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Travelling to all 47 prefectures of Japan, vlogging every day I’m out, this is Odigo47 So this video started out to be a regular vlog until I was editing the footage and realized how good it was for it to be ruined by the background
sounds of the waterfall. I was gonna do a simple voice over but why do that when you can see more of my lovely face? In my videos I like to introduce many types of things whether be the foul tasting poop curry restaurant or stuff that is more Japanesey, like the tour I took around my favorite Japanese restaurant here in Tokyo. But to be honest I think I hit an all-time high with the half-naked footage I’m about to show you guys right now! It started out as a normal day when my buddy Moe asked me a very simple question. Chris do you want to stand under a waterfall? Sure, why not? As we arrived at Ryusenji Temple we were greeted by some very nice people and got to see a beautiful lake that was referred to in the all famous Momotaro tale While that was beautiful and all let’s get to the fun part. As we started to walk towards the waterfall, Moe literally says: “Chris! I thought it was bigger
like it would break your neck” She literally said that! Here’s a brief history for you guys
about the Ryusenji Temple Whatup guys we are here in Okayama prefecture and right now we are at this waterfall right here and actually this place is really famous, this Ryusenji temple is really famous for this waterfall. Because many monks come here to kind of discipline their souls so I’m actually gonna go and try it. I’m gonna go over there, and have this water on my head and it supposedly hurts…I guess And the thing is you need to train your soul to take the pain away, you forget about your surroundings, and that’s kind of the method that the monks use. The reason that that’s a dragon, the water is coming out of a dragon is because legend has it that this mountain had a dragon inside of it that protected the Momotaro Castle that’s really close by in ancient times. And actually dragons in buddhism are supposed to be defenders of households or basically a protector So that’s the reason why they have a dragon up there in this buddhist temple. Alright so I’m gonna take my clothes off, not completely naked of course but I’m gonna take my shirt off go inside there and test it out see how it feels. Let’s go! And now you guys are in for the big surprise Alright so I’m gonna go change and actually I didn’t know I was supposed to wear this, I just found out that I gotta wear this thing And you’re supposed to wear it.. …like this! Soooo……Yeah Let’s go! After following all the buddhist practices that the monk was telling me to do At this point I was pretty confused. After a solid minute we continued with more of the buddhist practices until it was time for the fun to commence In case you’re wondering despite how easy the real monk made it seem That water really hurt! And for some reason, it sounded really cool with the chant. So of course I had to try it too! So the script you’re supposed to read when you’re in the waterfall is Nanmyohorengekyo Yeah! Okay so another thing is the reason why they use water here in Japan is because they have an abundance of water and water is seen as kind of a pure symbol so they tend to use water a lot of times to purify yourself here in Japan in all these temples. And I’m freezing..I’m gonna get changed! Thank you guys for staying until the end of the video, I hope didn’t scar too much of your souls But to me this is how my soul became purified. If you are interested definitely check out the Ryusenji Temple here in Okayama Prefecture. And I’ll see you guys in the next video!
See you guys next time! And once again guys this was Odigo47 where I’ll be travelling to all 47 prefectures So stay up to date coz I’ll be vlogging every single day And if you don’t know what Odigo is it’s a travel website that offers exclusive information all about Japan so check the link in the description box below and we’ll see you guys tomorrow, bye!

Reynold King

55 Replies to “NAKED MONK TRAINING|Day 73 – Okayama”

  1. How do you felt after the waterfall? Was your body sore or different?
    This video was great! You are such a brave man.

  2. I was wondering why on earth you were doing dressed like that in your hotel room with that alien hairstyle

  3. THat is so cool and awesome! LOL I was like whoa!!! That's more of Chris than we have ever seen…My daughter was like "Mom he is buff and hot, I like him even more." I told her umm sweetie he is taken. 😱😉💓😎🙍
    To bad us females can't do the ritual.

  4. This is amazing, and even more amazing that they allow non practitioners to go into the waterfall. Did that cost anything extra to do, and will they allow females to do this? My boyfriend actually IS Buddhist(Shinto), and I'm Egyptian(Ancient Gods), but I believe very strongly in the Buddhist teachings.

  5. We are Nichiren Sho-Shu but this is Nichiren Shu, we respect their beliefs but they mix-mix religions a lot so we don't consider it pure Nichiren Buddhism. Anyway they are considered brothers in faith… The salt he threw at you is old purifying salt they use in Sumo….

  6. Is that a temple related to Nichiren Buddhism? Because I practice SGI (Soka Gakkai International) and our practice revolves around Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

  7. Omg what an awesome soul cleansing! It looks like it was a MASSIVE workout too! Physically brutal!

  8. Wait a soul purifying minute…. you mean to say Moe didn't do this?
    What the …
    31 seconds under the waterfall. ouch.
    If you were tired or sleepy, I bet that woke you up.

  9. Awesome video Chris. That looked so cold and painful though. it is funny, I learnt the chant you were reciting many years ago when I was a little girl. I wish I could remember who taught it to me. What does it mean?

  10. Can girls also do this? I live in Arkansas and we have a popular hiking spot where there's a 50 foot waterfall! I can totally understand your pain since I've stood under my local waterfall before and its nothing to take lightly. You did really well!

  11. Answers to some popular q's:

    1. Yes females can do this according to the monk.
    2. It costs 5,000 yen or $50 to try this experience with the monk.
    3. I am not an expert on Buddhism so I can't answer any questions relating to that 🙁 Sorry…
    And thank you for all of the support while keeping this comment section somewhat G-Rated lol 🙂

  12. Damn Chris ! Looking good !! Seems like such a massive workout haha !!! I'd get my face thrown on to the floor if I ever tried it I'm sure !

  13. Chris: the disciplines of a Buddhist monk can be nothing short of SEVERE in many cases. And, that really did openly expose ALMOST all of a rather clearly fit body. You might be experiencing all KINDS of interest by younger Japanese women now after posting this video. Monks must be celibate, BTW.

  14. My wife will occasionally watch your videos with me, but after we watched this one this morning she subscribed to your channel! Suspicious!

  15. I always wanted to try the waterfall training, but my ancestors fought really hard and whole-heartedly to keep Japan monastic. (against the spread of Buddhism in Japan.) I don't want to dishonor my ancestors- as we fight as similar battle, (for ONE, true Heavenly Father.)
    So, is this custom only Buddhist? Is there another reason one would train this way? I would do it for discipline and pushing beyond my own limits. Is that a thing?

    PS. Sorry. I don't want a religious discussion here, but it mattered in regards to my question.

  16. there are things in this video that i wish i didn't have to see but i always wanted to try doing that type of monk training so i watched the video anyway xD

  17. I actually chant that in the Buddhist organization I'm part of. But we don't have monks or stand under waterfalls. You are pretty epic, sir. Amazing!

  18. Super interesting! I did something similar this summer in the mountains of Tokyo and made a video about it. Maybe you’ll find that interesting too:

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