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Potty Training Tips

Try sitting your baby on the potty at an early age this helps prevent fear of the potty when
they’re older and can even result in fewer dirty diapers a day try right when they wake up and you may
be surprised at the results floor potties are perfect for early practice but when
things get serious you’ll want the transaction to happen
on a real toilet a potty seat that does both is extra handy and saves money too if you choose to use trainers make sure
they don’t look or feel like their regular diapers or it could cause confusion pick
trainers that are easy on and off for those down to the minute emergencies or
for stubbornly “do it myself” toddlers don’t leave the house unprepared at any
phase of training. A travel sized wetbag prepared with a new outfit and provisions for clean up is critical for outings You may even want a folding potty seat for big, scary, public toilets too pick a potty training strategy and stick
with it when that toilet flushes be ready for your chosen celebration gummy bear or sticker on the chart
Consistency and excitement foster success. and don’t forget to get rewards ready
for you too. potty training is exhausting for parents. when setbacks happen
and they probably will have your own rewards in stock haagen-dazs a glass of wine or a guilty
pleasure snack for after bedtime are all well deserved for when potty training is in full swing but
especially when it isn’t uh-oh

Reynold King

77 Replies to “Potty Training Tips”

  1. Great tips! What brand was that small floor potty you used that transferred to the toilet? And the rainbow trainer pants…what brand were those?

  2. Timely! My CD 38 month old boy is nowhere near potty training! He knows how but just doesn't want to. Funny how my sposied first boy trained in a week at 2.5 years old, but his CD brother is taking so much longer. Just shows every kid is different!

  3. Awesome tips. Question – I'm hesitant to use food as a reward for using the potty, but I don't think stickers will be an effective enough tool for me. Any other suggestions for rewards?

  4. Thanks!! I really needed this! I gave up on potty training my two and a half year-old after several days. I'm going to try again in a few weeks. Hopefully, I'll be better prepared!

  5. Thank you for this video! Great tips! Specially the last one! I have a couple trainers and just bought a pre loved super undies in that rainbow print. By far, this has been the hardest and most frustrating time of parenthood for me! Little by little we are getting there!

  6. Yes! This couldn't have come at a better time for us! We're just starting serious potty training and these tips will go a long way with me. I really do love the last tip. It is hard work! Also for us a simple high five and praise is enough, but if I have to resort to treats I will.

  7. Great tips! I've potty trained one, but the next one is starting to show signs of readiness, and I know that they will probably train differently.

  8. My tip, wrap TP around the sensors on auto flushing public potties. My little one was still sitting on the potty when it flushed on it's own, scared her so much she wouldn't potty outside the house for a few weeks.

  9. The best tip I've ever received was: wait. Wait until the child is self motivated to potty train. For my daughter that wasn't until almost 4, one morning she woke up and put on the underwear that was on the back of the potty for her use whenever she wanted, and has yet to have an accident or 'regress' back to diapers (almost a year later)… because it was her choice and she was in control of the process.
    I never understood why people want their two year olds to potty train — you've still gotta wipe their butt, help them onto the potty, help them wash their hands, babysit them on the potty so they don't touch everything nasty in the bathroom, etc etc plus clean up all of the accidents they make… and how is that better than just changing the dang diaper? I wait until they are capable of being independent in the bathroom and they actually WANT it for themselves.

  10. These are all great tips! I love the reminder to use things I already have, like the wetbag tip. I always forgot when I was training my 2yo!

  11. my boy is 22 months and goes potty all day at home but overnight is hit or miss. He refuses to go while out of the house though. baby steps.

  12. We have that floor-potty and love it. Another tip: after little one is fully potty trained and using the big toilet…you can still use the little potty for night pottying. My (just turned 4) daughter has hers set up right next to her bed at night, so she can get up and use it easily without having to stress about getting to the bathroom quickly in the middle of the night.

  13. Awesome tips! This is so helpful for us as we are just encountering some signs our son is ready to start potty training! The folding travel potty seat is genius!

  14. These are wonderful tips! I think the only thing I'd add would be something about knowing your child's currency; that is, knowing what kinds of rewards are particularly incentivizing for your child.

  15. I like the idea of the 4 in 1 for the potty seat. I want to get one now so my daughter will get used to seeing it when we're ready.

  16. Thank you for the great tips! Right when you think you've got the little stinkers figured out, they pull a 180 and run the other way.
    I'm convinced #3 (33 months) will marry in her favorite Smart Bottoms.

  17. Such great tips my little bear is taking off his cloth diapers so we're going to introduce the Potty! Even if he's not completely ready wre can ease him into it..

  18. I love the rainbow cloth trainer. Do they leak through? I want the little ones to feel wet, but not leak through, if possible.

  19. I never thought that the potty training process would be this fulfilling. My young boy and I had a ball following this potty training process “rumza fetching shocking” (Google it), and we used it to the letter! After undertaking the methods, he was wearing underpants with no accidents. The outcome was amazing!

  20. Everything in this video is completely wrong 1) you don’t use small potty’s at all straight to the big toilet from day one

    2) NEVER use any type of training pants or pull ups they are just more nappies and don’t teach them anything expect to keep on being lazy

    3) you NEVER NEVER NEVER reward them it’s a life skill not a game that deserves a prize

    4) no books toys or anything else while they are on the toilet it’s not playtime

    5) if they have accidents you make them help to clean it up so they learn that accidents are not acceptable and will stop having them

    6) All nappies should be thrown away on day one day and night

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