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Petzl Training – Ascender to I’D Self-Braking Descender Transfer – GME Supply

So now, as complicated as this may seem, disconnect
from the carabiner. So now I’m just on the ID, the handle ascender is just hanging on
the rope. It’s not doing anything, it’s not holding anything. It really doesn’t matter,
but I’ll take and put this, doubled, through the cam, just to keep it out of the way. To
create a nice package. Put that on your gear loop. This thing is
following me now. The I’D I’ve got here, over the flange, into my hip. I actually go right
across the harness and hold it there. And then, that’s the anti-panic. That’s the anti-panic.
I can’t go too fast. It’s just going to, you know, do this forever. Now if I get in a nice smooth place it’s a
really easy rappel down to the ground. So that is how you get up and down between
places. It wouldn’t be if I had to ascend, you know, 200 feet to a job site. If I was
already in a wind turbine, climbed the stairs, went out the cow, set up my anchors, started
rappelling down, then I would get to that place where I was working. Work there… oh
I need to go up… so right now I’m on this system hanging on the ropes doing my work
and I’m like, oh I need to be 10 feet higher. Da da da da whatever, and so I’m going to
attach that handle ascender, cause right now I’m just sort of hanging in space. Then I’m going to take this, and now I’m ready
to go again. So then I’d ascend my 10 feet, take this stuff off, work there, if I need
to go a little higher, I put it back on, but if I need to go back down in that descent
mode, hanging on my harness. And so that’s basically how those guys typically

Reynold King

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  1. Consider keeping your arms under the ASAP and shock absorber. In the event of a failure your arms won't be impacted by the shock absorber.

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