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Prepared Mom Of Three Stops A Home Invasion

Reynold King

100 Replies to “Prepared Mom Of Three Stops A Home Invasion”

  1. If you haven't reviewed the original story please do. The details review her classic response. 911, verbal warning, a measured response and most importantly, emotional fitness.
    "“Something just came over me, and I got calm. My heart slowed down and I got focused. I told myself if he comes in here, you can’t let him get past your doorstep. You have three young children to protect."
    – Ashley Jones
    God bless you Ms Jones. A great example of responsible self defense.

  2. Can you just play the video first completely without stopping and explaining it and then do a review you usually do that I don't know why you didn't on this video

  3. im not so sure that i would have given a verbal warning. what if the 2nd intruder went in the back after the warning and came behind her?i would just sit quietly in the dark. when they put a foot thru my doorway i would open fire on them both. shoot to kill ,especially with my babies to protect.

  4. How dumb can fucking people be it’s 2020 OK people everybody has goddamn guns so go kick somebody’s door and get killed if that’s what you wanna do

  5. Shoulder???? Jeez. Center mass! Center mass! Center mass! Now this guy can hurt others 🤦‍♀️ center mass I swear 🤦‍♀️

  6. Very lucky he didn't take the room temperature challenge. I hope he sat in that hospital bed going over his "Mama I'll be good.. I'll get a job.. I'll be good.. never again Mama."

  7. and these robbers know if they kicking somebody's door they might get shot they know that and they are willing to take the risk they get what they deserve

  8. If you did this to our house you would be met with a 12 gauge. Go get a job and work for a living and stop trying to kick people's damn Doors Down. You lazy fuking bums. For all you females out there when children get yourself a home defense weapon that is preferably a 12 or a 20 gauge. 12 gauge with reduced recoil ammo they make number 4 Buckshot that is frangible. Also there are 22 like the Ruger 10/22 get a 25 round magazine and when in doubt shoot it out. I don't think there's any jury in America that would prosecute a mother protecting her children from home Invaders. And to all you scumbag home Invaders out there fuk you

  9. Lol, guy banging on the door with her yellin at him. Then he kicked the door down, that she had was aiming right at. Yeah, good job guy, good job./

  10. If Money Bags Bloomberg and Va. Gov. Commie Northam have their way, momma bear will be subject to their “sensible gun control measures” and may be left with a inadequate weapon to defend her family.
    “Sic Semper Tyrannis"

  11. I wonder how many self protection stories by firearm out of NYC? Where the public is suppose to submit to the offender.

  12. <3 nothing more satisfying then a partner you can count on when your at work or on the road preety sure her family is greatfull!

  13. First of all I'm going to say this video was great with the lady did was spot-on she came ready and prepared to take those Invaders down the next thing I want to say is you can never be too prepared but then again you have to always be prepared in your home in your coming in your going and in your leisure whatever it is so what if you step out that door to go go out to eat somewhere or go to a movie or just hang out with friends or family you know you have to be prepared you know and that's what I'm going to do with my wife and my little girl they're going to learn this with me agree to it or not but I don't want to plan for a funeral tomorrow you know so I rather be prepared today so that way my family is safe and all times thanks.👍🇺🇸

  14. Nah dood we need no guns in anyone’s hands this lady should have just been overpowered and killed after a male kicked her door in with his foot. Oh yeah also just call the cops they’ll be their in 10 minutes minimum.

  15. I still feel sorry for the guys that tried to brake in to our house…lets say there was 4 people trying to brake in,my dad and his 100 round ar15 lets just say there was an empty 100 round magazine and 4 people less in this world👍👍

  16. you say it was three of them just think what the left and the Democrats are trying to do disarm us against people like that where is law enforcement now to protect her nowhere to be found that's why I advocate for high-capacity magazines

  17. I agree you should be able to shoot this idiot..but, I’m surprised she’s not in trouble for this.. attempted murder because her door was kicked in. I think that dudes lawyer could easily argue he never threatened her life, only damaged a door. I would have waited until he came at me , then any doubt us removed of his intentions

  18. And this is why I have a 12 gage. Like the country song says, “Our houses are protected by the good Lord and a gun. You might meet em both if you show up here not welcome, son.”

    🇹🇴 Tongan boy from small town Utah. 🇺🇸

  19. I LOVE seeing a shoulder shot to stupid, ignorant, assholes like this!!! Good for the horses ass! I hope hes up to his eyeballs in medical bills, too! Plus……repair bills to the door…….and jail time. I love it.

  20. California would be didn't fire a warning shot and try and use your words first…I'm getting a rugger5seven for my home defense weapon

  21. i dont get why the part where the guy actually kicked open the door is taken out. There's probably a good reason…or not. thanks for video.

  22. Nice work. More time at the range if possible. Next time you will hit center mass and rid us all of a another POS.

  23. Yes but in my state they say if it even if you have a permit and our 100% legal if somebody breaks in your house without a visible weapon in their hand or a crowbar bat anything they can use as a weapon you can get charged for murder

  24. I don't want to give bad guys any advise, but you come pounding on my door like a thug it will not get me to answer it. It will only get me to get my 50cal machine gun I had previously lost in a boating accident. This is also a warning to all homeowners, y'all need to go to home depot and get some 6" screws to put in your deadbolt plate in your door. I would have taken him a lot more kicks.

  25. From the news story: "(Sheriff) McBride also says defending your home against intruders is hard if you try and shoot culprits in the leg or arm; he says you need to do what you have to do…"

  26. Dude.. you’re awesome man. It’s unfortunate we even have to prepare for such events but damn. This is a great educational channel. I love more of the situations where people live or nobody gets hurt but people also love to be desensitized so it’s whatever.

  27. Just another reason all law abiding citizens needs guns, let the liberals choose to be a sheep. Not me.

  28. If this would have happened at 6p, instead of 6a, she would have blown his head off, instead of hitting him in the shoulder, I believe she was going for a headshot. Good job Mom 👍🏿

  29. Jus out of curiosity as I am still progressing my knowledge on firearms, but if she was to have laid down a lethal shot to a vital organ instead of a shoulder, since he was outside of her house although he kicked the door in, wouldn’t she have gone to jail? I hear stories all the time of people killing a home invader and if they aren’t in the house and are DOA for the police outside the home then they can get into trouble since technically they didn’t invade the home? My wife’s uncle told me if you shoot an intruder breaking in your window drag them the rest of the way in lol thanks!

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