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Pike Fishing Challenge – SWEDEN vs FRANCE (Training Day) 🇸🇪🇫🇷

[Music] Hey Bonjour ladies and welcome back look at that beautiful weather today again and what’s up Mira today we’re going Mike fishing customer oh we’re gonna hook up with Jordan from the French YouTube channel called feeling fishing and we are going to do a little bit of a challenge with them so now we got a warm up yeah we’re gonna fight against the French YouTube channel for two days and we need to warm up we need to find the fish we need to locate the bait fish map out the areas you know we have to know this lake we’re staying at a place called nature in sort of Ireland we’re on the border over Norway we had a six-hour drive last night to this awesome place and the lake we’re gonna fish it’s really cool big fish lake but with the risk of ending up with nothing as always when it comes to big fish game so yeah I think it’s time to get their gear in the car and hit Lake let’s roll baby that’s wrong [Music] do to do the tutor took do are you ready I’m ready touchdown in there a luma for the warm-up before the challenge tomorrow yes before starting fishing we’re gonna map out this area I have been there before but it was a long time ago and I’ve never been there with this kind of boat so I know the places that we used to catch fish on but now we want to want to map out these areas but quite a lot of structure here we have 15 60 meter close by and I we’re on our way up to seven meters we had five meters over here so we have like nice points going up here you’re trying to map it up and also see if we can find any bait fish or something so now we can see we start to get a really good picture in this area right a deep hole up here shadow points going up here and then not too much going on over here so I think this is where we gonna start to look for them now a diary mapped out so let’s start fishing rank it up from six meters and we have deep waters outside so we can cast both inwards and outwards and oh where we can fish close to the bottom high up we have a lot of water to cover over here I’m gonna start to fish quite shallow but I’m gonna work my way down we have really warm water so I liked 25 26 degrees Celsius in there and 18 and I have to wait in water I don’t think we need to fish that slow it’s gonna be really hard fishing everyone who fish pike know how their conditions are right now and it’s not ideal wherever in the world you are trying to fish for pike but i’m gonna do something crazy I’m gonna try this one and I’m not only I have a 25 gram fax around because we’re going down deep now trying to figure out what they’re biting on and I’m gonna try to do like this I’m gonna put a small tungsten like that just because the fishing can’t be much lower than it is right now so one like that and then I’m gonna attach another small weights like now look at that well at least I’m gonna try yeah 50 60 grams something I don’t know I’m gonna try and see if I managed to get a bite doing this way sick and I’m gonna be crushing the bottom on 10 meters we’re not the lock yeah I would say that I’m crazy but you know maybe maybe baby want fish on fish on woof oh well done strike right on the net the Nokia their first fish on for meal aha well done oh no what a slack bite do we get the net on this one I think is not a giant one but but it’s the first one I’m gonna fill out yet Oh before we change to that one let’s just get the net since we have it ready here yeah well you’re fishing for quite a while and haven’t had any contact oh that felt good didn’t it yeah you need to see this so we’re basically we’re fishing on 9 10 meters now and we saw some nice baitfish down closer to the bottom so I was like hey why don’t I put like all the how much you have like seven grams not seventy but a lot of grams well that’s that’s a lot of lead yeah I just took everything I can find so there she is she’s not a big one but not a baby either no not too bad yeah I’m pretty satisfied with having the first fish in the boat of the day it’s so sunny outside you can’t barely see it and there’s no wind at all so not perfect conditions for pike so now we know where they are and if we know how to find them sitting down on the chair yeah so their favorite chair look at this pattern so a little looking fish and there are bigger fish on there as well as you can see well oh yeah there she goes down into the depths on a methodology you’re so good and that early this year yeah it’s actually unbelievable and to get a fish on I must count how many grams did it this is but like 50 60 grams or something that one almost the bottom um I think it was like 10 meters yeah so now we’re ready to take on the French guys tomorrow aren’t we yeah I think so a few more efficient then we’re ready yeah [Music] and if you want to have these juicy looking fish catching machines in your own fishing shop make sure to drop an email to Dennis at kanalgratis dot SC and we’ll