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Pilot Training – Landing

Reynold King

46 Replies to “Pilot Training – Landing”

  1. I have a question im new to this planetary landings and well blah blah blah anyway when u enter I know ur supposed to stay between -60 and 5 degrees but when ever I keep getting closer it keeps going down to DRP the closer I get then it just drops me out saying im "too close" and I have the planetary landing module so I was wondering if that is supposed to happen or not?

  2. (Before i go on to say this im having issues with the capcha to prove im not a bot on the webpage it wont let me press enter) I cant transfer my account form ED to EDH for some reason. Maybe it is because i linked to steam and it got my old account back so now i cant go back to my new one that i have items one (on the old accoutn i refunded the game) any way i can transfer the account over?

  3. Yay to you guys at Elite Dangerous letting us Console players down… Again!!! To anyone who reads this and is thinking about buying Elite Dangerous, buy it on PC. You simple dont get the full game on xbox one and will be let down time and again!

  4. If only it would get given to the older players for free as well instead of the new players only. It's quite unfair that i need to pay another 40 euro's for something that was meant to be in the base game while new players have the full game AND the expention for 40 euro's.

  5. Too bad us poor damn Xbox players are just left here watching… Waiting… Waiting… Waiting… Waiting… Waiting….

    (5 waiting = 5 months without horizons, every month without horizons on Xbox I will add another "Waiting")

  6. Im on xbox and i have the expansion i have the upgrade and everything that lets me land but when i go to a planet that lets me land i keep getting the "dropping out too close" message im going to a planet with a blue ring and it even has settlements but i have tried about ten different planets and none let me land do u need an srv to land or is that just so u could drive around

  7. How do I get my outfitting screen to look like that? (and I don't mean the 5B creds, although that would be nice)

  8. You may want to keep that in mind when you need to maneuver. like when you need to avoid that rapidly approaching mountain.

    What mountain?

  9. Will this be expanding to Earth like planets as well?
    Currently it's just empty rocks, although they are fun to jump around in low gravity xD

  10. I only get emergency drops whenever I get to the point of entering Glide. Even if I was in the blue area. Yes I've got the suite in my ship.

  11. I plan to buy the xbox one standard edition, can I still land on a planet with standard edition or is the horizons paid for dlc needed?

  12. Wtf? How in the world is the title of this video entirely different on the YouTube website of my phone compared to the title version of the video that you can watch using the training mode in the actual game? If you watch this video through the training mode in the game it's actually called "Pilot Training – Landing – Elite dangerous PlayStation 4". Wtf? How are they able to do that? My mind is boggled.

  13. +Elite Dangerous I was able to enter and land on planets forever up until last night. Now every time I attempt to, the game just gives me the message saying "dropping – too close". It doesn't seem to matter what angle or speed I'm going. It won't enter Auto flight anymore. Is there a way to fix this bug or glitch I'm dealing with?

  14. im having the hardest time do my passenger mission 4 plnt cuz I don't know how to find a location on the planet correctly….. any advice

  15. 4:15 "rapidly approaching mountain range" I laughed at the blatent lie. You move like a damn sloth in planet. Nothing appears quickly.

  16. Can we just get a landing line or at least a settlement we lock in appear on the zoomed in planet so we can see what side of the planet its on?

  17. I decided to reach 1000 meters per second in an adder, had to boost up at 15 km, ended up stopping speed at 7 km

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