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Pitching Workouts to Increase Velocity

Pitching workouts to increase velocity. Now,
before we get started, let me say that velocity isn’t everything, OK. If you give me a guy
who throws 85 and can move it, and keep batters off balanced, I’ll take that all day over
a guy that throws 92 but flat. But velocity is the biggest measuring tool
today that we use for measuring pitchers, so it’s very, very important, and if you
are a pitcher who can locate your pitches, and move the ball, and sink it in, and get
batters off balanced, then why wouldn’t you look for more velocity through doing exercises
and training? The reason is I think a lot of people are scared. They think that more velocity equals more
risk of injury. And they’re right. But if you train the right way, train your body to
get stronger and more flexible, faster, more explosive, then you’re going to be able
to gain velocity, but what I’m going to show you in this video is exercises to increase
pitching velocity that are going to make you stronger, more stable, and help you keep free
from injury, and in return, you’re going to be able to throw faster. So what are some pitcher workouts to increase
velocity? Well, there are three things to focus on for workout to increase pitching
velocity, and first is strength. Exercises like the squat, dead lift, and lunges are
great exercises to increase pitching velocity. They make you stronger, more stable, and able
to control your body better. The side effect is you’ll throw a little faster. Number two is plyometrics. Exercises like
jumps, skaters, skips, and sprints will make you more explosive, and again, a side effect
from this is going to be increased velocity. Number three, which is one of my favorite
pitching velocity workout is med ball training. I really like med ball throws because it works
on more explosive rotational energy which is exactly what you need out of your body
to throw faster. Now in my pitching program Pitching 365 Version
2, we go over all these things in detail and talk about how to implement them into your
training. We also talk about mobility, staying limber, and how to put them all together.
just remember, the most important pitching stat you should be worried about is innings
pitch because you can’t throw harder if you’re hurt. So train your body to be strong,
limber, and explosive, and if you work on movement in your pitching mechanics, the velocity
is going to come. I hope you liked this video about pitching
workouts to increase velocity, and if you’re ready to take your training to the next level,
please click the link below.

Reynold King

30 Replies to “Pitching Workouts to Increase Velocity”

  1. I'm lefty that can throw 85mph and has a circle change and slider going for me. Would you take me John? Lol. Movement, changing speeds, and location is all I got. I'm not a Chapman by any means. Quality video by the way.

  2. Hey John. I have a question about how does a pitcher create quality movement on all his pitches? For my two seamer I put finger pressure and it has good sink to it. also, I was taught that closing my top two fingers when gripping the ball also helps. What are your tips for creating movement? Thanks!

  3. Do you think that band work is good? I'm a 12 yr old lefty pitcher for a travel team and I'm not playing right now (elbow tendonitis) but I really want to improve my game when im injured. I'm worried that if I do band work when I have tendonitis my elbow would just get worse, so i'm seeking a 2nd opinion. Thank You!

  4. I'm 20 i was high school player of the year & MVP we play 12 games in Philadelphia I was ranked #1 & 2 in slugging average hits Rbi I had 45 at bats 30 hits 30 Rbi 15 double 3 triple an a home run average 650 now had scholarship to Penn state until I broke a bone in my thumb now I'm swing the bat better but an suggestions an team travel team

  5. John, would you train strength and explosiveness in the same week? or would you periodise these training types? Perhaps a video explaining what part of the season you would do a particular type of training, how many days per week, what intensity, duration or workouts, sets, reps etc.

  6. so if i practice these drills i can pitch more faster and effectively because i get nervous and scared that i might hit the batter

  7. im 14 years old im a rhp i throw 4seam,12,6,slider,vulcanchange,an then a knuckleball


    but i throw side arm sometimes an my dad keeps telling me "Don't throw sidearm your gonna screw up your arm" an i wanna know if it screws up your arm. An i have a final question,can i throw from top to bottom plz reply

  8. I am 14 years old and I throw 78-83 mph (RHP). All of my coaches tell me I have incredible control. I want to know if my velocity is good, I am turning 15 March 3 of 2018

  9. I'm over 50 years of age. I throw about 67 MPH. If I ever joined an old-timers league, I would recommend your instructional videos to all of my teammates grandchildren… REALLY. You got good stuff there. Do you aspire to coach in the minors/big leagues? If I were you-all I would send in a resume to those Portland Sea Dogs or Rochester Red Wings. Dig it?

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