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QiGong Lung Exercises (2019) – Part 3

Hello and welcome back and Hi if you’re
new to the channel. We are here again to do some more Qigong exercises.These are FREE for you to follow along and we are focusing on the Lung Meridian so lots
of these exercises have to been designed to work the muscles, strengthen the
muscles around the lungs and spine and to also open up the chest and expand the lungs by
focusing on our breathing. Both the breath in and the breathe out. The two exercises I have
chosen today. On is called ‘Squeezing the Shoulders’ and the other one is
called, well it’s actually a posture related to the metal element. The metal
element in Traditional Chinese Medicine is associated with our Lung Meridian. And I
lovingly know this one as called ‘Holding the Book. OK so let’s start with a
warm-up and then we’ll go straight into two exercises. Simple warm up for QiGong, just placing the feet hip width apart. Think about your posture. We’re going to turn our head. Nice and slowly. Don’t rush this. Squeeze and relax. Palms on our thighs, rolling down. Bending the knees again. Softening the knees. Knocking on the Door. When you’re doing this, just be mindful of the position of the knees. Just twist the waist just as far as you can. Really just trying to inch it a little bit further each time with each swing. Bring it back to centre. Let’s move our feet. Gather the Qi. Shake it out. The first exercise I am sharing with you is called ‘Squeezing the Shoulders’. If squeezing the shoulders, squeezing the shoulder blades, moving the shoulders is not comfortable for you then just visualise yourself opening this chest area expanding from the front here But just listen to your own body and make sure you move within your own comfort zone. So feet hip width apart, if you’ve done Balancing the Qi with me before you’ll recognise the start of this move. I’m going to bend my knees, just a little bit but you can keep them straight. Inhaling as we’re stretching our legs and bringing our hands up and they come to rest in front of the lungs. Exhaling and we’re going to drop our elbows down. This means that the palms are then facing inwards towards my body. I’m going to turn my hands to face each other so the palms are now talking to each other and then I’m going to squeeze my shoulder blades back. I need to just release my chin so I can do that, as far as possible, within my own comfort zone. Then going to relax everything. But still keep your posture good. Breathing in. Breathing out as we drop those elbows. Breathing in as we turn the palms to face each other. Breathing out as we squeeze those shoulder blades. And then just return to normal breathing as we relax. Let’s do that again. I’m going to do it facing the back so you might be able to see my shoulder blades and how they are moving. Another here. Let’s do a few more reps at the front. Really take your time. Really take care of each movement. Scooping up, gathering that Qi. Relaxing here. Second exercise is the one I
like to refer to as ‘Holding the Book’. Our arms are coming up to shoulder height here. We’re going to bring our hands, we’re turning the palms round so they’re facing the ceiling. Then we’re going to bring them in towards, in front here. Again in front of the chest, in front of the lungs. And it’s like we are holding a book. If you can, it’s a rotation and the little fingers should be higher than the thumbs. It’s really quite the squeeze at the chest. The shoulders are actually coming in, the opposite of what we’ve just done. They’re really rounding in, but again just do it within your own comfort zone. A modification here is just holding the book. That’s absolutely fine. If you want to take it a bit further. Visualise slicing through something so you’re adding that resistance and we’re bringing our hands so the little fingers is higher than our thumbs. It’s like a sort of, little peak shape. Breathing in here, breathing out as we bring it in to the front. Holding the Book. Then we release that. And we go again. And we release. Big inhale here and big exhale. See if you can make the exhale last for as long as those hands are moving until they meet. Then release. And again. Sometimes I like to blow the air out so that I can really feel like I am breathing And again. I’ll do a couple of the modified version. So just bringing in here to a nice book. Combination of the two moves into make
short QiGong Flow. I’m just gonna do one repetition of each exercise and
alternate them. And try to get a nice continuous flow. So feet hip width apart in a nice Parallel Stance. Focus on your posture, remember grounding the feet, elongating that spine. Pulling these abs in, and keeping all your joints tension free. Starting off with ‘Squeeze the Shoulders’. Dropping the elbows, turning those palms, squeezing the shoulders. And relax. Hands up to chest height, turning those palms up the ceiling, slicing through, ‘Holding the book’. Release, ready to go again. Focusing on your breathing, focusing on that breathe. In and out. If you can’t quite do the breathe in time with the movement, that’s fine. Just try and make your breathing slower and deeper than it would normally. Let’s do one more. Bringing your hands round to the Dan Tien. Fabulous Flow that time. Those two
exercises really combined nicely together and it felt like I was really
getting a good flow. LIKE and COMMENT. Please let me know how you’re getting on. Check out some of my other videos and I shall see you next time.

Reynold King

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