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New experiments in self-teaching | Sugata Mitra

Reynold King

100 Replies to “New experiments in self-teaching | Sugata Mitra”

  1. This is a cool experiment. You would still have to have a teacher though just because of the fact that, if someone happens to change something in Wikipedia for example (like I do) would the definition or theory be true and accurate. The point of a teacher is to have more knowledge then the student. So the student will still have to ask a human teacher. Is this correct? When the student who was taught by a computer becomes the teacher. That's when we hope the student was not taught the wrong thing. If he or she was taught the wrong thing then actual history would be lost. Lets just hope kids that are taught by robots, don't want to become robots when they grow up.

  2. Hold on for few more months and the kids will start google-ing Porn Hub and Xvidoe. The crisis of the present world is lack of regulation. While too much is bad, too little or none is suicidal too.We do need teachers..always . Maybe we can do without internet or wifi.That is how human civilization have progressed for past million of years. Sorry Dr Mitra, I wont buy your idea. It have a short term success with a long term disaster.

  3. We use computers every day.  We know, there is nothing that can replace a TEACHER!
    Sugata Mitra is too excited!  With no regulation, Internet is soiled (Danger for the kids). Any  "above" average teacher can teach much faster than a computer!

  4. Reminds me of viral marketing, of things like "I like bees". Giving people a motivation through curiosity and the tools to discover properly.

  5. Great natural way of learning. interest is the best motivator!
    This will be the way to get all of the countries to catch up on their own. If I could, I would pay for it!

  6. That was fantastic and the presenter, utterly charming.  Hope is a powerful thing and he offers a bunch of it.

  7. one of the best and most inspiring presentations i have ever seen
    such great hope for the world and the people in it
    we are all one family
    thank you sugata mitra's for being so amazing and committed to going such great work
    keep up the great work
    you will help connect the whole wold as a good close and caring family should be like no other
    as one of my patients said to me "watching your presentation made my heart sing and my spirit glow with incredible joy"

  8.  While I was watching this I totally epiphaned.

     The reason the students developed photographic memories is because it's the same as when a hunting party goes in to the woods. The experience of the adventure and the relationships formed are a far more impressionable learning experience than having a Teacher who already knows where all the animals are and will give away "hot and cold" body language clues.

    90% of language is body language. 

    That is why you have all these kids waiting for you to tell them what to do next. 

    I don't blame them for being board out of there minds. 

  9. You know what they say about "too good to be true."  It's certainly inspiring, It would be nice if it were so easy, but I'd like to see this work replicated. Why is it that we don't see self-taught geniuses popping up all over the US with computers as available as they are?  Maybe there is some explanation. Maybe the kids in the slums could not choose to play video games in stead. 

    I wonder if this could actually be a disguised experiment to see how much credulous westerners will believe about something that supposedly happened on the other side of the world. With the difficulties seen in the US for non-english speakers to learn English through "self-teaching" it's hard for me to believe that in short months they not only taught themselves English, but a good bit of genetics as well. 

    This talk was given 4 years ago. Undoubtedly other people have tried to replicate the experiment. How is it going? Does anyone have 3rd party references? 

  10. Powerful. Inspirational. Movement in a positive direction is better than the latter so why do we want to discuss the theory of positive outcomes or doing something for the greater good, this is the problem… discussions that don't lead to action mainly because of politics always barriers since when do people need politics, politics needs people. The fundamental problem of the world – power hungry not hungry for a world of integrity and acting on what is right or wrong. We must always over complicate everything instead of just being present. face the world. feel the world. heal the world.

  11. I wish this could really happen.!!!…then our country will really fly high soon surpassing the developed countries. Ur dream mr mitra is not less than d dreams dreamt by d great contemporary philosophers n thinkers like rousseau n pastalozzi…just I wish we can sow the seed of knowledge n education….to germinate in the future……

  12. Last slide:
    The Arithmetic of Chang
    1 Billion Children
    100 Million mediators
    10 Million SOLEs
    180 Billion Dollars
    10 Years
    A question of attitude not technology

    And I am adding a Question of a bright future or NOT

  13. Wow, this sent shivers down my spine. This could impact the future in a big way. Mr. Sugata Mitra, I wish you all the best and may be interviewing you in the future.

  14. mr sugata you are a star especially when you help disadvantageous people this is powerfull we hope by the help of mmm many poor countries lives will change

  15. Sure it sounds great but in my daughters school they jump topics every 2 weeks in mathematics. There is no way she can learn at this pace.

  16. @4:27 If children have interest, education happens (Automatically) !

    @9:31 (Teaching) Method of Grandmother : Stand Behind them and admire them all the time. !

  17. I thought that the computer would be the "great equalizer" for education–wherever the student was, there could be access to all the universe could offer.  This was 25 years ago, and yet, we continue on the same path of poor teaching, poor learning results, apathy.  When I volunteered at an elementary school, I was appalled that the teacher had NEVER EVEN turned on the computer given to her for her classes and had never used it.  She didn't "know how".  It's the exact attitude some of the teachers I had summer classes with had toward learning "the new math"…all resistance, no interest!  Time has not changed attitudes for the leaders of our classrooms, unfortunately, and very few teachers actually care about the fact that their sacred profession is teaching!  As we can see from observation one person can inspire millions online…people who access their information want to learn, and haven't been so disillusioned that they've stopped seeking information/education.  We need MASTER teachers who can reach across the web to influence our youngsters!

  18. But, the most telling waste of resources and lack of accountability is that the school that year, bought all new computers and got rid of the "old ones"!  Education need not be expensive, it needs to be accountable!

  19. I oft wonder how the rest of the world will learn. This approach feels like the future. A new Emergence in learning. The next Ramanujan is going to learn from this method.

  20. TV, computers and media contents can educate and make people smarters or make people dumbers. But that is all back to people whether they want to learn or not.

  21. He is simply amazing–he saw a need for learning and the impoverished–and he acted! More people like this humbling man

  22. Heart-warming stories! Thumbs up! Keep up the good work and I hope Manoj Bhargava learns of your efforts! He's a billionaire and this is the type of project he likes to fund! Another way to fund it is crowdfunding! Please tell us how you did!
    You have proven that our 'leaders' aren't fit to 'lead'! They have far too much power and money and they need to be removed!

  23. School was created to be a indoctrination farm to ready the sheep to work the farm. for proof of this simply ponder the curriculum. why are not life training skill such as how to budget , how to cultivate your own food, natural law, morality, examination of self? instead its raise hand, dress the same , look the same, line up the same. flock of sheep herd cattle rearing.

  24. The computer in a wall could only work in India. Chinese kids would ask their teachers or parents for permission, Japanese kids would just use their phones, white kids would use it for games, latinos would steal it, and Blacks would destroy it.

  25. Yikes

  26. Thanks to mailbox5ravi
    4:27 If children have interest, education happens (Automatically)
    9:31 (Teaching) Method of Grandmother : Stand Behind them and admire them all the time.

  27. uproots the whole established education system ! but what if that system wasn't really established for education, but for other reasons ? i.e. make children fit in society, go to employers, obey authority and keep children occupied so that parents can be at work all day long ?

  28. Steve jobs and Bill Gates NEVER let their young kids go near an ipad, smart phone or computer until they were teens because they knew the dangers of wifi radiation!!

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