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Ronnie coleman, I view him as one of the greatest of all time. I looked up to him a lot, it wasn’t the same once he stepped away from the stage. Although bodybuilding was something I loved so much .. .. But for me I remember Ronnie Coleman called me on my first victory night of champions, my first pro win. He told me after prejudging, he said congratulations, I didn’t understand because the show wasn’t over yet, he said you won. A later we would be battling it out. I was always like man, if I can get myself in this kinda shape, nobody can touch me. I ain’t worried about what they’re doing. I’m worried about what I need to do in the gym. I can’t control how these other guys are gonna look. But I can control how I’m gonna look, so if I lift a certain weight and I diet a certain way I can outlift this guys and I can outdiet these guys. Ronnie was like, all he wanted to do was workout. We would get off the planes and Ronnie would be like alright where is the gym? I would be like I just wanna sleep in the hotel, but I wanna beat this guy so I gotta get to the gym. In 1992, I didn’t place at all in the Olympia, didn’t get a dime, didn’t get a dollar. I didn’t complain.. 1994 I didn’t complain when I got 15th. 1995 I didn’t complain when I got 11th.. 1996 I didn’t complain when I got 6th.. 1997 I didn’t complain when I got 9th.. Moral of the story is.. Why complain? I kept doing what I kept doing and I got better at what I kept doing, and I beat y’all!! It was like OK warm-up.. One plate on each side, then it was two, then it was three and I’m like sh*t.. He’s gonna keep going, I’d bail after 4 and Ronnie still got 5 and 6. He would sit in the corner and nod his head as the music was playing loud, it was always rap music. Man I thought, how am I ever gonna beat this guy? So when I did beat him, it was just like I beat my idol. You know the feeling, I was so excited but at the same time I kept him from getting 9 and breaking the record. I know how much bodybuilding meant to him, and I knew how much the Mr. Olympia title meant to him. My respect to him was just tremendous. Still to this day, I wouldn’t have been as great of a bodybuilder if it wasn’t for Ronnie Coleman.

Reynold King

100 Replies to “Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler – LEGENDARY MR. OLYMPIA RIVALRY MOTIVATION”

  1. Nobody could b like Ronnie not even in future too this person was created by God only for bodybuilding pure dedication and hardwork now a days we dont see like this in young kids they just need shortcuts but not want to work theur ass off in gym.

  2. Like when Superman and Green Lantern fought each other.
    The earth was too small so they were brawling in outer space and had planets as their weapons.
    Pushing each other to be great.

  3. If Kai Greene was coming every year and try his best on the end he would beat Phil same when Jay beat Ronnie but unfortunately he give up

  4. Especially on the screensaver made Roni black to make it seem Especially on the screensaver made Roni black to make it seem smaller….

  5. I respect Jay and Ronnie!Jay stay six years for Coleman to take the title!Great video bro!These guys are the best in the world!

  6. you don't see these kind of rivalry anymore. such a shame times have changed in a bad way, bodybuilding isn't like it used to be

  7. This guy is defeateable says jay cutler and this enthusiasm would lead him to create history this shows that we should keep trying n never give up.

  8. Ronnie Coleman 8x Mr.Olympia🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇
    Jay Cutler 4x Mr.Olympia🥇🥇🥇🥇
    Champion here

  9. Like I wrote earlier… Their rivalry was one of THE MOST EXCITING and ONE OF THE GREATEST rivalry in the history of bodybuilding, ever! <3

  10. This has t be the best rivalry ever, only thing that comes close is Arnold vs Sergio
    Phil vs Kai was nice too
    these are imo the only 3 great rivalries in history
    Haney was never pushed by those 80s guys and Dorian depended on the year

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