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May 16 2013 -Practising the Presence of God 0-12 min Today, I will answer the questions from Inner
Awakening participants to help you all realize the 4 principles as satyas. Tatvas into satyas,
into life. Question: The first question today is from
ID # 3 Chellaya who is asking, Swamiji, I have a feeling I am connected and not connected
to you. Back home I am so connected to you. I talk to you through the gurumurthy photograph.
Whenever I have pain, I touch the photo and feel the vibration and the pain is gone. I
talk to you freely, like I am talking to a friend. I am staying alone away from my family,
but I live with you. When I go out, I tell you that I am going out and when I am back,
I again tell you, I am back. When I go to sleep, when I get up, everything I talk to
you. If I am late, you wake me up. I live with you in my home. I drive my car, I feel
you are with me so many times. I have escaped even from an accident because I know you pulled
me out of it. But here in the IA program, you are physically so near and I feel you
are so far away as though some wall is there between you and me. Why is this so Swamiji
? what do I have to do to break this ? please help me to connect to you, like how I do back
home, even I am physically in your presence. Cellaya ID # 3 Swamiji: Chellaya, this is a very beautiful question. Right problem to
have. See, always used to tell, there are some wrong problems to have & there are some
right problems to have. Sometimes people have problem, “I have too many orders, I am not
able to supply”, sometime people have the problem that “I don’t have any orders,
I am just jobless”. Which problem is best to have ? having too many orders and not able
to supply is the problem to have. Good problem to have. See, listen, listen, now I am expanding
on some of the important truths. I represent your innermost soul. Atma. Completion. Understand,
I represent your innermost soul. Atma, Completion. If you are able to relate with me through
my photograph, means that you have already done enough of self completion. You are complete
witin you. The swapoornatva is done. But if you have a problem, physically when I am around,
not able to feel that strongly connected and close, means still you need to do poornatva
with others. You need to do completion. Understand, in whatever space you are complete, you will
be deeply connected to me. How many have this problem, please raise your hand. Whatever
you said. Great, you have done lot of completion with you but even in the completion, you have
not completely completed. If you completely complete it, even with completion with others,
you will be complete. Listen, listen what I am saying. I am your
soul. How you relate with me outside will be how you relate with the world outside.
How you relate with me inside, will be how you relate with you inside. I just reflect
the quality of your ability to relate with others and you. How many of you are cognizing
it ? It’s a very intimate question. Chellaya, I can understand you completely. And there
are thousands here who can sympathize with you and understand you completely. Sometimes
you will see a new devotee, person first time coming to see me, you will see me holding
the hand, standing and talking to the person, long time and enquiring, how are you, how
do you feel. As if I know him for a long time. When you see my conversation, my words, you
will catch, exactly I know thoroughly about him. He is coming first time but I will be
asking “what happened to the house problem, got sold”. You will see me spending so much
time with him. Sometimes, a long time devotee, 10 years they will be connected to me, “What’s
your name?” That’s all, especially if she is a woman, she will collapse. Have heart
attack, brain attack, liver attack, kidney attack. Whatever organs she has, she will
have attack on it. I just represent your level of completion.
Chellaya, your state means you have done more swapooratva but less completion with others.
Now you need to concentrate in completing with everyone. If you are having the feeling
of completion with all the people around you, you will feel the same nearness that you feel
with my photograph, with me physically. And I will also be reciprocating in the same way.
I will also be reciprocating, reacting to you in the same way. Understand, Every devotee
has his own version of me. Atma Nithyananda. With whom they talk, they relate, sometime
talk back for me also. How many of you talk back for me ? God ! When I am in the body
itself. And then literally live with me. Its called Ishta Nishta in tradition. And leela
dhyana, means strongly feeling connected to your own version of your chosen ideal. You
are free to choose your ideal in Hindu tradition. You can choose your guru, whoever you want
as your guru. Your Kulaguru can’t be changed but satguru can be changed. Means, KulaGuru
means family Guru. All family will have one Guru, that community Guru. Kulaguru is more
for training you when you are a child into the disciplines of what to do and what not
to do. Like take bath 3 times a day. Do sandyavandana, Gayatri jappa. Small, small instructions.
SatGuru is who gives you enlightenment. From time immemorial, vedic tradition gives you
the freedom to choose your satguru. Who gives you enlightenment. You can choose your god.
