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RPA Automation Anywhere Training | RPA Tutorial for Beginners | Intellipaat

hey guys welcome to intellipaat so RPA is
one of those technologies that have the potential to revolutionize the way
organizations work today by automating monotonous and repetitive jobs we can
eliminate the possibility of human errors we can also reduce operational
cost we can also save time so keeping this in mind we have come up with a
video tutorial on one of the most powerful RPA tools that has automation
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so that you never miss out on our upcoming videos so now let’s go with
your agenda for today’s video we’ll start this video with a basic
introduction to automation anywhere after that we will learn about the
architecture of automation anywhere and then we’ll see how to install and set up
automation anywhere after that we’ll get a basic overview of the tool and then
we’ll perform a hands-on on fake name generator and then finally we’ll have a
quiz to recap what all of you have learned from this video so make sure you
put your answers down in the comment section below to know if you are correct also
guys if you are interested in an end-to-end certification program on
automation anywhere then to check out Intellipaat’s Automation Anywhere
Certification course the link is given in the description box below so now let’s get
started now automation anywhere came into existence in the year 2003 it has a
community edition which is a completely free platform used by small-scale
industries and students to automate small tasks it has the drag-and-drop and
macro recording features it is one of the best RPA Purveyors that offers
the most powerful and user-friendly interface to automate end-to-end
business operations for an organization it also provides its users with flexible
scalable and most importantly secure services for solving complex issues
let’s talk about automation anyway architecture now the main component of
automation anyway architecture are the control room or creator or Bot runner and
bot form let me give you a brief explanation of each of these components
control room it is called a heartbeat of automation
anywhere’s enterprise now what is it dealing with the code for bots
is controlled by the disk control rule which makes sharing of the codes easy
across systems it also has the dashboard
feature that has all the board analytics and it also keeps track of the status of
each and every pod it also provides a licensing management where the purchased
licenses are configured odd creator it is a desktop based application which is
used by the developer to create or to build the bot now one configuration of
these bots developers can create individual different BOTS
and execute them all at the same time after successful authentication the
cause of these BOTS can be added updated all can be done in the control room
Bot runner now bot runners are the machines where
the bots run they can’t really create or add an update to the automation but
multiple boards can be created all at once the bots also internet control
room regarding completed or failed status of the task bot farm a bot
farm provides RPA as service to automation anywhere Enterprise let me explain this
with an instance now sometimes during heavy workloads the bot runners need more
servers then what is provided during these situations the servers can be
powered from the bot farms for the required amount of time and they will be
returned back to the pod farm once the work is completed to saves the
developers through wasteful expenses on servers which might not be really use
otherwise to summarize here is a simple representation of the architecture of
automation anywhere the developer builds the bot in the pod creator while the
control rooms features has all the bot analytics and it keeps a track of status
of each and every bot and the bots are run in the bot runner on the pot farms let’s
the bot runner borrow the service as and when needed now that we have a basic
idea of what automation anywhere is let’s see how to install it go to
Automation anywhere website first so today I’m going to be showing you how to
install the Community Edition so first we have to fill in all the details under
the Community Edition click on the box and hit the download now button
so we will receive an email with the control-room URL do
you see me and password we have to click on the control room URL media version and
log in with the user credentials which are also sent in the email so after this
will be taken to the control-room homepage which is nothing but a
web-based platform in this control room we will find something call us or download
client button click on that and a zip folder will be downloaded after the
download is completed we have to double click on the automation anywhere
Community Edition dot exe to start the extraction so after all the extraction
of the finals of just completed the first setup wizard will pop up here we
have to click on the next button in the next window which is nothing but a
license agreement window we have to click on the access to radio button and
again click on next will be taken to our destinies select destination folder
window do not change anything so just click on next finally in the
configuration window click on install button to not change anything here again
after installation is completed click on finish button in the setup wizard window
a window to log into the application will automatically open now in the login
to control room window copy the control room URL which has been sent to go to
our email that we saw in know step 2 and paste it under the control room control
room the black there fill in the username and the password or the
required credential which is again like from the email itself and click on
login quick info guys if you’re looking for an end-to-end certification
on automation anywhere then do check out in telepaths automation anywhere
certification course the link is given in the description box below so now
let’s continue with the session hope you guys like I said I’ll be showing you how
to install automation anywhere web application
so first let’s copy-paste this URL in to too website so we’ll be taking to
this page there’s an Enterprise Edition and Community Edition I’ll be showing
you how to install the community it is a free edition and it’s used by
you know small businesses and students to perform simple automation tasks so
let me click on download and you will be taken to this site where you will have
