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PART TWO: Teaching to Transgress

Reynold King

100 Replies to “PART TWO: Teaching to Transgress”

  1. Former Evergreen student, Benjamin Boyce, and I had a chat about the series if you're interested – – We also spoke about my Grievance Studies feature film – – and Letter – – A new social media platform I'm working on. I'm interested in your thoughts on all this.

  2. Who’s hiring students, I certainly wouldn’t. No respect self entitled babies. Would be interesting to see where these people are now. I would like money that they are unemployed.

  3. This is like a prison riot and a Lord of the Flies nightmare. Where are the consequences for students that don't adhere to college rules and commit infractions? How can the faculty be so indentured to the students? They're so weak. It's one thing to have a platform for students to speak out over whatever issues they deem important, it's another to stop teaching altogether and let them dominate and violate the whole college structure. Where is the order? Grabbing microphones, harassing faculty, screaming obscenities, telling the head of the college how to use his hands, making demands without any intention of listening. Where are the people with authority? This is like the Stanford Prison Experiment, only without the safety mechanism. Also, where are the stipulations about what specific acts of racism have come to pass? No wonder Jordan Peterson is so popular.

  4. The irony is that Weinstein is Jewish – the least sort of "white", white person. He's part of a historically oppressed minority.

  5. What mindlessness! That's all I can say. What mindlessness! Know-nothing students who think they know what's what. What a bunch of fools. An even bigger fool is the president who allows it to happen.

  6. It takes me so long to get through these because I have to pause every minute (at least) to not be overwhelmed by the cringe.

  7. Holy shit….starting at 5:14. I swear if you were to trade "white" for "Jew" or "Slav", etc. this would be something right out of 1930's Germany. They should have called in State Police along with SWAT and shut this damn campus down.

  8. This is a fascinating. I have so many feelings, stances and questions. When they were talking about walking down the hallway of people, having someone assigned to watch you, announcement of food/drink/chairs being for POC only and then the discussions being about getting them outta there… it made me think of the Little Rock Nine and also that Stanford Prison experiment (where they took a group of people and made some prisoners and some guards to see what would happen to good people when put in those different power dynamics). It puts me in a weird place because, I’m not a fan of racism or the fuckery- methods of these students/staff and it makes me physically sick BUT the whole thing is so multilayered in fascinating observations that I am in enthralled and want to fall in an Internet hole of research on it😳😳😂🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  9. I don't think I can watch part 3, pisses me off to much, this is a racist, facist, campuses, these are some serious ethnic privelige, and fucking sad.

  10. I haven't seen any consideration of the fact that Evergreen has a low rejection rate. The point being that education is wasted on some people. It would seem dangerous even. What we see here is the result of those with low iq believing they are smart.

  11. This looks like it could be a SNL skit back in the 90s. The insanity is so "over the top" that it is funny until you slowly realize to your horror that these people are serious. Would some kind soul send me a link to some cute puppy videos?

  12. Being accused of racism, especially when you're an educator could absolutely ruin you. It is almost on par with a rape accusation. I truly believe that if you make a false accusation of racism you should go to jail. As for whites being all racist this is just as bad. When you can't joke about a race liking chicken. But you can in all seriousness say all whites are racist there is a major double standard

  13. I am a very leftist liberal, and this documentary terrifies me. Yes racism is real and very much alive, but this is horrific exploitation of this in order to push an agenda of complacency amongst people who don't fall in a minority category and further villify those who aren't a part of those classes. The thought crimes comparison. Statements like "all white people". Going after people in any class that is less of a minority than yours. I'm trans and deal with awful shit on a regular basis personally, but that doesn't mean I blame every cis straight white male for everything that happens. The fact is that any sort of bias is something that comes from everyone, not a singular class, even the majority class. A black person can be as racist to a white person as a white person can be racist to a black person, and it doesn't mean all blacks are racist, or all whites are racist. The shutting down of free speech through mob control is chilling, and will lead to end of free speech in this country if we allow it to. And I don't just mean racist terms being banned. I mean the term racist being used to shut down any term that disagrees with the group think present in many of these groups.

