from so many different angles and perspectives than just our own. And it’s when we can teach somebody else something that we’ve learned, that is when we truly understand it. And when you teach someone something, that fuels your own
self-belief more than learning or really more than
anything else could do. It’s in the teaching where the real value of learn, do, teach lies. So embody learn, do, teach and
that’s gonna go a long way. And then number five is
income producing activities. I see so many entrepreneurs,
particularly in online business who will start, and they’ll
start by educating themselves and investing in themselves,
which is fantastic, but very quickly, people can
get stuck in learning mode. And we have to make sure
that we are both, sure, educating ourselves and
learning, but more importantly, we’ve gotta be implementing
what we’re learning and actually doing things
that are directly driving the results in our business. Because cashflow is the
lifeblood of business. It doesn’t matter how you look at it. If you’re in business, but
you’re not generating revenue, then you’re not in business yet. Nothing happens in
business without revenue, without sales, without cashflow. And so, the highest value activity that we can be focusing on, particularly in the early stages, is we’ve gotta focus on those income producing activities. ‘Cause that’s what’s gonna
really start to drive that foundation and give us
the ability to start scaling. To start working on other
areas of the business. Maybe developing products
or so on and so forth. But if we don’t have cashflow,
we aint gonna last very long. And we’re certainly not gonna be able to create much impact in the world. So income producing activities is a key. And then number six is
practising , in my opinion, the most valuable skill
in entrepreneurship, which is resourcefulness. The ability to figure shit out. ‘Cause an entrepreneur who is resourceful and who’s able to think
creatively and adapt and overcome any challenge that
comes in his or her way, that is the person that’s gonna
be able to navigate through all the pitfalls and the
challenges and the highs and lows to ultimately, get to the place that they’re trying to get to. And resourcefulness, it can be as simple as just finding answers
on Google and YouTube. It can be as simple as coming out on a webinar and asking questions. Or it can be a case of
really sort of committing to figuring something out in something that you’re working on in your business which is driving you
crazy, like when you build your first website, for example. Resourcefulness is the
ability to move through the overwhelm and overcome that challenge to ultimately work towards mastery and then keep moving
forwards on your journey. Resourcefulness is so important. And then number seven is to model others, but trust yourself. So what we can do, like
one of the quickest and most powerful ways to move forwards in our own journey is,
look at somebody else who has achieved the result
that we wanna achieve and then model what they’ve
done to achieve the result. But don’t necessarily copy, ’cause, again, a lot of
people in the early stages, they will carbon-copy things
that other people have done in their business, but
without their own injection of their own personality,
their own beliefs, their own values or really
just adapting things, like modelling others, but
bringing through the lens of themselves and
injecting themself into it. It just doesn’t come across as authentic. Imagine for example, putting
an ad out on the internet and you’ve carbon-copied
somebody else’s advert, well, you’re not gonna be authentic in how you’re positioning yourself and your business because,
if you’ve carbon-copied, where’s your value,
where’s your personality? Where’s what you’re gonna
bring to the market? Where’s the injection of how
you intend to help people? Carbon-copying isn’t authentic
and will not produce results. Modelling is one of the most
powerful ways to do that, but it relies on trusting
yourself, honing your intuition, developing your
personality and your unique values to add in the market. And the more that we can trust ourselves, the more that we can
stand behind the decisions that we make, own them
and become responsible for every choice, every action,
every decision that we take. ‘Cause it’s the responsibility
for our decisions that we have complete
power to change everything in our reality around us. If we don’t take
responsibility, we’re a victim to something external from us. Maybe that’s someone else, something else, an environment, a market, whatever. But when we take
responsibility, we are the ones that can influence, we’re
responsible for everything. And if you trust in yourself,
that you’re able to continue taking responsibility, and
then adding and injecting your own personality and values
into everything that you do. And then number eight, which
is one of the most valuable principles that I embody,
particularly in the early stages of my entrepreneurial journey,
was to follow the fear. ‘Cause the thing in your
business that you are most scared of doing is, generally
speaking, the thing that’s gonna push you farthest out
of your comfort zone, that’s why we’re scared
of it, and therefore, it’s gonna give us the most growth and it’s gonna enable us to
produce the biggest impact, the biggest leap forwards. Quantum leaps in business
exist in the areas where we’re most terrified
and we least want to go. So if you can build the habit