to fill in the details it first name last name email country phone or company
and after you fill in all the credentials click on this radio button
and click on download now so I have already done this after you click on
download now you will get an email like this wait for the control room URL
Tiffani and the password so you have to click on the control room with URL and
go to different route of this login page okay so you’ll begin to a login page
where you will have to put your own username and password and click on login
and after that this control room page or will open in this page you have to click
on download client so this will take some time to download so our download is
almost complete just a few more seconds yes what all
what is completed let’s open this a ECE 6 photo so click on this on aa- Cee download
folder defined three items of a double slick on automation anywhere Community
Edition dot exe to start the extraction the institution to the password and
installation will pick it now so if your extraction
so after the extraction of file is completed the first wizard will pop up
let’s wait for it here click on the next button this next window is the license
of a premium click on access next next again don’t change anything here click on
install the installation has begun this may take a few minutes okay so finally it’s click on finish so
now a window to login to the application is automatically opening this is a login
to control room window so here the control zone URL and the
user name is saving as what has been sent at all in the email you just
copy paste it here at the control to view our window to user names and
passwords click on login and that’s it we have successfully
installed our automation manual a web application our next topic is automation
anywhere tool overview so this is our automation anywhere at windows you we have a
top panel the action side panel with all the commands perform different actions
and a right panel let’s have a look at each of these so the top panel it has
new button which is to start a new task record it mimics the actions that we
perform when we start recording and it mimics these actions the exact in the
exact same way when you run it and run the task that we have built or develop
same is to see if the best task sets snap point to save a program at any
state point in even debugging to identify and remove two arrows that have
occurred the action site is where we built a task and it has filters which
lets us remove or keep the mouse moves keystrokes mouse clicks and delays by
checking or unchecking this radio button there the radio buttons which are this
the right panel first is the head of you to handle all the errors that have
occurred in the task next is the weight of the manager we can add new variables
or edit existing variables in here like copying paste any delete anything and
both dependencies to manage the dependent file and like ad copy copy all
paste delete files from my task my docs and my script folders let’s have a look
at all the left-hand side commands versus the keystrokes Mouse this is to
insert different keystrokes or mouse clicks all mouse moves or even Mouse
crawl um see this can be used to fill in website form details Nexus program files
windows to open a file or a program and perform various actions on this file
such as copy delete and many more in order to perform system actions like
even to shut down to log off or even restart this
so the user can just enter the path name of the file to perform all the actions
that we’ve seen on the site next is the conditioned loops to perform
various if-else elsif and end of commands and also to other loop commands
like start loop and loop exit and continue commands the next is pause
delays and wait to pause an action or apply a delay or even you know build
options internet offers a lot of internet options for save the recording
launching a website sending email is so easy and rest Web Services tasks script
it offers options to run a task stop a task and run a script applications to
read from a CSV or a text file to perform actions on the X spreadsheets
and to perform database and XML actions interactive it has an interactive option
to prompt for a value file a folder or even just yes or no options it also
offers a message box that pops up whenever we call it in the action site
miscellaneous offers a various clipboard option allows the insertion of commands
plays different sounds like deep and various other and different variable and
down also string operations system provides options for printers services
SNMP and Active Directory advanced offers error handling commands image
recognition option to search for an image written an image screen capturing
options and workload options integration path for app integration um OCR at
optical character recognition email automation PDF integration and many more
security to encrypt decrypt and even create keys to secure the files old
folders so now that we know what to expect to see in to automation anywhere
tool let’s do a small hands-on demo using fake name generator
Okay guys now the if successfully install the web application let’s do a
hands-on learning so what we’re going to do in a hands-on demo is open something
called as fake name generator .com and this is a website where you find random
information random memes and dreadful numbers of just random people so every
time we click generate we get new information about just these are fake
information it doesn’t belong to anybody so what we have to do is take the name
and say phone number of a person extracted into our Excel spreadsheet and
click on generate extract again the name and phone number as many times as we
want and up or after all this is extracted into the Excel spreadsheet we
have to email this spreadsheet so let’s see how we can go out with it quick info
guys if you’re looking for an end-to-end certification on automation anywhere
then do check out intellipaat’s Automation anywhere certification course
the link is given in the description box below
so now let’s continue with the session so I’m gonna unique use of record today
there are three types of recorders smart record screen recorder and the recorder
sings or we can now be working with like a web website we have to click on web
recorder which is it’s already selected so let’s start a recording URL is
fake name generator start so let’s wait on this which is completely loaded so we
have to extract data right so click on extract data there are two types of data
