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Potty Training Kids – Potty Monkey Learns to Potty

Hello! My name is Potty Monkey and this is my dad and mom. I love playing in the trees. Me, too. I wish we could do this all day long Potty Monkey, time to come home. See you guys later! I’m sad. Why are you sad, Potty Monkey? All of my friends are wearing big monkey underwear and I am still in a diaper and pull-up. Do not worry, my boy. You will learn someday. Remember, monkey see, monkey do. Dad, how did you do that?! When I was your age as a young monkey I learned to go pee and poop on the potty. I was like you and wanted to get rid of my pull-ups and go potty like big monkeys. My parents showed me how to do it. Father, I want to do that too. I’m tired of always wearing pull-ups. Okay, my boy. Your mother will get you a special potty to learn and then you can use the big potty someday. Thanks, Dad. Can we get a potty for me soon? Let’s go talk to your mother. Potty Monkey just told me he wants to get a potty for him to learn to go so he won’t have to wear diapers. That is a great idea. I will get him his own big monkey underwear and a special potty just for him. Tomorrow I will go into the jungle and tell all my friends that soon I will go potty and get rid of my diapers. Okay, but first finish eating your food and wash your hands and brush your teeth. Soon it will be time for you to go to bed. I am very proud of you, Potty Monkey. Tomorrow, I will go to the jungle store and get you your own special underwear and potty. Mother, do you think you can get me some underwear with big purple stars? I think I can find those for you. I need a new pull-up because this one is wet and dirty. Okay, but after today no more pull-ups, remember. Today is your big day to wear underwear. I’m so excited. I will go and tell my friends! I told my parents that today I will go potty and wear underwear. That is great news! Don’t worry. It’ll be easy and you will be so proud! Mommy, you got me my own special underwear and potty?! Yes, those are just for you! Potty Monkey, don’t poop in your diaper. Let’s see if you can poop in the toilet. But I don’t know how and I need to go now! Let’s just try. Okay. I will try. My poop won’t come out. Just relax for a minute, it will happen. Maybe you need to sit a little longer I think it is going to happen It’s happening, Mommy! I’m pooping in the potty! Daddy, I just pooped in the potty! Yes, I pooped in the potty! I knew you could do it! See, it is easy if you just try. Now let us see if you can pee in the potty. But…. I don’t need to go pee. Just drink your milk and relax a little longer, then you will pee in the potty. I’m trying, but the pee will not come out. I promise it will come out, but you need to relax and take your time on the potty. I think I need to pee. I think I need to pee, but when will it happen? It will happen, but you need to take your time. It is happening! I think I am peeing! It is coming out! See, we told you. Now just sit a little longer and relax. It takes time to get all of the pee out. But I want to get up and go tell my friends! Relax a little longer, and then you can go to the window and tell your friends. But don’t leave the house, and don’t forget to wash your hands after you use the potty. I am wearing my new underwear, and I used the potty! Great job, Potty Monkey! Great job, Potty Monkey! We are so proud of you, but remember to use the potty from now on. You will no longer have pull-ups, and your clothes will get wet and dirty if you have an accident. Maybe you should stay home today and use the potty often so you get used to wearing underwear and not having accidents. Okay, mom. I will stay home and use my potty. I almost had an accident, Mommy! I know, I saw you running to the potty. But you made it. See, if you listen to your body, you will know when to go. But if you hold your pee and poop, oo, it will hurt and you will have an accident Mommy, was it hard for you to learn the potty? I had a few accidents, but I learned quickly that if I go pee and poop often then it is easy, and my tummy will not hurt. My parents were so proud of me when I got my new underwear and no longer used pull-ups. Now it is very easy to go often and relax on the potty. You will see. Now, remember to wash your hands after every time you use the potty. I will, I promise. Oh, I almost forgot. Every time you use the potty today you can put a sticker on the chart, and if you use the potty all day, then you will get a special surprise! So if I go potty and put stickers on the chart each time I go, you will give me something? Yes, Potty Monkey, you will get your favorite dinner with bananas and coconuts! I didn’t know that going potty was fun and easy. It just seems you need to work at it when you first try to use it. But now I think I can do it every day. Mom and Dad, I’m glad you got me the new potty and underwear. I think it will be easy to go potty often, I don’t want to wear pull-ups anymore. Can we have bananas and coconuts every night? Sorry, Potty Monkey, we cannot have bananas and coconuts every night. But as long as you use your potty and don’t have accidents, then maybe we can do some other special things, like go to the jungle gym. Potty Monkey, you are getting so big now, and you look fantastic in those new underwear! Just remember to stop playing when you need to use the potty and always take your time on the potty. Your tummy will hurt and you will have accidents if you hold your pee or poop in. So listen to your body and go potty often. Now, go potty again, please. I will! I will! Can I go out just for a little while and swing and tell my friends? Yes, you can, but come home soon before it gets dark. Look at my new wonderful underwear! Great job, Potty Monkey! Great job, Potty Monkey! Monkey’s got new underwear. Monkey has a potty chair. Monkey’s diapers, they go where? Monkey diapers, they go there! Monkey see, Monkey do. Monkey pee, Monkey poo. Good job, Monkey! Good job, you! Goodbye!

Reynold King

55 Replies to “Potty Training Kids – Potty Monkey Learns to Potty”

  1. My 10 yearold son takes his time in the toilet,and I say "get out, your not doing anything!" But now I realised my mistake

  2. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  3. I was at school and I accidentally left my phone at home
    Lol but I am potty traind😁😝😅sorry about it 🙂

  4. The mom is wrong
    I hold my poo/pee for 10 hours a day while drinking a 530 oz water bottle
    But only on school days
    And never have accidents

  5. No “Babe”, no “Pocahontas”, no “Fantasia”, no “Sleeping Beauty”, no “Alice in Wonderland”, no “Frog Prince”.
    Plastic or wood? Cocoroos or Captain Crunch? Mickey Mouse or Cinderella?
    Saturday, no school! Sunday, no school! Monday, school!

  6. If your child is this compliant and eager to use the toilet, you don't need this video, and if you do have those issues to contend with, this video does nothing what-so-ever to help.

  7. What is with the height differences in the video? Also, that monkey with the pink underwear has a future as a rapper. And 100th comment is me woo!

  8. 4:11 potty monkey: trying to take a dump in peace

    parents: *walks in and stares at him dumping

    potty monkey: CAN A MONKEY GET SOME PRIVACY???? 🙁

    parents: keep staring at him


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