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Part 3B – आपको कोरियाई तिरपाल क्यों नहीं लेना चाहिए? Free Guidance on Advance Biofloc (TCT)

Greetings everyone how are you ? alright today we will tell you about the person who makes the round tarpaulin will share his contact number also and also in the previous video the concept of Korean tarpaulin was not clear so first we will know about the Indonesian and the Korean tarpaulin will it be successful in India or not you have to decide for yourself let’s start actually we have a friend and he makes the round tarpaulin and he has also started Bio floc whatever size you need you can get it in the round shape we only met on the phone and we don’t know each other yet maybe he can be useful to you I was researching about the Korean tarpaulin for a few days so that research and the chat with our friend who makes tarpaulin I will share that information with you guys actually I’m not going to present there is someone else with us who’s going to present this in his unique Style so let’s go and ask him question number one so what is the material of Korean tarpaulin first thing the tarpaulin from Korea is not actually HDPE it is LDPE which has a layer of PVC and rubber and you know that and LDPE is weak so what is the difference because in Indonesia it is used everywhere well it is used in Indonesia there is a big difference of temperature variation between India and Indonesia the temperature there is neither very hot and neither very cold it stays between 25 and 35 degrees centigrade so that’s why there is no problem for the PVC coated tank but in India the temperature variation is very high in every six months it goes up and down the temperature in India in some parts can go 2 to 3 degrees in winter and then Summer the temperature can go up to 45 degrees centigrade but they hdpe tarpaulin will also have to bear the same temperature fluctuation so why can’t the Korean tarpaulin with stand temperature fluctuation yes this is a very good question ok so listen hdpe tarpaulin is made of which layer only ldpe so all the layers they are made up of only one material so the contraction in winter and heat expansion in summer is equal so there is less problem with hdpe tarpaulin in India the Korean tarpaulin has three different kind of materials First is LDPE Second is Rubber Third is PVC and they all contract and expand at different temperatures so they will crack in short duration of time compare to the tarpaulin which has layers of same molecule in India because of the temperature fluctuation the PVC tarpaulin from Korea will disintegrate but sir will it work in South India here because their the temperature fluctuation is low compared to central and north India yes sure it can work in SouthIndia even the bioflok is also there from years but then there is a saying if you have chicken at home why would you want to buy veg from outside but sir some people say that the look of the Korean tarpaulin is better and is more shiny but then you have to remember everything that glitters is not gold now if you want to fight a wrestling match So you will get a professional wrestler who looks less beautiful Or you will get the Hollywood star who is beautiful looking but he cannot fight moreover we want to make a tank which will last we dont want to make a beauty parlor for fishes sir someone was saying the UV tarpaulin will not be effected by temperature OK if its UV then no temperature effect means it will not be effected ? If someone says that in my planet the kids will laugh at him listen brother UV is nothing to do with the temperature Ultra Violet rays is a different thing it has nothing to do with temperature being up or down so to say that this is UV protected and temperature will not effect this is wrong sir the rubber tarpaulin which being sold as 750 gsm pleas tell about that yes i have heard also someone was saying that it contains rubber shall we say the name it is very confusing who to name and who not to name its very confusing so i was telling the rubber tarpaulin which people are saying 750 gsm and selling it So our brother who makes round Tarpaulin rang that company and he spoke with them and they told him that we dont manufacture above 380 gsm now you tell me that the manufacturer itself is saying that they dont manufacture above 380 gsm how they are bringing 750 gsm so when i got to know all these things i am totally clear that we the Indian people can make rockets and best tarpaulin also so now whoever tells you the half truth that the indian tarpaulin is not good just tell him that WRONG NUMBER so brothers everything is clear now its upto you whichever you want to buy and if you like the information like and share sir thanks you. you gave such information BHELCOME So sir in next video what are you going to say Next video i will tell everybody that in the fish tank how much current is to be supplied don’t laugh I’m telling the truth one with more HP means give more horsepower current and you get fishes as strong as horses thank you very much sir this was over brother I hope you recognize them the number of the round tarpaulin maker is in the description box you can call him directly whichever size you want you can get it that’s it in today’s video and I hope the Korean Korean tarpaulin Concept is clear to you all that what can be the problem in using that here in India so everything cannot be copied from there that they’re doing that and we will copy it we have to use our own intelligence we will do our own experiment that’s what I said in my previous video also something is Happening that is not important why it is happening is important so thank you everyone if you are serious about bioflok You can subscribe it will be helpful whenever I post a new video or new information you will get it if you want to give suggestion or any comments you’re most welcome knowledge increases when it is shared be happy and help everyone if this free information can help any one so please share the video and yes you can definitely share it with sister also good bye and hope you enjoyed this video here you will get all the information and FREE THANK YOU

Reynold King

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  1. Captain sir aap ne to waat lagadi Korea wale ki. Kia scientific knowledge di Hai. Soch se bhi pare. Logo ko Korea ke naam pr tarpaulin bechne wale dhoke bajo ki to dukan hi bnd kradi aap ne sir. Great knowledge. Man gaye sir. Hasa Hasa ke bora haal krdiya. Is ko bolte hain free me knowledge aur bonus me comedy. Lol 😂😂😂👌👌👌👍👍👍

  2. Humko pehle se pata tha ke oo Malaysia wala scientist firki le raha hai. Oo bolta hai hamara training sabse aacha hai, kaheki sabse mahnga hai. Uska plan hai training ka saath saath probiotic aur tarpaulin bhi chipka denge public ko.