You can choose even your guru as god and god as Guru. Understand. You can choose your Guru.
You can choose your God. You can choose your god as Guru and guru as god. And you can even
choose both separately. Choosing Guru as God, we have hundreds of examples. How many have
done that ? Choosing God as Guru, Arunagiri Nader did. In Thitruvanamalai, there was a
great saint, the devotee of muruga, he chose god, muruga himself as Guru, and Muruga appeared
and initiated him. Gave him enlightenment. Guruvay, varuvay, AruLvay Muruga. 12 – 24 min He calls Muruga, Subramanya, Skanda as Guru.
You can choose god as guru. Guru as god. And you can also choose both independently. Like
you can have shiva as god and swami as the Guru, you can have Nithyanandeshwara as God
and Nithyananda as Guru. You can have Rama as God, and Ramadasa as Guru. You can have
all the options. For that I can give you hundreds of examples, how many choose God and Guru
independently. So, these are all the examples. Ramakrishna chose God himself as Guru, Kali.
He chose Kali herself as Guru in the beginning. Then Kali herself came as a Bhairavi Brahmani
and taught him! Then he chose Kalias God and Tothapuri as Guru. Hinduism gives you a vast
variety, vast variety. You need to understand, living with your chosen
ideal is called “Ishta Nishta”, “Leela Dhyana”. I have seen so many people, ordinary
village men in India, living with their chosen ideal and living the highest enlightened life
without even knowing the words Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching
and all that! Without knowing any of these words, they are radiating, radiating enlightenment!
I tell you, just this one truth, Ishta Nishta and Leela Dhyana, made millions of village
Indians, Indian villagers enlightened! Millions of Indian villagers practice the presence
of God. Understand! What you are doing? Unknowingly you are practicing the presence of God! This country, every time I speak about the
great civilization, civilization of Bharat. The western world kids are taught to live
with Barbie dolls or cartoons they see on TV. Fortunately, God saved me! I am born in
a village of South India. From that age I was living and practicing the presence of
God. See, what I understood about Ganesha at the age of three, and what I understand
about Ganesha now is different. But that understanding at the age of three only has led me to this
understanding. If I was too busy with Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry at the age of three,
I would have been disillusioned at the age of thirteen that Tom and Jerry doesn’t exist.
But I would not have reached any higher understanding. Because I started living with Ganesha at the
age of three, even at the age of thirty-five I have higher understanding of Ganesha which
has led me to higher and higher planes of existence. Ishta Nishta and Leela Dhyana,
practicing the presence of God, living with God! Understand, for every individual who wants
to enlightenment through the path of devotion, who wants to make their life authentic, this
is the best path. Chellaiah, I tell you, whether you want it or not your life will continue
to become more and more authentic, because you know I am there! I am there! Practicing
the presence of God makes you more and more authentic. That is the beauty of the Hindu
tradition! Beauty of the Vaidik spiritual tradition! Ishta Nishta makes you do lot of
self-completion with you. Actually, because of this Leela Dhyana practice you become more
complete with you, and if you observe deeply you will find out if you have incompletion
with you, that day you will feel am angry with you! I am angry with you! When you have
the incompletion, you will see the reflection on me, means, if you feel I am angry with
you, all you need to do is do completion with you and completion with others. How many of
you feel that I am angry with you? (People raise their hands). Then all of you have to
do completion with you and completion with others. I am not angry with you. If I am angry
with you, then I am incomplete. I am not angry with you, because I am complete with me and
with others. All you need to do is, you need to complete with you and with others. Understand, the completion you need to do
with you and with others is responsible for how you feel connected to me outside and inside.
Because you practice the presence of God, Ishta Nishta, Leela Dhyana……see, all these
three are three different words, but finally boils down to one. Leela Dhyana means, remembering
all the acts of Krishna is Krishna Leela Dhyana, what all he did. Remembering all the pastimes
of Krishna is Leela Dhyana. Remembering all the Shiva Leelas and experiencing it as it
is happening now is Shiva Leela Dhyana. In my case you don’t need to do Leela Dhyana.
Wherever you are, I will be possessing you. Simply you will be remembering only me! Whether
you are in the kitchen, ironing clothes, washing vessels, or sitting in the office and doing
the job! Listen! Listen! How many of you feel, almost twenty-four hours, as an undercurrent,
I am there in your memory, in your life? Whatever you may be doing, I will be there! This is
Leela Dhyana. Practicing the presence of God, means, what Chellaiah is telling, exactly.
