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(dramatic music)
(panting exhaustedly) Sarah, Brody, are you okay? [Redbot] I thought you
said Brax was a weakling! He suddenly got a lot tougher,
we were lucky to escape. Yeah, that monster went
from nil to nasty in a day. Well, how is that possible? Wait a minute.
(suspenseful music) What is it, Sarah? Maybe Brax didn’t get stronger at all, maybe he was just pretending to be weak. And it worked, we all slacked off thinking it would be easy. Just like I did in math class. This is exactly what Mrs. Finch said. Some tests are tougher than others, just like the challenges we face in life. Great, does Mrs. Finch
have a way to beat Brax? Because right now, we can’t
even leave our hideout unless we wanna get our butts kicked. Mrs. Finch said to come prepared. With preparation we can beat Brax. You’re ready to complete
your SuperStar Blade. Exactly. So, Brody, what should we do? We need to figure out
a way to wear Brax down. Yeah, when we see Brax
again, we’ll have a plan. Seven, eight.
(all grunt) Okay guys, that’s enough. [Redbot] SuperStar Blade scan complete! Mick, how are the SuperStar energies? The computer says they
are perfectly balanced to match all the Ninja Star Blades. Awesome, then it’s gonna work
with all of my ninja stars. That’s so much cooler than I imagined! What’s so special about it? Well, it’s stronger and– [Mick] Just watch, guys. It aligns my energies so I can do this. (magical whirring) (loud roar) So you made a more powerful sword that works with the Lion
Fire Armor Star too? Brax is in for a real surprise. All this prep is about
to pay off big time. Then let’s go.

Reynold King

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