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Powerlifter VS Strongman – STRENGTH WARS 2k15 #8

Reynold King

100 Replies to “Powerlifter VS Strongman – STRENGTH WARS 2k15 #8”

  1. How do you go from not being able to lift it off your chest to finishing the last rep. Theres no way. Its called being burnt out. I call bullshit

  2. And for someone to win the whatever title in deadlifting, some serious shit form. Back was rounded literally the entire time

  3. Some ugly ass pull ups by Angelo. And I wish he would've used his brain and just waited like an extra minute instead of wasting every ounce of energy he had left on failed reps.

  4. this isn't a race because there is too much resting. just two guys trying to get to the end of a hard workout

  5. How does Thomas deadlift like that without ruining his back?! If I deadlifted like that for like 1 rep of 135 I'd probably spend the next day unable to bend over! 😂

  6. love these competitions but to me it seemed thomas cheated those first couple of bench presses. seemed more like half reps

  7. Angelo's problem is he was getting anxious and not resting long enough. Every failed rep was wasted energy and he wasted so much energy on the bench he had no chance of catching up.

  8. Angelo should be ashamed of himself.. He has so much experience and yet he doesn't even know how to pace himself, doesn't know his own muscle endurance… You can be big and strong but without efficiency you would never be as good as you can be… It takes brain power as well

  9. стронгмен блять идиот, столько попыток сделал, ты блять в эти попытки вкладываешься же, лучше один раз одохнуть и добить эти два раза, чем каждые 20 секунд пытаться вытянуть штангу, ой бля, всю силу потерял на жиме
    Да и пауэрлифтер долбоеб, какой он нах пауэрлифтер если блять спину не держит нихуя, кто его так становую учил делать? он даже не подсел на штангу, это блять не на становую, а на какую-нибудь румынскую тягу больше похоже, если блять нормально делал бы, то сделал бы все в разы быстрее и никакого вреда позвоночнику не нанес бы, а так ему его спину жалко , идиоты блять, и воооооооообще, какого хуя сравнивать стронгмена и пауэрлифтера в тех упражнения , которые являются базовыми у лифтера? где мать его армейский жим, толчок гири весом в 40-50кг ? фермерская прогулка, где хотя бы одно упражнение стронгмена? становая тяга скажите? да она блять присуще больше пауэрлифтингу и не является базой у строгменов, вывод, из трех упражнений два это база паурлифтинга, один турникменов, и все,а соревнуется стронгмен( тупой) и паурлифтер (еще тупее) , и кто же блять победит? естественно победа была понятна всем с самого начала, когда они даже штангу жать не пошли, пиздец бля, я хуею с таких конкурсов и заруб …..

  10. i know a gold medalist gymnast (Arthur Zanetti) is about the same height as Angelo but looks way bigger, but only weighs 130lbs.

  11. This stuff in a way reminds me of a contest about who has the best nose, but many go out and get nose jobs.. I wish these contests somehow could be done in a magical universe where no one could take any steroids or drug enhancers.. you might find a totally different world with different people as the winners, people who were strong naturally.. With dedication and steroids combined.. you could turn a skinny twink into Hercules.. This is a contest really of dedication and steroid usage..

  12. Thomas Pull Ups were quite impressive! After this Bench pressing and with additional weight he still managed to do perfect pull ups, even for calisthenics standards! I guess he does Pull Ups quite often 😀

  13. In which planet are these dudes world champions in their classes? Angelo can’t even do a pull up with proper form 🤔

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