  14. Anarchy, savagery, and power. It’s like the adolescent boys in Lord of the Flies. Maybe University students need to read the classics.

  15. The Dawking Atheist Campaign worked so Fine that Today a lot of people are looking for "different" kind of "religion" to feel filled with some sort of "meaning" to their lives. That's why these people are building these Weird Cults.

  16. its horrible but times like this makes me think we need another world war, survival of the fittest and kill theses little sjw off

  17. So if I am white, because of my exsistance.  I am a white supremicist??? What the heck. Who is spewing this stuff? Or as we all ask, who started this movement ?

  18. White silence is violence? Any thing you do or don't do or is perceived as a trigger you are racist, and a white supremist. This is a set ideology and all informed are taught the language to use, and taught the same tricks to silence your speech. Black and brown want to have a chance to be racist toward whites.

  19. In all seriousness. Can anybody tell me what the entry requirements to this college are. Because the students featured are a) emotionally ill-equipped to have polite debate with others and b) intellectually substandard.

    So how are they being selected. Is there "positive discrimination" going on or is there a general decline in student ability that is showing itself. Or is this a function of the demographics. e.g. lots of women and minorities.?

  20. Bret must be applauded for his bravery. I wouldn't walk into such a hostile environment if I wasn't armed like John Matrix or Rambo. Or Both.

    As the other comments suggest, it is really shameful that all our evolution and enlightenment has led to days like these. Glad I finished my education long before this madness.

  21. I never want to hear the word ‘Space’ again unless it’s in reference to a rocket heading there with these maniacs aboard.

  22. Watching this fat ass teach is like watching Hitler and his followers. Every meeting is like watching Nazis. Love watching lefties get what they deserve.

  23. 23:00

    President of college: if he targeted a specific group, it's a hate crime and we have a point of leverage

    Some dumb young fuckface 5 seconds later: we should target the STEM field about this issue

    After many years of observing these types at my university, I still cannot figure out if these social "justice" psychos are aware of their bloodlusting hypocrisy and just don't care or if they really do have such ridiculous morality complex that they truly think they're never wrong.

  24. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness
    only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that” mlk

  25. Listening to this stuff makes me sick in my stomach. I want to puke. It sends chills along my spine and feelings of despair as I have no idea how we can cure this ideological disease except of China's re-educational styles camps they have for Uygurs. And that's me turning borderline Nazi, so, give me a hand – how the fuck can someone fix this mess?

  26. I can't help but think you (Bret) are part of the problem when you say things like "I believe in equity." That is, what is 'equity,' exactly? How is it measured? Can you reach total equity? This is all insanity.

  27. If you haven't seen the movie "1984" watch it. This is just like that movie which deals with thought control. If you are not racist, say so. No one knows you better than you know yourself.

  28. 6:32 Are you shitting me? Naima wasn't "extremely smart." She was just allowed to run with her con…like Al-Jesse-Okrah. The real problem wasn't her black idiocy; it was white cowardice: the refusal to openly confront her.

  29. 7:17 The pinched-face frigid bint doesn't believe a bit of what she shills. However, she knows she has white VagPriv…and so can dump on others with impunity. She gets rich by maligning her own race. Bring the rope.

  30. I’m so ashamed to be a democrat.. Your victim culture, and your safe spaces are forcing me right of center. I imagine many intelligent people are feeling this way.
    Fuck you for doing that

  31. 13:34 Mad Mammy, next to Wheel Gimp, first tried to get "comrades" not to clap, then tries to steal the microphone.
    Who let her out of maid duties?

  32. The truly sad and amazing thing is that so many folks like Bret did not see (1) the low caliber of "students" admitted to ESC and (2) that said students would react precisely like they did.