  3. Assalam alaikum Bhai.
    Kyon aap do logon kitrah boalrahe hain.
    Film City jaie
    Mokery kijie
    Please Bihari ko badnam na kijie.

  4. Aray Bahe, I'm not from your country but listening a lot of about taurpolene, my suggestion is please go to the place who sells the big road signs material, ask them for backlit and front lit sign material, backlit is more durable instead of front lit but more expensive, backlit I have been used for 15 years for a shadow purpose just hanged it and left that. After 15 years I threw it out nothing changed and no wear n taer were found, during usage temperature existed minimum 0°c to 40°c.
    I used the front lit too, just hangout it outside the poltry cages, it protected my sheds from sunlight, and in winter from the cold wind, but it's life was founded 4 years, the good thing is joint able with a special plastic welding machine, you can make any design. Hopefully this material will help you, but I don't know what could be it's price in India, in Pakistan it is available, from Korea, China, USA, 3m brand is the most reliable but 3m should be costly. I used the Chinese brand. Hopefully it will help you to achieve your goals.
    Khush Raho

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  6. Assalamo alaikum. Jo bolta tha India ka tarpolin nahi chale ha wah. Training se 350000. Advance me paise le chuka h logo se . Us se pahle 60000 per year kamata the

  7. Sale bevakuf bna rhe ho korea ke bare me mughse jyada nhi jante vahan is time temperature -10 pahunch jata hai aur garmi me 30 se 40 rhta hai

  8. दोनों आवाज कैप्टन का है लेकिन मानना पड़ेगा।

  9. Tumhe too khud nahi pata ki material Kahan milta hai… Tum khud bhatak rahe hoo…

    Dusre pe unagli uthaana bahut aasaan hai … Khud ke girebaan me bhi jhaank Lena chaahiye….

  10. Waah bhojpuriya Baabu ka role Bahut Accha laga.
    Baise Many more thanks fore your right way information.
    Aise hi hasate rhe aur khush rhe.
    Dil se salam.

  11. Fir to jo pcv ke ready made tank ate hai…. Vo bhi bekar hai….. Kyoki vo hdpe ka nai bana hai…. Is that so sir?

  12. Sir koi bhaisaab kya keh rahe hain unko kehne do aap bina kisi ki burai kiye apne aap ko uper laaye… your videos are very negative instead of informative hamesha dusare ki burai

  13. Jankari bahut achha hi par ye pk wala bhojpuri style samajh mein thoda dikkat Hota hai.. tarpaulin wale ka number dene k liye dhanyawad…
    Machli ka jeera kahan se kam keemat par milega yebhi bataye..

  14. Sar g me Nepal se hu aur Aapka video's bhout achha Lagta he aur sar g probiotic ka bhi Kuch batade to bhout meherbani hogi.

  15. Sirji everything is crystal clear thanks a lot, God bless you Captian saheb i have a query please answer my query, can we do biofloc farming with ground water bore water, bcoz this ground water bore water will be salty i hope you understand my point waiting for your answer

  16. कैप्टन साहब अच्छी इंफॉर्मेशन दे रहे हैं आप बहुत बहुत शुक्रिया

  17. अरे सर दोनों ही किस क्वेश्चन तो आप कर ही रहे हो आंसर भी आप खुद ही दे रहे हो थोड़ा सा ध्यान रखो यार

  18. Round tarpaulin wale ka jo no. Aapne dita hai.. kya Aap use mile nahi. . To pata kaise chalega product and price genuine hai..ya nahi.?

  19. sir jo bolrahe ho usika video bataw please ye alag alag jagah ka video aur graphics dekh kar ke concentration nahi horaha hai.magar aap ke audeo data sab se acha hai. aap ka overall Detail Data baht hi awesome hai.

    thanks A lot

  20. ये सिर्फ एक ही बन्दा कर सकता है और वो है हमारे हाज़िक नियाज़ी भाई, कटनी मध्य प्रदेश से।
    लगे रहो कैप्टेन साहेब।
    वेल डन

  21. Double acting…..ha ha ha……..tarpuling ka ajent mat baniyega bhai…….nahi to commission basis me ham pit jayenge…..

  22. Message from your channel, but as you know allover indian peoples are listening. Pls speak only in Hindi and Understandable language.

  23. Thanks captain i was meet this tarpolin manufacturer , fir se duniya goal hai bhai ghum phirake vahi lout aaye

  24. sir black colour k tarpolin me kam kr skte h kya biofloc ka
    jo 500 gsm hota h plastic diggi me india me use hota h
    ya blue colour ka hi use kre

  25. Assalamu alaykum Captain Sir, I’m Kazal Mahmood from Bangladesh, please help. I failed to find any contact number for round tarpaulin in description section, only find an amazon link that provide tarpaulin sheet. Please, can you kindly give me the contact number that you mentioned in the video. I badly need it to start my Bioflock project under your kind guidance, thank you sir.

  26. Sir, Tarpualin wala bhaisab ka number description me dhunda lekin nehi mila, plz reply me o number dijiye sir.

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