sort the details from there and of a communication message all right so we have we’ll have dinner Sun is coming down and now it’s starting to feel really lots yep I think it is I’m gonna go already plan I’m gonna use this one now like it is black – looking ropes anymore for night fishing attach small power power rattles inside as well yes like that now rattle in the paddle and it’s also very very visible up against the surface so perfect night learn the hunters always manage to catch anything one is on the phone with this mission so let’s hope for it now [Music] the other Vista oh shit holy moly but overall this first affair it dawn now what’s happened while on the phone with the White Bear um it’s the first bite Oh today I always used to get bites when speaking to her especially yeah I just I just told everybody yeah I always stand like this like yeah hello yeah honey hello how the kids are doing yeah I’m sorry man but that is out fishing yeah you know need to take care of the family as well and then all of a sudden boom out there over 12 metres now we freaking found a man we’re outside a big like spawning Bay and I missed mites on this dark hooligan put around stuff so now it’s getting real dark but we’ve decided to fish all into the darkness I think we have like 30 minutes more the mosquitoes are killing us we’re getting hungry the fish is enough biting but we was going to keep grinding we just saw some nice fish in the side image probably big pikes a few meters to the right to the boat so you know casting for that one and how are we going to beat the French tomorrow I don’t know we well we caught one fish at least that’s that’s nice we know where one area here to fish but yeah super slow today but with this weather it’s no big surprise oh look here okay how well that fish again you see here to the right oh that’s juicy that’s yeah that’s that’s something big as you can see the shadow oh it’s to the right I’m still going for this dark one with a rattle I have too few grams of weight in the front I will want to fish shallow close to the surface to really make it easier for a fish to to see the nurse can see usually the pike comes closer to the surface and it’s easy for them to spot the nurse and the bait fish when looking upwards against a slightly lighter sky so that’s what we’re trying to do here where there are not too much of success but yeah we’re trying as hard as we possibly can we do and I mean this is fishing and for us like we said before it’s important to show these trips as well because well you don’t always catch them and we have many young people watching and if they always would see us catching big fish all the time they would think that that’s the standard way of how things are done but they’re not even the most skilled of anglers go fishing and don’t catch anything sometimes now I need to stop rounding him I feel like let’s make a few more final cats before going home to sleep yep back at the cabin yeah so we’re back at the cabin now we didn’t catch anything more but that’s fishing sometimes you win sometimes you don’t but if you guys have any tips on how to improve your fishing in total darkness please let us know because we obviously can’t yeah we’d need your help but now we’re gonna get some sleep before we get up early tomorrow morning when we will try to beat the French guys at feeling fishing in a good old-fashioned pipe competition what on today I had a little fun we fought hard man but yeah Saturday sometimes well alright see you guys tomorrow today we’re gonna have a challenge between strong spirit Sweden and pike fishing battle of liberals – we’re gonna fight against the Express YouTube channel feelin 51:23 oh my God look at that fish

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37 Replies to “Pike Fishing Challenge – SWEDEN vs FRANCE (Training Day) 🇸🇪🇫🇷”

  1. Very exciting to watch this series of videos, your channel is so pleasant to watch, and Dedz is a very good angler, i’m a Feeling Fishing follower and I can’t wait to see more!

  2. Damn I need to get my hands on some of those Kanalgratis shads. They look tasty! Wouldn't mind a having a sample thrown my way! I'll sell the hell out of them to French anglers for you 😊

  3. Cool video, I would try trolling some baits behind the boat as you map it, deep divers in deeper areas, might get lucky.

  4. I am no pike expert, but do a lot of night largemouth bass fishing, and it's always best close to midnight, from 21 to 23 and then the best is from 2 to 4 with hardbaits always, mostly cranks with many rattles.

  5. hi guys, i dont bother fishing for pike during the night unless i'm deadbaiting, pike are most actively feeding at dawn and dusk so its always worth getting up before the sun rises as well as continuing to fish for an hour after the sun has set.

  6. Good speech in the end, even the best anglers don't always catch fish, but that's part of it 🙂 Great video as always!

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