  33. 21:33 Violent, disruptive blacks ordered cucked whites to protect them from consequences. Cops push aside
    the self-hating whites to get at the instigating violent, disruptive blacks. The violent, disruptive blacks
    then said, per Wakandan Sigh-Entz, that that proved cops be raysiss.

  34. 26:42 The most inane, insane, ball-less male in the known universe. Of course, he's still in charge of
    Evershit Gripe Cottage.

  35. 28:03 BlackThink 1: "We can't possibly be harassing Bret because he's here."
    BlackThink 2: "Just because blacks attend classes doesn't mean they aren't systemically harassed."

  36. If I were mayor of the city in which this occurred, I would arrest each of these students. They were beginning to exhibit "angry mob" behavior. The anger I hear from these students actually makes sense to me. I'm white kids but who knows? I might have been raised by loving parents who taught me to treat all people with equal respect except when people are violent or have bad intentions.

    In fact, that IS how I was raised.

    How were you raised and are you honoring that?
    Or have you become obsessed with hating and with putting the blame onto other people or groups.

    If you stay on this course of hatred and blame, you will eventually fail.

    But if you really want to make a difference in how people THINK, begin with elementary school education – not your crazy preaching propaganda, but teach them how to think and solve problems and how to HONOR civil debate. Do you know what that is? It's adults talking to adults and not freaking out when there is a disagreement.

    Working through the disagreement to hopefully find common ground, to reach understandings and ultimately to work together black and white and brown and all of us to fight against tyranny and to fight for freedom and equal opportunities for all people.

    But fighting means educating and speaking and sharpening your mind through books and debate and discussions and away from the emotional part of you that just wants to fight or destroy or obliterate. Life is NOT a video game.

    If your parents or grandparents taught you how to love then pass THAT on instead of hatred.

    If no one ever taught you how to love then that sucks. But it does not mean you cannot LEARN to love and care for others and to work to get along in your school, at work, at home, or wherever you go . . . are you making a difference or are you just passing through?

  37. This is all the propaganda the alt right needs. These people want white people dead. They want your tribe and bloodline erased

  38. These black students, talking with vulgarity, must have been admitted because they were black because they can't even vocalize good english.

  39. These are the MOST disrespectful, uneducated, foolish, childish, spoiled students I have ever seen! Send them home and make them actually WORK to go to school – I think they would be spending way more time studying than complaining!

  40. lmaoooooo "they pushed white students out the way to get to people of colour" lmaoooo I can't hey. they pushed through to get to fucking bret. these people will take anything and make it align with their narrative. they literally created a situation in which they'd be the victims

  41. This gutless college president knows what the "students" are demanding is a preposterous load of garbage from top to bottom, yet he works hard to suck up and attempts to appease these unreasonable, ungrateful bastards, his feigned empathy of their "suffering" betrayed by the sick look on his face.

  42. This is the same terrifying attitude that you encounter when you stray into a black neighborhood and find yourself suddenly facing thugs. The noise coming out of this racist 'college' is never going to do better than to raise hatred…

  43. What a bunch of freaks!!they are useless,I think that these guys were incapable of actual learning so they hid behind their ridiculous cult like ideas.

  44. A movie needs to be made about the two black, trans, disabled, freaks. They don't deserve a god damn thing. Talk about entitlement. Why are they not in a classroom learning english, science, economics, etc? No, they're busy fighting the man! I'm gonna throw up.

  45. Thank god Bret and Heather worked there and took a stand. See what all this anti male, anti white, anti America rhetoric gets ya? Thanks liberal professors. Appreciate it.


  47. God, they're so special. So harassed. So victimized. So marginalized. So brave. So so special. ( cuz black. Cuz gay. Cuz trans.) Gimme a fucking break.

  48. We're going to drown you in the water because you've been accused of being a witch. If you escape the drowning it is because you used satanic witchcraft, but if you drown and die then we are justified in killing an evil witch.

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