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Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Online Training Module 1 Lesson 1

Reynold King

5 Replies to “Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Online Training Module 1 Lesson 1”

  1. I've done thi tests I scored 8 out of 10 my counceller said that's really high unfortunately I have things like diabetes and depression and ptsd

  2. I got all 10 but all this time I thought only 9 but I told my therapist a few days ago that I just figured out that at one point my former stepfather that was drunk out of his mind did at 1 point touch me in a sexual way but the memory is pretty fogged witch is probably a symptom of my ptsd brain fog it's called I'm not to worried about him nobody likes him anyways and he's totally messed up his life he's been to prison 5 times he's with another alcoholic now and he's physically disabled after getting hit by a car and jobless but I actually have all 10 aces same as my sister my dad did as well to me and my sister I barely remember it I do remember all the physical and emotional abuse done to me I remember all that very well but the sexual abuse I do remember a little but not much it's pretty fogged and I was still pretty young like 8mabey where the other abuse that went on through out my whole childhood but me and my sister both have ptsd and we both have all 10 aces

  3. Are there fill-in worksheets or quizzes that go with this I could use with my high school Early Childhood Education classes?

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