Whenever you go out you tell me, ‘Swami, Maharaj, I am going out and I will come back.’
When you wake up, ‘Swamiji I am on time. I am in Integrity.’ If not, ‘Swamiji,
I am late. I am completing with you.’ This is practicing the presence of God. See, you
can be doing this practicing the presence of God with anybody. You can do with Shiva,
Hanuman, Rama, Krishna, Devi, whomever you have chosen as your chosen ideal. With that
you can do. Doing with Guru, God. You have option. But practicing the presence of God
is so powerful! Please understand! I need to tell you, practicing
the presence of God I myself did in my life. I carried the photograph of Shri Ramakrishna
from the age of thirteen till the age of twenty-two, practicing his presence continuously. Continuously!
Whole day! I tell you, practicing the presence of God is one of the most powerful methods
to make you authentic and integrated. Practicing the presence of God is one of the most powerful
and integrated methods for becoming enlightened. Listen! I have defined Leela Dhyana. Leela
Dhyana means, being lost in the pastimes of the Guru or God. With God one thing is that
you may not be directly involved in the whole Leela. So you have to remember, remember and
try to practice. With Guru, you are directly part of it. So, you don’t need to try to
remember, remember; he will be remembering you! He will be remembering you! This is called
Leela Dhyana. Even if you are afraid he is going to fire you is Leela Dhyana. Then practicing
the presence of God is constantly feeling you are with him, he is with you. Practicing
the presence of God is the greatest, most powerful technique to put you in Bhava Samadhi
immediately. Ramakrishna did it. Ramana Maharsh practiced it. Even the great agnostic, atheist,
enlightened beings like J. Krishnamurthi practiced it. If you read the biography of J. Krishnamurthy,
from the young age he was trained to practice the presence of the higher power. 24 – 36 min Other than that dirty mouth, U.G. Krishnamurthi……fortunately
he died. Actually, I sent an e-mail to him when I read his book. He was claiming enlightenment
is pain. I sent an e-mail to him that, ‘Come on! Let us have a public debate! In open’.
Poor fellow died immediately! I told him, there is no arrogant thing whether you win
or I win. If you are able to take me to the level further than where I am, I will become
your disciple. If I am able to take you further than where you are, you become my disciple.
We will enrich other. Come on! That fellow died before coming. Other than that dirty
mouth, U.G. Krishnamurthi…….no, this fellow fires everyone. And I wanted all these so-called modern gurus
to know I am giving you a warning through national channel, no question of attacking,
abusing any of the tradition and traditional masters. Don’t think you are Osho! If that
fellow was live, I will tear him to pieces! Every Tom, Dick and Harry, these trekker guru
idiots, if you just put a jeans pant and grow a beard and have a backpack and do some yoga,
you think you are a big Guru and you have the guts to attack the Hindu tradition and
traditional Hindu gurus! I have come! That time is over! Keep your dirty mouth within
you, maybe secretly open only to your close disciples, not to the public! All the modern-day, trekker gurus, be very
clear, if you are teaching the products of Hinduism – Yoga, Meditation, Hindu philosophy,
and saying all religions are the same, I am not going to spare you! If you teach Quran
and say all religions are same, Muslim leaders are going to spare you? So, be very clear,
owner of Hinduism has come already! None of you guys will talk in the language of Osho!
If you don’t have respect for tradition, you live your life and die! We don’t care!
But no attacking! Osho made attacking these traditional gurus as a fashion – attacking
Shankaracharyas, attacking Pramukh Swami Maharaj, attacking Asaram Bapuji – attacking all
the traditional gurus, he made it as a fashion. Fellow fortunately died before I came, before
I started my public life! Otherwise I would have given him the same taste of his medicine.
