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“NO~!”  The Twins must prepare for a hospital visit. [The Return of Superman/2018.03.11]

What are you most afraid of, Seoeon? – Monsters. / – What? – Monsters. / – Monsters? You actually have to visit the hospital. – Why? / – There are rashes called chickenpox that can appear all over your body. You’ll be taking a shot to prevent that. (A shot?) What’s wrong with Seoeon? You both need to go to the hospital to take shots today. No, I don’t want to. First off… Why is your eye so red right now? – Is it itchy? / – Yes. It’s too red. Then Seojun, let’s go see the doctor for your eye first. I don’t want to take a shot. You have to. Even I took it when I was young too. The shot actually feels ticklish. That’s a lie. (It’s not working.) You both have to take the shot anyway. Think it through. I’m going to go wash. No, I don’t want to go. How will the twins overcome this? (A lightbulb moment) Hey, Seoeon. Where should we hide? Let’s hide. For now, Seoeon and Seojun decide to hide. (Where can we hide and not get found?) First, they prepare emergency rations. (The twins prepare for survival.) Then they look for places to hide from their dad. (I know a good place to hide.) Here. When I hid here once, Daddy couldn’t find me. Then shall we try going inside? Come inside. It’s not scary, right? I’m going to shut the door. (Their bunker preparations are complete.) He can never find us in here. (Let’s wet our dry throats first.) (Thanks.) Stop drinking now. Okay. (Hwijae gets ready to leave after his shower.) Will they ever make painless shots? Seojun. Let’s go. (What’s going on?) Seoeon? Did they hide somewhere? Seojun! I think he’s looking for us. Seoeon and Seojun. Let me take a quick look. (He peeks out the gap to check the situation.) Can you see? (They’re on high alert.) We’re going to end up getting caught. Be quiet. Hurry and take a seat. He can’t see me. Seoeon and Seojun. (Be quiet.) Seoeon. You both have to take the shot. (Oh, there’s this.) We can look like monsters to make him run away. Right? (They get disguised in preparation to being found.) Hey, Seojun. (They get disguised in preparation to being found.) – Hey, Seoeon. / – This is our land. (All quiet) I seriously hate taking shots. Why do we have to take them anyway? (Sighing) (Holding hands) (Seoeon holds Seojun’s hand tightly.) (Hardship makes their brotherhood stronger.) Let’s keep holding hands. Hey, Seoeon and Seojun. (As they hear Hwijae urgently calling…) Can’t we just go outside? (Shaking his head) We can’t. (Are you really going?) You can’t! Dad is calling us. You can’t. Don’t go outside. But Dad is calling us. Don’t you love Dad? Of course, I love him. (The harsh truth) You’re going to end up taking the shot. What? You’re going to get the shot. (He immediately returns.) We might not have to. You can’t be fooled. Once we go out, it’s over. (They come to terms with reality.) (Door opening) Hwijae gradually closes in on them. (Of course. They must be here.) It’s an urgent situation. (Little rascals!) What can the twins do? (Knocking) (Startled) You can’t. (They’ve been cornered.) Are they not here? (Playful) (We mustn’t get caught at all costs.) They’re not here. (Outburst) I hear laughter. (His laughter gives them away.) Someone is laughing. Kids, be cool and come out in 10 seconds, okay? We don’t want to take the shots. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten. And ten. Impressive. The Return of Superman, episode 215. “I’ll Be on Your Side”. I don’t have any courage. Then be courageous when we go inside. (He walks in courageously.) Your turn, Seoeon. (He’s frozen solid.) Take heart and be brave. – Be brave. / – Please come on in. Whether it’s today or next week, it’s inevitable. There you go. (Getting inside was truly difficult.) I have two boys. They need chickenpox vaccination. (One spaces out.) (The other is in despair.) Sit here. We have to wait here. I don’t want my sleeve pulled up when I get it. Then how do you want it? I want it over my clothes. – Over your clothes? / – Yes. Seojun, we’ll check out your eye first. I’m not going to take the shot. (Suddenly) Please don’t give me a shot. Don’t worry. See that? That’s what happens without it. – You can’t. / – Please come this way. (Swallowing lump in throat) – Please don’t. / – It’ll be easy. That happened to him because he didn’t take it. See? That’s what happens when you don’t take the shot. Dad, I want to take the shot. You do? Me, too. Okay, good. – Who’ll go first? / – Me. (They both volunteer to be first.) – You’ll go first? / – Yes. What’s with you all of a sudden, Seoeon? Why are you so cool? Then let’s go after that kid is done. – Please come in, Seoeon and Seojun. / – Let’s go. Take a seat. Say hello. – Hello. / – Hi there. He seems to have a slight infection below his eye. Is it very itchy, Seojun? Why are you lying? I know it’s itchy. – You must be scared. / – It’s not now. – You keep scratching it. / – Just a little, right? – Yes. / – I’ll help you so it gets less itchy. (Finally, it has arrived.) (It’s a shot for the eye infection.) I want to see. You want to see? (He’s 100-percent afraid.) It’s all ready. Ready? – It’ll go into a muscle. / – But… Is it painful? We can inject his shoulder or his buttocks. Let’s do the buttocks. It’s either the buttocks or the shoulder. The buttocks will be less painful. It’s less painful. No, you can’t. Then where do you want it? – Over here. / – Not the thigh. – Why not? / – It’s way too painful. It’s the most painful. Buttocks are the least. – Okay? / – Good. You’ve made your decision. You’re a good boy. But I think it’s going to be too painful. – No, don’t. / – There, there. (Taking a shot is always like a battle.) (I can’t watch this anymore.) (Seoeon turns tail without a word.) (I can’t believe I have to get that in my arm?) (I don’t have an ounce of courage.) (Shedding tears) It’s all over. It’s already over. – Now give him a bandage. / – All done. – Good job. / – Seoeon, come here. Seoeon. (He wipes his tear and begins to walk.) Come here, Seoeon. (However, it’s not easy.) Come in, Seoeon. – All right. / – Seoeon. Where do you want it? – My butt. / – Okay. Actually, on the shoulder. – It’s on the arm. / – I don’t want to. – I want the butt. / – I’ll hold you tight. – It’s really painless. / – I want the butt. – But you can’t. / – Vaccines aren’t painful on the shoulder. Don’t worry. Let’s see. You’re a brave one. This will be quick. (He cringes at the thermometer.) – Open wide. / – Good job. Everything is clean. He’s very healthy. There will be no problems. Usually, children are vaccinated after their first birthday. But they don’t get complete immunity without a second shot between ages four and six. This is just the right time. He’ll be fine. I’ll inject you now. I’ll make sure that it’s painless. There, good. You’re not crying. You’re brave. – It’s over. / – It’s done. – Good job. / – See? It’s painless. You’re a brave boy. – Who’s older? / – They’re similar. – Are they? / – It didn’t hurt, right? You both did so well. It’ll be just fine soon. Good job. – Thank you. / – See you. Did we do well? Yes, so well. You did so well. (Good job, kids.)

