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Pregnancy Scares | ZULA ChickChats | EP 75

It’s, like, the guys right, it’s, like, they want to buy condoms, then they buy, like, 20 cans of potato chips. Hi, I’m Jessica. Hi, I’m Sangee. Hi, I’m Cheryl. Hi, I’m Leah. And this is ZULA Chickchats! Hi guys, welcome to this episode, so today, we’re going to be
talking about pregnancy scares. So let’s just, like, for everybody out
there watching the video right, please define what is a pregnancy scare. I don’t know eh, I virgin. Don’t lie! Sis, I should be saying that. In my nostril. I am a virgin, like, actually, I am. Okay, wow, what an angel. But, like, I think a pregnancy scare is definitely
when you definitely, like, miss a period, or you start seeing symptoms. Pregnancy symptoms are actually
very similar to period symptoms. Everyone is different lah. So for me, it’s like I get lower back pain, and, like, one of the signs of pregnancy
is the lack of lower back pain. Pregnancy scare basically is you think
you kena the diao kia lah, that’s it lah. Moving on from that, if you have
personal experiences, please share, if not, like, just talk about it
in, like, what you think it is, or have you heard any stories about it. Sorry Mum, I had sex without condoms. You raised me better, but I am stupid sometimes. With long-term partners, sometimes
I don’t use condoms lah, ’cause, you know, it’s like, in
the heat of the moment, girl. I was in year 2 of uni. I was very giddy, and then I felt very, like, nauseated. Like, you know, like, the normal things ah, and my period was late. So I remember lying on my bed in hall, like, texting my friends, like, “Oh my god guys, I’m not coming for cheer
training ’cause I feel very, like, nauseated.” And then the next day I went to my class, and then my teacher said, like, “Oh, you’re probably having electrolyte deficiency.” ’cause her child was also having the same symptoms. So cannot [be] the child kena pregnant right? So I drank non-carbonated H-Two-O, and I felt so much better. So it’s really it’s the [electrolyte deficiency]. It’s other factors that always apply. I had a pregnancy scare with my current boyfriend once. I shared with him my scare. I was, like, “Eh shit I think I might be pregnant.” Anyway I got myself checked with
a kit, and I was not pregnant. But I decided, “Hmmm let’s test his reaction, just tell him I’m pregnant.” I mustered up my tears, and I was just like, “Baby, I really.. I’m really pregnant.” Then he was like, “Really? Oh my god. Wow. Okay.” Aww. So it was, like, neither, like, very happy, and it was also not, like, “Oh shit.” So then after that he was like, “Really not, really not? Don’t bluff me, don’t bluff me. Okay, okay, don’t worry, we’ll get through this. What do you want to do about it and everything?” So now that I know this is his reaction to it, I feel, like, more calm. I think I was 19. Then it’s, like, the- first time have sex with your
boyfriend and everything right, then you just, like, “Okay, I don’t know how this is supposed
to work. But, like, my period’s late.” Then I just like, “Okay, okay, maybe, like, nothing.” Then, like, 2 weeks leh. Then 2 weeks already damn delayed. So I’m just, like, as a 19-year-old child, I’m like… Nani? Yeah it’s really, “Nani?” And then, like, I only had 1 friend who I, like, really trusted to talk about it right, so I told her. She’s like, “What the f*ck, your period
haven’t come yet for 2 weeks.” Then I just like, “Yeah! Then how!” Then she was like, “Okay, okay, I follow you right, go to, like,
7-11 then I go and buy for you [a test kit].” I went to the toilet to take the [pregnancy test] right, in the moment of, like, 10 minutes,
I was sitting there and just, like, holding the f*cking pee stick. So we timed, like, 5 minutes. We actually timed. So when the timer was over right, I like- Then, like, 1 line and I was like- So it reached a point where I
even went to go and buy the kit. ‘Cause it’s so scary, like, 2 weeks already. So the next question right, is- why do people have
sex without a condom, if they are scared of getting pregnant. When I ask, like, my guy friends and all of that, I also ask them, “So what happened to you using protection?” And they go like, “Huh? For what need
to use protection?” Then I’m like, “You just said your girlfriend had a scare.” Nani? And then he said, “Oh but my
pull-out game damn strong.” Oh my god! This line, this line. This is the line. – And I think this is the-
– I’ve never heard this line! What? Oh my god! They associate their ability to, like, pull out, with the fact that, “Oh I’m masculine.” If you get a girl pregnant and then
you don’t know how to handle right, then- The worst shit that can happen to you man. Okay, so it’s, like, when you’re
with your long-term partner right, and then you’re just, like, it’s a stable relationship, and then you kind of, like, trust them. It’s trust. When you know that it’s not easy to get pregnant, and you don’t have sex on your fertile days, and if anything happens, you know that your
relationship is, like, somewhat stable enough to, like, you know, towards whether you
want to have [an] abortion or, like, if, you know, you guys would have a baby. If it’s casual sex, always use a condom. – Yes, just always use condoms.
– Always, 100 percent. Like, for me, I think that condoms are a chore. So I just stick with oral contraceptives so I can
have sex without condoms and still be safe. Like, my standpoint is, like, the same as everybody lah. Not only just not about using condoms right, is when your f****ing contraceptive breaks right, then u GG also, you know. ‘Cause this kind of thing right, is,
like, you won’t know until, like, maybe he really pull out then you see,
like, “Oh shit! Like, something wrong.” So in this kind of cases right, like,
the plan is just to go and get Plan B. Plan B is basically, like, an emergency
contraception that you take the morning after. The common one in Singapore
is you take one and then, like, – I think 24 hours later, you have to take another one.
– Yeah, take another one. It’s very harmful for your body
because it basically, like, cleanses your entire body. It should not be used as, like, a
normal form of contraception. So leading on from this, the next question then will be, what do you do after you find out
about your pregnancy scare? I think the first thing is to calm down. And if you’re someone who tracks your period, go and check your period cycle, go and check your fertility cycle, and everything and
see what’s the highly likely possibility for it to happen. And then, go to someone that you can really trust- and if this is your partner, it will be the best. But if you really can’t and you’re
just really, really scared, go to a friend that you really trust, before all these, like, physical procedures
or, like, going to a store and getting a kit. I think it’s very important to be
mentally and emotionally calm- because, if not, it can really worsen things. You should go to the root of the problem. In the sense that you should practice safe sex. I decided I didn’t want to have this lah. It’s very unnecessary stress, like you guys said. So, like, have sex with a condom or don’t have sex at all. Like, you know, there’s no way you can get pregnant lah. If the condom breaks, or, like,
whatever, next day just get a Plan B. But don’t see it as something that,
you know, you can just abuse. Yeah. You can always go to a clinic or
a polyclinic to get, like, a test. So to wrap things up, any
advice for all the girls out there- even guys, who you know, are responsible
for all these pregnancy scares? Actually i feel ah, like, a lot of the times when we-
us girls, when we get pregnancy scares right, we don’t really involve the guy in it. We sort of try to deal with it ourselves,
which I think is not fair to ourselves. I feel like he should be part of the process, going with you to get the
future contraceptive pills, right. He was a part of it, you know. Yeah, I mean, it’s, like, you know- Mutual responsibility lah. It’s very important for, like, two consenting individuals
to know that it’s both parties’ responsibility. Because no matter how much you wanna
have fun, and, like, do whatever nonsense, you really need to just hold the
responsibility that this happened, and now we’re going to try to fix it and
don’t run away from your problems. Really lah, I’m, like, safe sex number 1. Like, I’m super all for sex but always, always safe sex
and that will give you, like, a peace of mind. If you don’t plan to have children or
anything right, take more precaution, in terms of, like, doing the birth control. For example, having safe sex, etc. Be mentally prepared that all this shit
is going to happen to you in the future- and at least let it be with someone that
you really trust, so your partner right. For me personally, I’m also,
like, I’m very pro, like, life. So I would say that, at least know that with this person that you are having a long-term relationship with- that you can see a future with this person. But for me, it’s, like, if now you tell me I’m
pregnant with my boyfriend’s [child], I’ll be like, “Ah, okay, whatever.” Really? Yeah, I’m like, “Oh cool.” And I think the most important thing
is to actually have a conversation of “What if we get pregnant?” Like, it’s a ‘We’, you know, it’s not, “What if I…” It’s like, “What if we get pregnant?” with your partner. Even if you’re not sexually active, have it, because especially if, like,
you’re in a long-term relationship, I think it’s really important to just have the conversation. Like what you said, see if this relationship
is gonna work out with this person. – But don’t like-
– But maybe not so extreme. Just sit down, drink some coffee. Doesn’t always work out that way. And then kinda plan, like, say, like, “Okay what if does happen, like, one day? What’re our choices? Are you,
like, pro-life, pro-choice?” At the end of every of our ChickChats videos
is communication, trust and respect. Correct. You do you, boo. In this episode, we talked about pregnancy
scares and how you should practise safe sex. I hope the advice was useful for
you girls and guys out there. Correct. And if you guys want to know any other topics
or you want us to talk about anything else, leave it down in the comments, and also remember to like, share and subscribe! Bye!

