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Psychedelic Guitar Piano Backing Track A Minor

Original electric guitar and piano backtrack in the key of A minor for musicians to improve their skills. Please read description for more info. For guitarist, players, singers (karaoke) to jam, play along, improvise solos and melodies or background music for videos. To jam, play solos and riffs you can use A minor naturale scale or A minor pentatonic. You can also practice the chords in the video, also as arpeggios or harmonisations. For electric or acoustic guitar, violin, piano, flute, sax, clarinet, cello, trumpet, keyboard, ethnic instruments. Have fun! Don’t forget to subscribe and visit my channel for more tracks in different styles and original songs. For info about Use and Copyright read video description or the ‘ABOUT’ section of my channel or visit my website. Official Website | Spotify: Nick Neblo

Reynold King

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