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OMKalen: Kalen Reacts to Fruit Punch Tuna Sandwich Prepared by ‘The Real’ Co-Host Adrienne Houghton

All right, Adrienne. All right. So we’ve got this tuna here. Yes, we’ve got it here. It’s kind of become
an obsession. Prepare yourself. You guys don’t even understand. Tuna with a sugary surprise– what was the surprise? It’s got mad flavor. Are we clear? Ooh, I love this
cheetah print, honey. The key to some bomb
tuna fish is what– She better have a little
cheetalicious in her veins. Mayonnaise. Come on. And you can’t just
have Miracle Whip. No, it has to be mayonnaise. This is about to create a
huge debate in the comments. I already know. Wait, I thought people put
mayonnaise in tuna salad anyway. Are you a Miracle Whip person? Or are you a mayonnaise person? I’m all about the mayo life. That’s a nice kitchen. They bougie over there. Here that sound? That’s the beautiful
sound of some– No, that don’t sound good, baby. –bomb tuna fish. Nuh-nuh. Now, the next thing that
covers up the fishy taste, good old salt and pepper. Now, girl, you from New York. You could’ve used more
than salt and pepper. They’ve got seasoning salt
over there, some Sylvia’s. Just when you
thought I was done– Wait for it. –some fruit punch. Fruit punch– ah! So as you can see,
I have a problem. Not in the tuna salad– I had to make myself
an after-school snack. You can’t tell me, girl. What kind of palette you’ve
got to have to put some fruit punch in some tuna salad? This is doing much
for my taste buds. Like, I was already– I just had really high-end
taste buds with a really– High-end, with some fruit punch? Girl, lies– honey,
that’s Dollar Tree. Oh! And this, my friends,
is what I created. Ooh, it just sounds gooshy. Ooh, and she’s gonna taste it. My god, Adrienne. And no one can tell me
that doesn’t taste bomb. It don’t taste bomb. I told you. Hmm. Mm. It needs to be dipped. She dipped it too. That is a sugar overload, girl. Ooh, your blood sugar
gonna be off the charts. Oh, baby Jesus. Jesus would not approve. I can tell you that much. Adrienne, girl– I’m about to change your life. I’m converting
people one at a time. I heard that you’ve
never had tuna fish before in your entire life. That is correct. Because I– Why is that? I don’t like the smell. I don’t think it
smells very appetizing. Yeah, I wouldn’t
smell that either. Yeah, yeah. I’m agreeing with you. Good, good. Normal ingredients
are mayonnaise– are you a mayonnaise or
a Miracle Whip person? Neither. Well, all right, well,
there’s mayonnaise in here and salt and pepper. Now, why only salt and pepper? Because I actually came up
with this when I was a kid. So I wasn’t like
Adoboing it out yet. Like, now I know
about Adobo, Sazón. You can add a lot more things. Lawry’s Seasoned Salt. Amen. I’m here for all of that. Amen. But this is my childhood recipe. So I actually realized
that when I was a child, I had made myself
some tuna fish. And then I had juice. And my juice actually
spilled into my tuna fish. Got it. Now, when you’re a kid from
the hood, you’re like, well, this is all I got. That was my last can of tuna. I guess I’m gonna
have to eat it. I don’t have a choice. So I tasted it, and I was
like, well, look at god. It’s actually better
than I imagined. Won’t it do? Ooh, girl. That was a bit. That was a bit much. But we’re gonna let it live. Now I’m gonna mix it up, right. Come on now. That looks like cottage cheese. A lot of people
like cottage cheese. Do you? No, actually. Hmm– the devil. All right, prepare your mind,
your spirit, and your soul. Don’t play yourself. Don’t– I don’t
see you vomiting. You can’t taste the fruit punch. Hold on. Oh, so you want more? No, I didn’t say that. That’s what everyone says. Every single person
I’ve converted says, can I get
more fruit punch? Prepare yourself. And you already
have a little bit. Look at that. Come on. And it’s on a
Hawaiian sweet bread. Ooh, it is? Now, I do like a
Hawaiian sweet bread. Tell me that’s not good. Come on. Actually, it’s not that bad. It is. Actually, it is. It actually is very tasty. Look at god. But I think it may be
because of the bread. I don’t know about the
fruit punch though. That was the same kind of
bread I had in the video. Nobody asked me what
kind of bread it was. You’re right. That wasn’t the kind of
comments I was reading. Nobody said, what kind
of bread was she eating. They didn’t say that. They said I was ruining
Black History Month. I’m only here just trying to
eat and survive in the hood. Amen. You know you want another bite–
just come on, right there. Why do you keep
feeding me so much? You need to put a little
bit of meat on them bones. Mm. You’ve got this– skinny thing. Mm. Come on, you know it’s good. Mm. I’m just letting you
guys know that my staff thought I was disgusting. And then when we finished
shooting, they were like, um, you’ve got any leftovers? Like, right now,
they’re making sure that I don’t give him
all of this, because they want they want the rest. OK, sis. All right everybody–
well, here we are. We have tried the tuna salad
sandwich with the fruit punch, and it was OK. You said it was good. It was good. I stand corrected. But anyway, thank you all
for joining us here on Kalen. Have a wonderful,
happy SaturKay. Muah. Fruit punch brunch– that’s
what we’re gonna have. So we’re gonna try
these different foods. And we’re gonna try
them with fruit punch. Well, all right. Yep, so let’s get to it. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Reynold King

100 Replies to “OMKalen: Kalen Reacts to Fruit Punch Tuna Sandwich Prepared by ‘The Real’ Co-Host Adrienne Houghton”

  1. Nawl sister cat.
    U need
    Haired boiled eggs
    Sweet pickle relish
    A dash or 2 of lawrys
    A dash of garlic salt

  2. Oh my goodness.. she actually made that the 2nd time while you were there? How the heck did you even put that in your mouth??

  3. Nooo ma'am! For me, at most which would perhaps be the same concept is a little sweet relish and a teensy bit of sugar (unless you're using the Hawaiianrolls)& black pepper. Not liquidy fruit punchy tuna.

  4. My child hood recipes

    2 slices of wheat bread
    Jelly of choice
    A spoon of plain apple sauce (spread it on the bread)
    A pack of Popeyes honey
    EAT IT

    Any slice of Pizza and a side of apple sauce
    Dip it in there or spread it on the pizza

    Plain bagel
    Hot Cheetos
    Plain Philadelphia cream and make it a sandwich

  5. My number one thought when she poured that punch in the salad was that looked like something I would throw up. Then she DIPPED that sandwich in the punch. God almighty!

  6. @4:18 K'S FACE THO๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ
    (I definitely don't want to try it)
    I know a paid tasting when i see one โ˜ ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคข

  7. ๐Ÿคฃ I LOVE his reaction!!! Heโ€™s hilarious! โ€œJesus would not approve. I can tell ya dat.โ€ ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  8. Same thing happened to me me as a kid except it was a tuna sandwich that fruit punch spilled in the cooler on, at the beach. Mom made us eat them and the rest is history

  9. What it is it's the sugar that's opening up the tuna flavors. and not the juice. This can actually be accomplished with honey mustard. and save your eyes because vision is 80% of the taste.

  10. Kalen is being so nice. ๐Ÿ˜‚the only thing he was tasting was Hawaiian bread barely biting the sandwich.

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