What, only you know? Fellow saved himself by dying! All these fellows left and right abuse these
practices like practicing the presence of God. See, because Osho set a trend, all the
fellows, still these dhaadi waala gurus, putting a jeans pant and having a backpack, and if
you know, ‘Stretch your hands, stretch your leg, blow your nose three times.’, if you
know that, immediately you think you are a Guru! And abusing all the traditions! ‘Flush
your Vedas!’ One fellow has made a comment, one of these so-called gurus! Flush yourself
first! If you can’t, tell us! We will do it! Now it is time, all these so-called modern,
backpack, trekker guru fellows keep away from Hinduism. Don’t try to attack Hindu gurus
or Hinduism! And I wanted to give this as a warning on a national channel. If you know
how to talk, we also know how to talk! Constantly hurting the religious sentiments,
hurting the Hindu religious sentiments has become a fashion! See, these trekker gurus
naturally have a little charisma and orating skills. Naturally, the traditional gurus have
spent all their time on meditation and growing spiritually. They may not have those little,
few of those skills, those drama skills. So these fellows go on attacking them! I have
come having both! I can do your drama and that drama, both! And I have come with both
the skills is a good news! I am going to be standing up at the side of tradition is bad
news for the trekker gurus! All these backpack, trekker gurus, pack your backpacks and get
lost into some hill! Don’t be with the human civilization! I am going to suggest to the Acharya Sabhas
and Akhadas, anybody who teaches yoga, meditation and the Hindu-related material, should not
say all religions are equal. You can say all religions are unique. Because, all religions
are equal is a defaming, abusing statement towards Hinduism! How can a religion which
tells people to go and kill others, and the Hindu tradition which tells you to go and
enrich others be equal? Can be same? I was already planning, at least some ten, twelve,
these kind of common agendas should be formed and regulated. Understand, practicing the presence of God
leads you to Bhava Samadhi directly. And the third word I uttered, “Ishta Nishta”.
You may accept all divine beings. It is not that you will not go to Vishnu temple, you
will not go to Devi temple, but if you are connected, if you have chosen Shiva as your
ideal, you will know he
is your ideal! Ramakrishna gives a very beautiful example. Woman in the house, she will serve
everybody. She will serve the brother-in-law, sister-in-law, father-in-law, mother-in-law,
husband’s elder brother, younger brother, sister’s husband, everyone she will serve,
give them food, give them water to wash the hands, take care. But she knows her bed is
only for her husband! Same way, you may bow down in front of any God, any deity, any guru,
but you know you are bowing down only to your Guru in this form. “Sathguru swaroopaaya,
Nithyanandaaya, Nithyanandeshwara swaroopaaya namaha!” Very clear! “Sathguru swaroopa,
Meenakshiyai namaha!” “Sathguru swaroopa, Ganeshaaya namaha!” “Sathguru swaroopa,
Subramanyaaya namaha!” Means, you
may bow down in front of any god, any deity. You know you are bowing down only to your
chosen ideal, Ishta Nishta! Same way, if your chosen ideal is Shiva, or Devi, or Muruga,
even if you bow down to me, you should bow down to me as an embodiment of your chosen
ideal. For example, if your chosen ideal is Vishnu, even if you bow down to me, if you
bow down at all, you should bow down to me only as an embodiment of Vishnu. If your chosen
ideal is me, even if you bow down to anybody, you should bow down to them only as an embodiment
of me. That is Ishta Nishta. Understand these three words. Then you will understand this
whole space Chellaiah is going through, not only Chellaiah, when I address Chellaiah,
I address all of you who are in that space. Practicing the presence of God, Leela Dhyana,
Ishta Nishta, all the three boils down to the same space, space of Bhava Samadhi. Leela Dhyana means constantly remembering
actions and life of your chosen ideal. Practicing the presence of God means cognizing
his presence is there with you and constantly relating with him, keeping him present in
your presence. Keeping him present in your presence is practicing the presence of God. 36 min to end Practicing the Presence of the God means,
cognizing His presence is there with you and constantly relating with Him. Keeping Him
present in your presence! Keeping Him present in your presence, is Practicing the Presence
of God! Ishtha Nistha means bowing down, revering
only your Ishtha. Wherever you bow down, even if you bow down to your father or mother,
you should know that I bow down to my Ishtha who is in your heart. I bow down to Nithyananda
who is in your Ananda Gandha whether he is awakened or not, He is there in your Ananda
Gandha; whether you experience or not. If you are initiated into Ananda Gandha, you
will also experience. If not, you may not experience but I can experience. I bow down
to Nithyananda who is in your Ananda Gandha. Solution for this feeling, close with the
photograph and very distance with me is, listen! Because you already practiced the presence
of God with my photograph, so you are feeling that intimacy. You are feeling the completion.
