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Prepare for Job Fair – STAND OUT by doing this!

– Hey, everyone.
(upbeat music) This is Self Made Millennial. I’m Madeline Mann. In this video, you’ll
get all the career fair and job fair tips, including how to prepare, what to do, and an entire script and framework of what the heck to say, and I reveal what all of
your competition is doing, so that you stand out. And just stay to the end, because I’ll give you something special to refine your elevator pitch. A job search is not something
you should do alone, and this channel has led to thousands of people making
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video every Thursday. So, a career fair is where
companies set up tables and hordes of people gripping resumes walk up and talk to them. I want to first tell
you what it feels like to stand on the other side of that table representing a company. Once you know what it’s like
to be the one doing the hiring, it is going to become very
clear why the advice I give you will make a massive difference
when you show up there. It will be night and day, okay? So people walk up to the
table, they first ask, “What does your company do?” I give them the spiel for
the 85th time that night and they ask, “What roles
are you hiring for?” Which then I respond, “All kinds of roles. “What roles are you looking for?” At which point, so incredibly often, this question is difficult. It sends them for a loop. They go, “Well, I’m not sure. “I’m getting my MBA right now, “so maybe something in marketing
or maybe a finance role.” At this point, I’m gonna be real with you, I definitely know we’re not
going to hire that person because the reason a company hires someone is to solve a business need. You must know what value
you add to the world. A company does not want to
be your career experiment. So anyways, they hand over their resume, we talk a bit, they give
a floppy, fish handshake, and then hightail it out of
there to the next company. So knowing that, here are the
steps to absolutely crush it at career fairs for
the three stages, okay, so there’s pre-fair, during
the fair, and after the fair. First, pre-fair. Pick out the companies you
want to meet when you get there and research them. Here’s how you research them. First, make a beeline
to their careers page and see if they have
any open roles for you. If they don’t have an open
role that you’re looking for and they aren’t one of your
top companies of interest, I would stop researching them for now and come back to them
later if you have time. But, if you really like this company and really want to make connections there, then continue the rest of the steps, bub. Second, know what they do
and who they do it for. I try to find a quick video on them or an article where I can get the gist. Write down one reason why you would want to work for the company. Don’t stop researching
until you have an answer to that question. It could be because they
have a cool product, you believe in their mission, you saw a post from an
employee that talks about why it was such a great place to work. So, learn about the company
and then find a genuine reason why you would want to work there. Third, find out how big
the company is for context. And fourth, find a current
piece of information, such as a tweet or a recent
piece of news about them, such as they launch a
product, they moved offices, they had a bring your pharmacist
to work day, I don’t know. But, have that news in your back pocket. So that’s the quick and dirty way to research these companies, and make sure you write
these findings down. Next, print out your resumes and if you really want to impress them, create a folder specifically for your target companies, okay? Now, you can’t do this for every company if there’s a 100 companies there. I’m assuming you’re
human and you need sleep. But, for your favorites,
you could create a folder, slap their logo on the front, and place your resume, some work samples, and even a customized
cover letter for them. If you need help writing
a cover letter, I got you. I’ll link a video in the description of my three-step formula
to write a cover letter. It got me a job. It’s gotten many other people jobs. Also, when I say work samples,
I do have a video called “How to Stand Out in
an On-site Interview”, which I show you A to Z,
how to make a portfolio for any profession to
show your work samples. And so, definitely look at that video if you want some inspiration. I will link it in the description. Part two, during the fair. Okay, once you get there, go to a company you’re less interested in to get a little bit loosey-goosey first. Don’t put pressure on this one. It’s your warm-up. And here is the script you can use when you walk up to the table. Strong handshake, look
them in the eyes, and say, “Hi, I’m first name, last name.” Then, we’re putting our
research to use right away. Say, “I was glad to see you
all were going to be here. “I’m really interested in company “because reason you came up
while you’re researching.” This is fantastic. They don’t have to recite
to you what the company does for the millionth time and
you’re showing genuine interest right of the start. You could hand over your resume now or whenever it feels right. Then, I would usually ask
a question here, like, “What do you do for the company?” or “How long have you
been with the company?” This is so that we aren’t speaking at them but that it feels like a
real human conversation. Then say, “I noticed you have X role open. “I am a Y professional with
experience in Z, and I,” and then say an accomplishment, such as, “I’m about to graduate with an
MBA with a focus in marketing “and I optimized our program’s website “to show up on the first page of Google “when you search for MBA programs.” Or, another example is, “I’m a designer “who has seven years
experience at startups “and have designed graphics for
over two dozen mobile apps.” I’ll give you more tips on
this at the end of the video, but make it short, make it snappy. So again, you did your research, you’re already saying how you
would add value to the team and you’re not having them
repeat which roles are open. ♪ Ah ♪
– Thank you! So I would make it feel
like a conversation again, so after I said this, I would
ask a question here, such as, “Does that sound like
what you’re looking for?” or, “My understanding is that
this role would do X, Y, Z, “is that right?” And then, I would probably
throw in that current even thing in the news that we had
heard and ask them about it. Now, that current event
could also be your intro if it’s strong, like, “Wow! “I saw this week that you all just closed “a round of funding. “Congrats!” I just recommend that you weave this into your conversation
somehow to really underline that you are someone who did the research. I am curious to hear what
your greatest challenge is when going to a career fair. Leave me a comment. Alright, then, if I’m really
feeling the conversation, I’ll round it out with a few questions focused on that person’s
experience at the company. What have you been excited
about these days at the company? What kinds of people
thrive at your company? If they’ve been there for a while, I’ll ask them
(upbeat music) what do they enjoy about the company that has kept them there
for all those years? If they joined more
recently, I’ll ask them, “Is this company what you had expected?” I’m giving you a lot of material here to have an organic conversation. And that’s what this is all about, people. Treat them like a human
person you want to befriend. It is not fun to stand on
the other side of the table and hear someone recite
a pitch they created and then hand over the
resume like a transaction. Apply online if that’s your jam. Okay, so here’s how to close it out. Ask, “Do you have a card?” If they say no, ask,
“How should I follow-up?” If you forgot their name
and didn’t get a card, say, “Remind me of your name,” and then write that shiz down. And part three, after the fair. Follow-up the next day with an email. Say, “Great meeting you last night, name.” Reiterate your interest in the company and reattach your resume and clearly say while
role you’re interested in. So I have a free worksheet
for you all to help you answer the question “tell me about yourself”. This will help you in interviews and also in your quick
introduction at a job fair, because this allows you to be concise and tell them exactly the
information they need to hear to become a fan of you. So I will link that free
download in the description. Like this video and
subscribe to this channel. Thanks so much, everyone. Wi-Fi high five. (hands clapping)

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  1. I would have loved watching this video when I was going to job fairs! But it's great advice for networking in general πŸ™‚

  2. Thank You Madeline ! I requested this video about a month ago, I really appreciate you making it. I have a career fair coming up at the end of the month! I'll use the tip presented in this video!

  3. I had my career fair today and it seems like most companies at least where I am from in Canada do not take CV, or Cover Letter at the career fair. They are essentially just there to tell you about what the company is about and ask you to apply online. any thoughts on how one could get those employees to refer you to someone on the inside that is actually in charge of hiring?


    -Leo Lin

  4. What if my current role has nothing to do with the role im applying for?
    & only my past experience has something to do with it

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