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Right-Wing Pastor: Educated People Are Anti-Gay

Matthew haiti is of course John Hagee
Sun they’re both evangelical fundamentalists and he was giving a sermon and here’s
just a short clip but there’s a lot in here let’s listen
and then we’ll talk people of faith believe that what the supreme court says
is only true predicated on how well it
lines up with this truth nvm add to that education why is education
the third foundation for freedom because and educated populace is hard to control people who are
educated cannot look at to mean married and say that that’s
right and wrong that’s awesome because if anything is
true is the exact opposite to be in favor on gay marriage is to understand that
something like marriage is a societal convention and to claim
that one convention is superior to others is
to make a false claim a fact and of course being
educated will teach you that different cultures throughout human
history had vastly different ideas as to what the family is for the
majority of human history we were pulling a mess and also the book
that these guys going to care about so much the Bible biblical marriage is polygamy so it show you how little we know in
every different a facet whether it’s actual conventional
education or even but what’s in the Bible and did you hear
the first part there because that’s even more important and that’s scary he said our laws and
the Supreme Court in the government is only valid if it lines up with the Bible now I cannot imagine a more un-american idea
than that that government that he’s describing would be a fascist theocracy and the irony is that these guys claim
to hate al Qaeda and the Taliban but what they’re saying is exactly what
al Qaeda and the Taliban would say just substitute the Bible with the koran
n know what he would want to live in that
society I mean divorce would be illegal pornography would be illegal alcohol would be illegal if you work on
Sunday you have to be killed if you exercise your freedom of religion
and worship any other God you have to be killed I mean these guys are so crazy and they expect to be taken seriously and they expected they are actually
mainstream and they do represent somehow but the middle america the majority of
Americans little do they know common sense
disagrees with them the polls disagree with them and the
United States Constitution disagrees with them

Reynold King

34 Replies to “Right-Wing Pastor: Educated People Are Anti-Gay”

  1. Christians are not even "educated" about what is even in there bible, forget actually BEING educated by society's standards.

  2. Fundamentalist religious people are pretty much gone, (as in brain dead). They do not have the ability to think for themselves, otherwise they would not latch onto a SINGLE source of information to see the world as either black or white. This is common knoweldge these zealotes are not worth reasoning with, so make yourself look like an even BIGGER idiot for trying to argue anything with them. These are the kinds of people who travel to an AIDS victims funerals only to heckel the morners.

  3. Many Christians don't even follow the ideas of Jesus Christ philosophical ideas to treat everyone with friendly motives then you hear these preachers condemning homosexuality. Wasn't that just a contradiction stance to what God's son Jesus Christ was advocating for? Caring for the poor, sick, homeless? Caring for everyone to be equal? This is a dangerous cult following. "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." -Mahatma Gandhi

  4. Well done. It's hard to digest that people such as Hagee are able to spout such non-sense without any rebuttal in church forum.

  5. That is stupid garbage, lots of things we do are not aid in human evolution. Your point is worthless and is the real wast of time.

  6. would you also say that about anti abortion people. This based on 104,000 childern in need of homes and 1,437,000 anti abortionist. It's interesting that these people are against abortion yet don't step up and say I will adopt the child.

  7. But Christians sought the wisdom of God, and their all-knowing God taught them everything he knows! Just look at scholars such as Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, VenomFangX and Kent Hovind.

  8. Not a Hagee fan, his religion is americanism not Christianity. However you should probably read the Bible before you make blanket statements like the biblical ideal for marriage is polygamy. It is not. While some people in the bible, particularly in the old testament, did have several wives, this was contrary to God's original plan for marriage. God's ideal was affirmed by Jesus Christ several times throughout the Gospels in the NT.

  9. You're in for a hell of a time when that time comes, son. Watch out for the tequila. And the hangovers are a bitch.

  10. Wow. o.O Too kinky for me. Give me a fifth of Evan Williams sour mash and some sensual female masturbation. I'm a traditionalist.

  11. *Facepalm* Why can't they get it into their thick heads that if the Bible were TRUTH, it would no longer be FAITH!?

  12. If you could teach a class full of Christians, and you could teach them anything you think they need to know, what would you teach them? What's in their bible that they're unaware of? Which modern day standards are Christians failing to live up to?

  13. so this pedophile condoning freak that runs a religious pedophile ring has no issue with adults fucking children yet bags gays????

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