But now, you have to complete with everyone! In the outer space also you should be in completion,
then you will feel the same intimacy, same nearness, even outside you and I will also
be responding in the same way! All the ashramites who are with me, in the past janma practiced
the presence of God and received boon to live around me, but unfortunately, they forget
and when they are given that space, they abuse, they miss to continue to practice the presence
of God and miss and the next janma away and again after two janmas practice the presence
of the God and come back. They are doing this, falling into the same rut. If you complete outside also and catch the
same closeness you feel inside you with me outside also, you are complete and you live
enlightened life. You enrich yourself and others. So, all you need is more completion
with others. Next question: Ma Maneesha: The next question is, ‘what
is the significance of doing homas, especially when I’m sitting in your breathing space
the whole day, is there anything else that doing a homa that can add more to my inner
space and my spiritual growth, can you please explain?’ Swamiji: ‘what is the significance of doing
homas? When I’m sitting in your presence whole day, is there anything else doing a
homa that can add more to my inner space and growth?’ First, first listen! What is the
significance of doing homas? Homa is not faith-based action, it is science-based action. First
understand, it is not faith-based action, it is a science-based actions, which has been
considered a science because media promoted it. For e.g. you think if you eat, you will
become more energetic, this is considered as science, because media promoted it. Why
don’t you eat McDonald’s food every day and see? It is not science-based action, it
is a faith-based action, became science-based action because of media promoting it. All
of you are getting it? I can give you millions of examples like this. If you take antibiotics,
your cough will disappear. It is not science-based action. I’m trying, it‘s not disappearing.
Because media promoted it, it has become almost science-based action. Homa, Yajna is not faith-based action, it
is a science-based action. With Integrity, a person who practices Integrity when he utters
the word, “Ihaa gaccha, Ihaa gaccha, Iha thishta, Iha thishta”, that space is filled
with the presence of the deity, divine energy he is inviting, invoking! Especially, all
the homas happen in this campus, I am responsible for the Divine Presence to be there, and receive
what you offer. Getting it? Better get it! Understand, when you invoke those energies
in the fire properly and procedures, Divine appears and receives your offering! Experience
the space of the Divine! Even this is a faith-based action only. You take strepsils, you will
not have cough! No, if you take strepsils, your throat is engaged in something else,
so you don’t have cough, that’s all. Alright! Homas, Yajnas, Yagas, all of them are very
powerful science-based actions. Tomorrow, Kaalabhairava Homa you will see, you will
see the Presence! Literally He will be there, receiving the offerings, responding to you!
When you are in that presence, offering, please understand, He will be straightaway, literally
answering your prayers and giving you the boons! Homas are, if you do the scientific
analysis and research, their percentage ability to cure the disease will be more than allopathy,
I challenge! Just the science of doing it with Integrity and Authenticity is lost, that
is where the problem is. We will revive now! We are reviving now! Especially, I’m reviving
it with my Gurukul kids. My Gurukul kids are the best Integrated, Authentic beings on the
planet earth. They are going to be chanting these mantras. Do you know the effect of that
on the planet earth? You will see! you will see! And, I commit with you all, I will create
group of my Gurukul kids, able to do all this yajnas like Varuna yajna, literally hundred
percent I guarantee, when they go and perform those yajna in any city, simply it will rain!
I’ll demonstrate, please understand, I’ll demonstrate and show hundred percent result.
For the Yajnas like, Varuna yajna and Vaideeshwara homas, you will see, I’m training! Especially,
when they practice this mallakamba and all these martial arts, even their muscles will
be integrated into their Integrity! I’m training. Already I’m successful, but still
I’m training them with more details including how the yajna kundas should be created, yantra,
everything will be so authentic! When they say, let it rain, it will just shower! Only
the water which showers from the sky can put the fire out, nobody else can put it off!
And, it will shower and put the fire off. Only then the yajna will end! Till then yajna
will go on. Only when it showers they will say, ‘Okay, Agne twam samudram gaccha, Prithvi
tvam sheetala bhava!’ Means, ending the homa. It is just the power of Integrity and
Authenticity and Responsibility, decision to Enrich! I’ll prove this as a science to the world!
Science to the world! When you are sitting in my breathing space or in the homa, be in
the space of pure listening! Deities land in the homa, the presence opens up in the
homa as a ‘Sound’. Understand, then they become fire, but the vehicle through which
they land is a Sound! So listen! Listen! Be in the space of pure listening! It can transform
you! It can transform you! It can just transform you! Homa is science-based action! Not
faith-based action!

Reynold King

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