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Pike Fight – Training Day 4 – Westin Fishing

No! Later. I was thinking we need
some coffee if we want fish today. In Pike Fight, the Big Five score is super important. Of course you try to… win big five, but you can’t put too much focus on that. It’s all about fishing and the big pike will come. But I don’t think we’ll go for only winning the big five. We still need… Five big pike each day. Like we did on Mälaren for example. We went for big fish. Yeah but that time we couldn’t get them in the boat. We know we can get five big
fish in that southbound wind. We were never worried. No a bit. If you have a whole day… you don’t need to feel you’ve
gotta have five fish immediately. and then improve. Not needed. You can aim for big fish all day long that time of year. Rather… fewer and bigger fish. Than playing safe and take five small fish, and try to improve after that. You’ll usually… get five good fish whatever you do. Even when you try to catch
big fish you still get small ones too. You’ll probably catch five good fish. Now it’s getting interesting. It’s not been hot before but we’re getting there. The drift speed is perfect! They like that new Ricky the Roach. But they’re hard to set the hook on. We’ve been here earlier today,
no wind then and now it’s picking up. Small fish, really small. Inhaled the bait. When it’s hooked on the front hook set, it usually smashed the bait right over the middle. Small pike, big pike. Well not really a big pike… It’s that kind of bait anyone can fish. It’s a bait anyone can fish. Yeah exactly! Just cast and reel in. Exactly, it’s going downhill like a skier. Like Stenmark himself. And Stenmark does a solid run here. Even if he said himself that
he lost the grip in some of the turns. Going around the pike like a skier. Just when I was about to… All thanks to Stenmark! Decent fish. Four or five kilos. Just like I said, think of Stenmark and BAM! This color has been amazing. Look, that’s what it looks
like when Westin Swim is around. New Hyper Teez, 25 centimeters. Released just now. Spring 2017. And it’s already been effective… on both Vänern, Vättern and other Swedish lakes. Been catching lots of fish up to 14 kilos. Myself have caught one on 13,95 kilos on it… and I know around ten other really big fish on it too. And that’s just the last couple of weeks. A bait we’ve got super high expectations
on and already have proven worthy. Exactly! Cardamom coffe! Isn’t it nice? My daughter taught me that,
to put some cardamom in the coffee. Super hit! My clients love this cardamom coffee. Big up to my daughter Angelica! We brought no anchor! Full white, what I said. It’s been effective! Nice fish! About time now in the wind. We just said that this weed must attract fish. And immediately a bite. This white color in the weather we have now… And water color. Put one of those on Thomas. Nice fish! Nice pike. Nice strike too. Always positive when they’re on the bite. Smashed the middle of the bait. You can’t miss next weeks episode.
It’s time for team ABU… to take over. And, the next time you’ll see us… It’s time for me and Thomas, to win Pike Fight. Revenge is coming up. It’s going to get though. Remember to tune in to
to see all the gear used in Pike Fight!

Reynold King

12 Replies to “Pike Fight – Training Day 4 – Westin Fishing”

  1. It is so cool to see in this episode, and the others, how often the fish bites when they are just talking to the camera and not paying attention to how they retrive. The fish is just waiting for that one moment where the lack of attention from the fisher goes through the line and make the lure look like an easy meal.
    I often get my fish when an ambulance drives by or something similar and i look away.

  2. Den där Ronny, jäklar vilken skön snubbe. Inte massa floskler som man ofta får höra i fiskefilmer utan tar allt med lite glimten i ögat, blir mycket skönare att lyssna på då.
    Vad heter musiken i klippet förresten?

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