Reynold King

11 Replies to “Pregnancy Scares | ZULA ChickChats | EP 75”

  1. This was such an ignorant video. A bunch of girls who really don't know what they're talking about giving advice to potentially young and impressionable boys and girls. No contraceptive is 100%! Pregnancy test kits can sometimes show false negatives or positives. Being comfortable with having a child now does not make you prolife. Also who thought it would be a good idea to chuck a virgin in there?

  2. I love Zula and have enjoyed watching all the previous Chickchat videos, but this ain't it. Let's be real lah– having sex with a condom on does not feel as good and satisfying as having sex without one. And that's totally okay to say it. Just make sure you really trust the person you're having sex with, and there's consent between you two. If you're having sex with multiple partners, use a condom so you'll be safe from STIs/STDs. Y'all failed to mention that contraceptive pills (birth control AND the morning-after pill a.k.a Plan B) DO NOT protect girls from contracting STDs. Also, pregnancy kits are not 100% accurate on the first try, which is why it's recommended to get two test kits for a more reliable result. I assume u girls think it is common sense to know this, hence why you don't go into details about it, but some girls (and guys) are clueless due to the lack of sex-ed. I hope you girls can do more research on this topic and touch on it again in the future. Much love x

    Edit: If you're not disciplined enough to take the birth control pills every day, the chances of you getting pregnant is high too. And the morning-after pill needs to be taken ASAP.

  3. Y'all also have STIs to work about… Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are the highest STIs infections in Singapore, and they have nasty effects on women

  4. Even I know that pregnancy test aren't always accurate. When I had a pregnancy scare I took test 5 times to be sure. Also ALWAYS use a condom. One time the condom broke, & even after that I was so scared that I got on STI, so I got a check up straight. Luckily I am fine. But it still can be scary. So always wear protection!!!!!!

  5. Sex after marriage pls! You have to be respectful, committed and responsible before you expose your vulnerable self! It isn’t smth just for pleasure and to fool around with!

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