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Sales Videos, Goals & Developing Discipline In 2019

Yeah, I really like it, and all the points are valid there – I know you’ve had to chop it up there, that was… that’s what Wednesday? Yes. Good. Although I don’t want to do a deliberate sit down like ‘Sales Tips’… Right, so the ‘Sales Tips’ videos, we’re going to have to stop and stop doing them in their format, now the reason being is I’ve been doing lot of thinking and getting prepared for 2019. Know how we talk about reflection – I like to sit down every week – well what I basically done is I’ve been doing that but for the full year – what’s working well, what do we need to do more of, what are the activities that would really make a difference in my day, my life, the business, etc. – now I do feel that the ‘Sales Tips’ videos production – they’re still arranged, there’s still a script… There’s still various takes, and I feel it’s causing a bit of friction – what I really want to do in the whole reason for vlogging in documentary style is because I don’t need to do that I just get an insight to my day – the reason we want to do this is to share value to people, and I think it’d be interesting for me to look back on and see what the journey’s been – it keeps me on the edge in terms of it keeps me better, and if there’s just a little bit of guidance, help, advice that people can learn from, from the actual
day-to-day running of various businesses, through the mistakes and through the
successes, then that is a plus as well, so I want to go back to just giving you more access to video and things and capturing advice and guidance in the moment, that’s why I wanted to do this in the first place – it feels more natural – also, the other fact as well is that I don’t want it position myself as the authority figure. The reason I do this is I am constantly in this mode of I always want to get better, and the whole reason for the camera was that – is that it gets me better so I’m in that mode of, whether somebody might see me this far ahead or not, not even that far behind them, doesn’t matter to me I’m always, as far as I’m concerned I always need to go worward, I’m always trying to get further forward I am NOT on a different level – I put myself with a camera in this position to test me, to get me better – being in that ‘Sales Tips’ videos, sharing knowledge I’m happy to do, but I’m in this self-discovery stage of wanting to learn more from other people, testing myself with a camera, I don’t want to position myself as the main authority figure in sales – I love sales, that’s what I’m all about, I’ve experienced a lot of different things, techniques, things that I want to share with people, but I would rather do it in my comfortable way, whereby it’s natural and I can share it in a documentary style and people will still pick up value, I’m sure, from it, but not in the sit-down, let’s produce something scenario. My focus on this year is, doing a lot of thinking about a key word – I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions – a better way of putting them is just like now resolutions instead of New Year resolutions – people, persons just saying: “I’m going to get healthier”, “I’m going to stop smoking” – I don’t believe in that, purely because I think everybody regardless of the time of the year should have goals and their goals should slightly change and evolve over time, but I do agree that it’s a good time of the year to kind of recalibrate yourself and those goals, now which is kind of what I’ve done, so I’ve took time to kind of refocus my goals, my aspirations, things I want to do, and not just getting the goal but how are we gonna achieve them, what are some things I need to change, are the people that we have now able to get us where we need to go, or do we need to make changes, you know, doing things like that, but not – I don’t like how in fact that somebody says: “right, this year I’m gonna stop smoking”, that’s fine, but you don’t need a new year to do that, and they never do it, they very rarely do it – there’s a huge stat we can find out for a video about how many people just fail – so, my thing this year is a word, and that’s kind of what I’m gonna base like my week to week, I’m gonna remind myself on a day-by-day basis, I’m gonna remind myself about and my word this year is discipline – each morning I’m lying in my bed, I wake up and I just think, “you gotta be disciplined now, Scott”, because the only way really to achieve… but there’s only one way of doing it, and that’s to build good habits, right, you build a good habit and it’ll take months – it’ll probably… I think they talk about three months to build a habit …you build habits is to be disciplined, typically New Year’s resolutions, it’s like everybody goes to the gym on the 1st of January or the 2nd of January, because they’re motivated, by the like middle of February, by the end of January, like everybody’s demotivated, for one reason or another, so my reason for me putting a word in place this year is discipline – there is going to be a time very shortly – next week, the week after, tomorrow, who knows – when I do not… I won’t be arsed writing an article three times a week, or do… book a podcast in, or email potential guests, there will be a time – maybe this week – the motivational’ll wear, like today because other things come up motivation is soft – “be disciplined” is a
fucking mentality, it’s a mindset, because I will go round there one day and I will feel like something shite… because I’m not motivated, I’m going to try and shift my mentality to be disciplined. I know I’m not, I want this but I’m not allowed to have it, right, that’s the way I’m gonna look at life this year.

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