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Preparing for Law School

Welcome to LearnLawBetter. Starting law school soon and wondering what
you need to do. Need advice on preparing for law school? Stay to the end, as I provide you with the
10 things you need to do the summer before you begin law school. Don’t forget to hit the like button if you
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any future episodes. Also, please leave your questions in the comments
and I’ll get back to you. Hi, this is Beau Baez, and today I want to
discuss the 10 things that you need in preparing for law school. Technology. You need a good computer for all the writing
you’ll be doing over the next few years. However, you may not need one for taking notes in the classroom as more and more law schools ban laptops. This is because scientific studies demonstrate
that laptops in the classroom are detrimental to learning, which I discuss in another episode. For file storage, use a cloud storage solution
like Google drive or Microsoft One Drive, they’re both free. This way, if your computer crashes or is stolen
you still have access to your law school outlines. Typing. You need to improve your typing skills over
the summer because law school exams are timed, and those who can type faster are at an advantage. Find software that teaches you how to type
with all your fingers, rather than the two or three fingers you’re currently using. When you become a lawyer you’ll also have
to type, so learn the skill now. Physical health. Take care of your physical health needs before
starting classes. Go get your yearly physical and go to the
dentist. You don’t want to do this during the semester,
when time is at a premium. Also, if you don’t have an exercise routine,
plan on what kind of exercise you’re going to do. Studies have shown that exercise improves cognitive ability. When I went to law school in Washington DC, I jogged
and I rode my bike on the many trails around Washington. Mental health. If you have any mental health issues, take
care of them before classes begin. For example, if in college you needed exam
or classroom accommodations, then take care of that over the summer so you aren’t
scrambling around finals time. By the way, I’ve had students bomb their
finals because they didn’t get the accommodations that they were entitled to because they thought they didn’t need them. Let your doctor make that decision for you. Personal relationships. Law school is hard on personal relationships. Few dating relationships or marriages survive
the commitment required to succeed in law school. My suggestion is to evaluate your dating relationship,
and if its already on shaky grounds, it may be time to end it. After my first semester of law school, my
fiancée and I broke up. I was depressed for a few weeks, which I really
didn’t need going into the second semester. Neighborhood. Live close to the law school so you don’t
have a lengthy commute. The farther away you live, the less time you’ll
have for studies. An hour commute may not sound like much, but
that’s two hours a day that are basically lost. Also, commuting is stressful, which will impact
the rest of your time. Though a closer apartment probably means higher
rent and roommates, it shouldn’t be a big deal. When I went to law school I lived in a rundown
house with two roommates. Frankly, I rarely saw them. The house was someplace for me to come back to and sleep at night. Also, make sure that you find a place to live
a few weeks before classes begin, that way you can find the stores and get into a routine. I’ve seen students arrive into town a couple
of days before classes, which puts them behind in their classes for the rest of the semester. Law school is demanding, and you can’t afford
to fall behind. Understand the Game. During the summer before law school, start
figuring out what law school is about. Some people read the book One L, which is
the real world story of a Harvard first year law student. Or they watch the movie Paperchase. Both of these are a bit dated, as law school
has changed since the 1970’s. But they are still considered law school classics. Start early. I strongly recommend a decent law school prep
course. Law school is nothing like college, and it
takes the brain some time to get used to thinking differently. Those who start preparing early will be at
a competitive advantage over those who don’t do anything over
the summer. Study plan. A week before classes begin, create a study
schedule. Include not only classes and study time, but
time for exercise, work around the house, religious services, and down time. Business Attire. You will need at least one business outfit
for professional events and interviews. Also, your law school might have a required
moot court competition. Relax. Finally, take some time to relax. This will likely be your last summer where
you have any significant time off. So spend some time traveling and hanging out
with friends. But make sure that’s not all you do. If you enjoyed this material, hit the like
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Reynold King

28 Replies to “Preparing for Law School”

  1. Let me know what else you've heard you should do before starting law school. Also, feel free to ask me any questions you might have about starting law school.

  2. could you explain the different types of laws and what most lawyers specializes in after law school

  3. Hello I am from Bangladesh. I graduated LLB with CGPA 3.15. Do I have an opportunity to do LLM in the USA?
    What should i do to get a chance?

  4. I have 2 years to finish my double major in criminal justice and philosophy and your videos are putting me in the mind set I appreciate and I’m grateful that you post these videos

  5. Currently I am doing LLB course in India from Delhi university and I want to do LLM from oxford or Cambridge university !! So can you advice me regarding that

  6. I am a freshman in high school and I’ve wanted to go to law school since 7th grade. I come from a poor family but I currently have a 4.0 GPA and am in all honors classes. My concern for law school is the cost. On top of that, I want to go to an out of state college. What can I do in my high school years to prepare me? What are the best scholarships to apply for that help future law students or students in general? How will I know what field of law I want to go into? Is there anything I need to know to help me?

  7. My ten steps in law is 1. STOP saying someone has a smart mouth when your mouth is way more foul and needs reforming. 2. STOP saying a Woman has to listen to your BS that you are asking millions of dollars to People to buy your music to disrespect the Woman. 3. STOP saying anything about anyone that you do everyday to someone else worse than the Person you are accusing. 4. STOP trying to HATE on someone who earned their money without taking off their clothes, lying, or robbing anyone. 5. STOP HATING on Parents if you are an absent Parent who NEVER was around your kids. 6. STOP pretending like you are not a HATER but keep following the People you are hating on talking about them. 8. STOP saying you know People and start knowing yourself. 8. STOP lying so much because no one will listen to you because of the lack of knowledge and limit knowledge in your vocabulary so all you know is to lie. 9. STOP putting People in your conversation that clearly do not be around you. You do not have facts you have hearsay..10..STOP breathing if you cannot cope with life so you go around trying to get other People harmed by messy law officials, community nobodies, and illiterates…These are 10 Law Facts People need to study to NOT be such a HATER..Go find a caterpillar…

  8. Hi. Sufina here! Im a oci holder and i have studied my 12th grade in india. I want to.persue law and so i am doing a bachelor degree here in india and would continue my law carrier in usa. What preparation or the level i need to make as i go to law school because im nt used to other country teachers or their teaching??

  9. I’ am almost done with my associates. I’ll be working on my bachelors in the fall. I feel like I need to start preparing now what do you recommend for me to do? Is there a specific book that you recommend. Also my associates is in paralegal studies. I choose it because there’s so many legal writing and information that is being taught. I still feel like I need to be more prepared.

  10. Can I get student loans to finance ALL expenses? Including rent, utilities, food, etc in addition to tuition and books?

  11. My niece graduated LS and got a great job in California. Her 7 yr old daughter was skipping rope and the rope hit a man in the face. My niece was apologizing when the man took off his sunglasses. It was actor Tom Hanks. He was such a gentleman. He said, "That's why we call them kids". That's a reminder there are wonderful people out there.

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