Reynold King

100 Replies to ““NO~!” The Twins must prepare for a hospital visit. [The Return of Superman/2018.03.11]”

  1. seoeon is such a good boy. hes always looking out for seojun and making good decisions for the two. it makes my heart happy

  2. Seoeon looks more and more like his dad the more he grows up and Seojun looks more and more like his mom 😊

  3. I remember when I got my vaccination when I was three and I was crying a lot cause I had to get two, then the doctor gave me a lollipop and I stopped crying for a bit then I dropped the lollipop… and started to cry again. =/

  4. But I love dad….. (about to open the door) your going to have to take the shot….. what? You have to take the shit then….. (immediately sits down) 😂😂😂😂

  5. i got real sad after i watched this episode not just bc of then crying but bc they’ve grown so much i just watched the first episode that they were in and it hurts but it’s so beautiful to see

  6. even I as an adult is scared of taking shots, i can clearly remember the last shot that i had, it was when i was in kindergarten😂

  7. the way Seoeonie hold his voice is so amazing, he know his brother is watching him so he don't want to cry

  8. I was completely laughing but when "love scenario" came, i totally cried because i remembered the person who wrote that song and the member of iKON. Hanbin-ahhh😭

  9. You know once a twin gets its first shot….it means that the first twin will get it for there there whole life first

  10. It’s quite weird how twins work some times. Whenever my twin brother got ill, i did as well. We also both have a skin condition since we were born. We also got the chicken poks at the same time, we got a lung infection at the same time and another skin illness that lasted for about 5 to 6 weeks for both of us.

  11. I love how shamelessly kids pick their nose or scream and cry in public. Ah I wish I could go back to then when nothing mattered and the biggest problem was getting a shot or deciding which flavor of ice cream you would like.

  12. 4:25
    Seoeon : don't you love dad?
    Seojun : of course, i love him
    And Love scenario from iKON being backsong🖤
    I love this episode😄 thank's for playing Love Scenario🖤
    저는 아이코닉😅😅

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