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Potty Training Hacks! | Jordan from Millennial Moms

(upbeat guitar music) (lips kissing) – Hey everybody, Jordan Page
from Millennial Moms here. Hey! How’s it goin’? As many of you know, I
post every other Wednesday here on Millennial Moms. Raise your hand if you
love potty training! (frogs croaking) No, mm-mm, nope. It’s one of the little joys of parenting that is not so joyful. Don’t you worry, I’ve got
five kids six and under, so three of mine are potty trained. I’m no crazy scientist, I
don’t have magic powers, that you know of anyway. (bells chiming) But somehow I was able to potty
train all three of my kids with none of the gimmicks,
none of the stress. Top potty trugh, say that 10 times fast. Top potty training. Today I’m sharing my
top potty training hacks with all of you, so hopefully
it makes potty training a little simpler, and less messy? Yeah. But before we get into any
of the good stuff, be sure to subscribe and give this video a thumbs up. (mouth popping) My first and one of the
most important hacks is to just wait. I know that there was
this big trend for a while to potty train your kids like
before they can even talk. But the truth of the matter
is, you cannot force your child to go to the bathroom
before they’re ready. It’ll just be a stressful
traumatizing experience. Embrace it, there is no
problem with diapers. Bless you. (baby sneezing)
Oh, achoo, bless you. In my experience, the
times that I’ve pushed it and the times that I’ve waited have been two very different experiences,
and I far prefer waiting until they’re ready. (baby coughing)
Oh, oh my goodness. If you’re concerned that it’s
taking so long to potty train, maybe check with your
pediatrician, but mine told me that kids well over three are a-okay to not be potty trained yet. You just have to go kid
by kid, okay, kid by kid. Another hack of mine is
to skip the toddler potty. A lot of people may
disagree with me on this. I have tried them and they are a mess! Yes, they’re lower to the ground, but the pee is just sitting in there! You’ve got kids like splashin’ in it. It spills when you try to clean it out. Your whole bathroom
smells like poop and pee every time they use it, ewe. Accommodate your own potty to
be able to fit a little kid. They’ve got those potty inserts
to make the hole smaller. Do whatever it takes for
them to be able to go in the actual toilet, not a toddler potty. Ugh, I’m sorry I’m just not a fan. I’m not a fan. Another hack is to get a Squatty Potty. It’s a real thing guys, I promise. It’s made for adults to
help them go number two a little easier, but we actually
love it for potty training because it’s like a stool
that fits around the potty, so it helps our kids be
able to support themselves and stand up enough that
they can use the big potty instead of those nasty little
potties that I talked about. Okay guys, my next hack is a game changer. I discovered this thing
called an Illumibowl. It’s a night light for your toilet. It’s motion censored and light sensitive. At night, when it’s dark,
if your kids come in to use the bathroom, (bing) it turns on and illuminates just the toilet bowl, so It’s not blinding you
when you have to wake up to go to the bathroom and
it helps your kids aim so that they don’t piddle
all over everything. It works great for husbands too. One hack that works great
is to put Fruit Loops inside your toilet bowl
for target practice. If your boys are anything like my boys, there could be lots of messes going on if you know what I mean. It teaches them to aim for the water and to keep their pee where it belongs. One hack that I’ve been doing forever is to put a pull-up on
top of their undies. They feel like a big kid
’cause they’re wearing undies, and if they have an
accident, it’s uncomfortable and they can feel it, but
while you’re out and about, not gonna get all over Costco’s floor. Ain’t nobody wanna deal with that, okay? You’re welcome Costco, you’re welcome. One potty training hack is to have an open-door policy in your house. Some people may be
uncomfortable with this, but it really makes a difference when the child you’re
trying to potty train can see other people go to the bathroom. And a wonderful reward is
for them to get a phone call from their favorite character. My neighbor did this and
I thought it was genius. Any time her daughter went on the potty, she would text and one of
us would call her daughter and pretend to be Elsa. It was a dream come true for
her, and let me tell you, accidents stopped almost immediately. Okay, here’s a funny one, ready for this? Keep a size five diaper
on you at all times in case of emergencies. Let me explain. One time, we were at a state fair. We were totally far
away from the bathroom. And all of a sudden,
she had to pee so bad. Couldn’t hold it, about to
have an accident everywhere. We found a private place. I stuck the diaper in her underwear, and she peed in the diaper. We rolled it up and threw
it away, and it worked. Don’t call CPS on me guys. I swear it works, it’s
sanitary, and it’s way better than a kid dribblin’
down their legs, okay? So there you go! Hopefully that helps. So give this video a thumbs up. And don’t forget to subscribe. What are your guys’ potty training tips? So if you have any that I missed, be sure to leave them
in the comments below. I’ll see you guys soon. (kissing) Peace. It’s a crappy job but
somebody’s gotta do it. (laughs) Get it, crappy? I’m so funny. Are you gonna be a good potty trainer? I think so.

Reynold King

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