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Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel – Sarah’s Tests| Episode 13 “Prepare to Fail”

See, studying hard pays off, especially for Sarah, who
got the only A+ in the class! Really, that’s so cool! I got every single question right. I can’t believe I studied
so hard for this test, it was such a cinch. Well, part two of the test is tomorrow and I highly recommend that
everyone comes prepared. (bell rings) Okay class, you have one hour to complete part two of your math test. No eating and no talking. Huh, beans. Mrs. Finch.
Yes, Sarah? [Sarah] I think you
gave me the wrong test. [Mrs. Finch] Nope, that’s the right one. Really?
Yes! [Sarah] Oh no. Okay class, you can begin. (dramatic music) Thank you. Well, that was brutal,
I’m lucky to have a B. I got a B+, I’m good with that! Sarah, you okay? Yesterday’s test was so simple but today’s test was so much harder. I don’t think it was that hard. I got an F! (shocked gasping) It was not fair for Mrs. Finch to make today’s test so much
harder than yesterday’s! Excuse me. (tense music) Now did I say that today’s
test was going to be easy? No.
No, Sarah. Some tests are tougher than others, just like the challenges
that we face in life. Today’s test was tough, so I suggest that next
time you come prepared.

Reynold King

39 Replies to “Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel – Sarah’s Tests| Episode 13 “Prepare to Fail””

  1. Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Episode 13 "Prepare to Fail" Clips

  2. You know, i don't like surprise exams because they're so boring. 😓

    Only the nerds like those things, but we had no choice when we study.

    Are you agree with that?

  3. I missed the opening scene, but man Sarah was such a bragger and now I see why she was worried during her 2nd test! It’s because karma got her good!

  4. This what happens if you start to act over-confident. I guess it's ok to act a little confident, but not too confident though because not everything is easy as it seems. It's like challenges, instead of thinking over-confident, you should always come prepared because they might throw something which you may not expect.

  5. What sucked was that Sarah studied hard for one test but she neglected to study hard for the other test that she got a F on. It was good that Sarah was confident but yet at the same time she was overconfident which was why she failed while Brody, Preston, Calvin, Hayley, and Aiden/Levi got good grades because they were confident yet not as overconfident as her about their math test.

  6. Arrogance is a backfire because nothing is perfect and easy in life and once you’re prepared and confident things are better

  7. The first time the task may be easy, you never know when the next task is going to be challenging, so it’s better to come prepared. So never be too overconfident, it’s a backfire.

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