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QiGong Liver Exercises (2019) – Part 2 – Easy to Follow – QiGong for Beginners

Hi everyone. Welcome to the channel. I’m
here again to share with you some Tai Chi, QiGong and low-impact exercises
that you can do at home. We are focusing on the Liver Meridian again today so the
QiGong exercises I have for you will work and cultivate Qi energy in and
around that meridian and practice on a regular basis
you should feel lots of benefits and I hope you do. Please let me know in the
comments below. So I’m not gonna spend much time talking about the Liver
Meridian I’m just going to go straight into the exercises. We can start with a
short warmup. Feet hip-width apart our warm-up is just gonna loosen up our body,
get it ready for exercises. We’re just going to turn our head to the right and
back to centre. Let’s turn it to the other side. Chin to your chest, so
stretching out the neck and then keeping the head under control, so we’re not
dropping it back, we’re just lifting it up to the ceiling. Again feeling that
neck loosen. Ear to shoulder. And the other side. Shoulder rolls. The other direction. Bending our knees, ‘Knocking on the Door’. Twisting from the waist, just as far as you can. Making sure those knees are
comfy and making sure all the way through that all of the movements are
performed within your own comfort zone. So listen to your own body and modify to
suit you. Make sure it’s comfortable and we’re not pushing any of these movements
too far. Feeling that spine loosen off. Let’s come back to centre. Hands on our
thighs. We’re just gonna roll down. Feeling that spine roll, and round. Again. Moving the feet. Just heel and toe, back and forth. The two exercises I have today
associated with the Liver Meridian are called ‘Moving the hands to a Press’ and
‘Pushing the palms sideways’. So starting with the first exercise. Feet hip width apart. We’re actually gonna sink down into a mini Horse Stance here. So a
little bit of a softening of the knees. Still keeping that posture tall and if
you want a few tips on posture then please check out the video above. All
you’re going to do is push one hand forward with the palm and the Liver
Meridian is also associated with the eyes so I want you to eyeball the back
of the hands here, focusing on the Lao Gong point, this acupuncture,
this energy point in the palm. We’re widening the eyes as we push. The other
hand is drawing here to where Liver Meridian finishes here. Then we
are going to swap those hands so pulling this hand back and when pushing this
hand forward. Again gazing at this back of the hand, focusing on this
palm. Then we’re just swapping them. Get into a good rhythm, trying to
coordinating the breath so really trying to get one breath in, one breath out as
each hand comes forward. Adding resistance here. Feeling that push. I’m holding my knee bend but if this doesn’t suit you can always keep your legs straight. Not locking
out with elbows even though the arm is straightening, still keeping these joints
soft. Second exercise is ‘Pushing palms to the
side’ so I’m going to incorporate a knee bend again you keep your legs straight
if you prefer. Bring our hands up and just bend the elbows here and then
push out. I’m pushing out and I’m bending my knees at the same time. Really feeling
that resistance, like I am putting my hands against two walls beside me and
then I’m drawing the hands back in. At this point I’m inhaling, so with that
inhale breath I’m drawing the hands in and then gonna push back out, exhaling as
I go. So inhale and draw, and exhale and push. Inhale, draw. Exhale and push. Let’s do a few more repetitions. Quite simple exercises today. We’re going to combine them both into a QiGong flow. So first of all I’m gonna push
out with that starting hand and then we’re getting in a rhythm. Focusing on
those palms, eyeballing the back of the hand. Felt like quite a short sequence today
with those two Qigong movements but nevertheless really got into a great
rhythm, really felt that Qi energy being developed and feeling a lot better for
that very quick practice. LIKE and SHARE and spread the word. Please support me and SUBSCRIBE. It’s free, all the content is free. It’s so that you can
join me and follow along at home with these great Tai Chi, QiGong and
low-impact exercises. See you again soon. Bye.

Reynold King

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