of using fear as a beacon, it is a blessing, it is a guiding light that is literally showing you
exactly what you need to do in your business to
create the biggest impact. Fear is an incredible thing
to help us move forwards, and the more that we can
see it as something to head straight towards, instead
of something to avoid, the more we’re gonna
take those quantum leaps and really, really move
forwards and start creating drastic results in growth in
ourselves and in our business. And then number nine
is to lead with value. This is a major lesson that I learned in, it was around May, June,
2017 when I had a shift in the mindset of how I
was showing up in business, where initially it was
like, yeah, you know, I wanna help people, I wanna
help people, but really, the primary intention was I wanted to drive results in the business. That was the primary intention
that I was showing up with. But the shift, ’cause I
wasn’t getting the results that I wanted at that point,
and the shift happened when I completely let go of self interests and I just made it about, right,
I’m looking at my customers right now, what can I do,
right now, that is gonna provide them the most value
and help them move forwards? That’s when I launched the
“Scrap the Nine to Five” private entrepreneurial
network, it’s when I started the members webinars that I do every week, it’s when I started implementing a lot of the additional training
and coaching that I do, no extra cost, it’s just
part of the process. And through that shift in
value, and helping others, putting others first, that
was one of the biggest lessons that really started creating
huge changes in the results that I was generating in business, is leading with value and
making it about others. Because when you really
boil business down, success in business is nothing
more than being the best at understanding what
people want and need, and then being the best at
providing people with that. And the whole focus behind that
is that we lead with value. We lead with helping
people with what they need. It’s crucial. So we’ve gotta embody
that in our business. Finally, number 10, speed
of implementation is key ’cause we can have incredible ideas, and like these amazing things
that we wanna implement and bring onboard in our business, but if we don’t implement them quickly, we’re gonna lose that edge. We’re gonna lose that traction. Other companies will essentially beat us, will get there before us
or the market changes, the opportunity passes. In this day and age,
especially online business, the landscape is changing so quickly, that if we don’t implement
and execute immediately on the highest impact areas
that we wanna focus on in our business, opportunities
will just disappear. We’ve gotta implement quickly. It’s absolutely crucial to make sure that, you know, when something
comes up in our business, maybe it’s an idea, maybe
it’s a sort of new product, maybe it’s a new route to market or new marketing campaign
idea or whatever it is. Implementation is key,
we’ve gotta execute. And a lot of that is, one
of the most crucial parts of doing that is
overcoming fear, typically. Fear’s gonna be one of the major things that will hold us back from implementing ’cause we’ll procrastinate. And so, if we can get in the
habit of facing the fear, we’re gonna generally speaking,
be implementing the things that we are most scared of,
which are gonna generally be the biggest ideas that will create the biggest results in our business. The faster someone can overcome fear, and the faster someone
can implement those ideas and those strategies
that are furthest outside the comfort zone, they’re
the people who are gonna get the most growth in business. All right, so those are my top 10. That is what I’ve learned
over, particularly in the last three years of online business, and also, a lot of these lessons
have kind of been formed for a lot longer before that as well. But really it’s been the last three years that I’ve started embodying
those and living by those, which is when the results in
business have started to come. So, really hope that helps. If you have any others,
any other suggestions, please comment below
’cause I would love to hear your thoughts on this, and
if you enjoyed this video, please like it, and then finally, if you would like plenty more like this, ’cause I do three videos every week, either to do with online
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really hope it’s helped and I’ll speak to you in
another video, bye for now.

Reynold King

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  1. 9️⃣🔥5️⃣ Hope you enjoyed these top 10 tips. If you have any other suggestions I would love to hear about them. Comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

  2. Thank you
    This material is really a source of “food for thought “ and I’m so happy to be getting access to it to move forward in my goal realisation.😊♥️

  3. Meditation is certainly a massive benefit – I use it to cope with CFS/ME and migraine and ADHD. The fact that the increased activity of the pre-frontal cortex can be followed on functional-MRI scans during the course of practicing from newbie to 8-weeks experience is an eye-opener. The BBC did a report on this in 2010 and it is available on YouTube. It was based around work from Prof. Mark Williams & Danny Penman from their book:”Mindfulness – finding peace in a frantic world”. Worth looking at.

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