regular data and pattern based data so pattern based data is when the
information the data has a particular pattern like for example in this itself
free ancient written cells the name always comes here and phone number
always comes here so even if you click on generate the new name again cut it
has a particular pattern at which it occurs in solution to data right
but though you know the coordinates we’re putting that particular
information occurs is typical use has a particular sequence so that is pattern
base data so I’m going to click on pattern based and click on next
so now we have to select the data we want to extract first is the name so
click on name and then capture so I can trick on generate right now so I can
click on the same information to give it a particular pattern to see save it we
can add another column material and let’s see phone number different phone
number capture phone number this would need to save it click on the next so
data spans is when you want to automatically move to the next page
sometimes there are a multiple pages right so if you want it to automatically
move to the next page extract information from there you can click on
data spans and click on capture and you can specify the the tab that has to be
clicked on to move to the next page so I’m not going to use that because we
have like a finite loop to consider we don’t want to keep going on and on and
on because Fignon generally does not have an NP so it’s just gonna mean fine
if you don’t want that so let’s click on next and finish it sorry for finishing
what CSV file to be want all this thing finish to be extracted in fake names
both in click on finish and now the information the name and phone number is
extracted and we have to click on generate after this so we showing the automation tool that
after we extract this information generally it has to be clicked on so
let’s stop the recording save it and open it so here is the code or the
commands that have been automatically generated first or fake name generated
or commas or URL is your after opening that we have to extract the name and the
phone number and later click on the generate command to move to the next
page and then again you know the extraction has to happen so this is a
good loop right so we have to always seem so to follow so before I can do
anything let us put in an a variable I had already the let’s name the
variable and O or Isis and this is a value see that yes it should be a null
value yes so here it is our new variable close it and now we want we the user has
to be able to insert the x value so he has to get a prompt message asking him
to enter the x value so it’s value prompt for value from which window it’s
obviously fake name generator internet explorer click on that enter a prompt
message enter the value of x so what exactly is X right now X is the number
of times or the number of names and phone numbers that we want basically the
number of times which generally it has to be placed and when it moves to the
next page it has to again take the information so yeah that’s the when the
follow past event assign value to the existing variable we have already
created way to the X so sine 2x save it to prompt message should be
displayed as soon as the webpage opens so and now this these two here should be
inside off all right so we have a loop command here
click on times you can even drag and drop it the number of times that we
wanted you to happen is X so let me click on f2 and insert my variable here
we have X insert it and save it so the for loop should come after the prompt
message so the for loop has started extracted January till it click on
generate and yeah this happens extensions enter and to be able to view
the or extracted data let me open though the spreadsheet so that have Excel open
spreadsheet let’s choose the spreadsheet path
it’s okay let’s see okay before we do that let’s see if this is working and
then we will have all the data chatter defeat means in the spreadsheet and then
we have a look at the spreadsheet run it’s asking for the value of x let’s say
we want four values okay so the nucleus automatically get getting
open and now the data is extracted let me open spreadsheet now within
spreadsheet spreadsheet part see automatically or CSV file this general
form created click on open and save it let’s save this and run again just let everyone fine I lose this time
here it is we have the information of all the people one two three four five
five names informers this is the first time I did it for
people I selected for so we have four people down here with this size needle
so that’s how it works now that our we have seen the information how we want it
to be emailed to anybody so let’s say we don’t want this excel sheet to be open
so let’s delete it and he needed now send you from into the
evening and the attachment is fake names and you
can change the subject or anything you know if you can change everything here
and save it save it next round here just seven it’s done actually is completed let’s go
to the email ids and see if it’s gotten anything you yes we have
along with those CSV files to select is take me so I did three times right so 54
number of technical number and the third time so this is how we do it the reason
as to why I did not put the open spreadsheets why I deleted open the
spreadsheet is because if the spreadsheet is in print in the email but
the attachment will not be sent we see that even otherwise right so I I just
had I wanted to show you the spreadsheet where the data is extracted only so
that’s why I showed that first and then deleted it and then deleted it when I
have to sit in the evening I hope you guys understood how Automation anywhere
works and how exactly the task automation is done and how easy it is to
just automate tasks to let use the human workload if you have any doubts you can
ask us in the comment section I hope you found them more interesting to end our
session let’s do a short quiz what is our P do let us know what you think our
P is by commenting in the comment section below
quick info guys if you’re looking for an end-to-end certification on automation
anywhere then do check out in telepaths Automation anywhere certification course
the link is given in the description box below so this brings us to the end of
this session I hope you guys found this video informative if you have any
queries then do leave a comment in the comment section below and we’ll get back
to you at the earliest thank you for watching

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