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SB19 – “Go Up” Dance Practice

Yeah! We gonna go up! Yeah! We gonna go up! I can only see the light Whenever I close my eyes My star shines even brighter in the dark Nothing can stop me This is what I promise myself I’ll never give up Even if I fail Yeah! Make me! You know I’m ready! Come on and test me Yeah! We gonna go up! I will give my heart and my all In reaching my dream, I will never stop I’m ready to face anything, yeah! Even the impossible Yeah! We gonna go up! (We go up) Yeah! We gonna go up! (We go up) No matter how many times I fall Yeah! We gonna go up! I dreamt with my eyes open, yeah! I walked with broken glasses stuck beneath my feet, yeah! All of your doubts are my wings just like Garuda’s ‘cos I’m gonna go up! The fear in my heart vanished Failure is unlikely Success is in my blood I’m positive You know I’m ready! Come on and test me! Yeah! We gonna go up! I will give my heart and my all In reaching my dream I won’t ever stop I’m ready to face anything, yeah! Even the impossible Yeah! We gonna go up! No matter what happens I will run Towards the light that I only want Every moment I will treat it as my last Yeah! This rebellious movement against a raging river I don’t have to face any of you ‘cos ya’ll are going down anyway Savage on the stage I give my 90% Call me “Desperado!” Yeah! We goin’ nowhere but up! Nowhere but up!! I will give my heart and my all In reaching my dream, I will not stop I’m ready to face anything, yeah! Nothing is impossible Yeah, We gonna go up! (We go up) Yea-yeah! We gonna go up! (We go up) No matter how many times I fall Yeah! We gonna go up!

Reynold King

100 Replies to “SB19 – “Go Up” Dance Practice”

  1. I just see them on my feed and when I searched about them deeply. They were quite amazing. Good job! Looking forward pa sa pag grow nyo. We will watch you go up😊.

  2. Galing nyo… Sana may solo version kayo lahat para malamn ng mga tao na lahat kayo puro magagaling gaya ni ken cover niya location.. Sana meron rin c justin, stell, sejun, at josh…

  3. The fact that the song is in tagalog and they are all filipinos still astounds me. Finally! So sick and tired of puro papogi groups sa pinas. This is something very very new to me and I really really am proud of these kids!

  4. Sobrang galiiiiiiing talagaaaa! Go boys! You'll have a long way to go. Yeah, you're gonna go UP! PURE TALENTS ang lupeeet! 😍

  5. Esta canción es muy adictiva 🤭❤💃💃
    Wuuu cuanto talento tienen estos jóvenes
    Muchos éxitos para ustedes 👏👏😉
    This song is very addictive ❤💃💃 Wuuu how much talent do these young people have Many successes for you 👏👏😉

  6. dapat ang sariling atin ang support natin though im a kpop fan..but these guys are awesome..eto ung masasabing talent both singing and dancing😍😍😍fan na ako nila😁😁

  7. I think "WingMen/WingMates" sounds nice for SB19 supporters, because they are helping or supporting them make their dreams come true and Go Up! But if they don't like it or if they already have a Name, then it's okay! 😊

  8. Parang maganda lagyan ng lyrics, kasi ang sarap nya kantahin nakakasabay ka pa sa kanila tapos sila nagsasayaw ayiiieeeee ang galing…

  9. I wish that a day would come when I speak the name of SB19 & no one will ask me "Sb19 who?" Soon your name will be known nationwide and hope to be worldwide too. That even the donkey and the monkey in the forest can recognize you name hahaha.
    Please don't stop learning. Keep developing your skills, your talent & your personality.

  10. Evolution of my reaction
    1st time THey're actually not disappointing
    2nd time Okay, they're not bad
    3rd time Woah… this is really great
    4th time Nice
    5th time….
    6th time….

    .. nth time: I lost count. I'm still on replay. WTH. HAHAHAHAHA

  11. Pansin ko lang bts style sila omgeeee are they a fan boy?😅😍😍😍😍

    Now im going to support them 😍

  12. Sana maka pag concert sila sa Philippine Arena.. I'm sure lahat ng fans ng sb19 dadalo and I'm so excited if mangyayare yun 😍😍😍

  13. vocals – 💯
    rapping – 💯
    song actually having a meaning – 💯
    synchronization – 💯
    visuals – 💯
    teamwork – 💯
    friendship – 💯

    hope to see more of these boys!!! ✨ lezgo be successful with sb19, a'tin!!!

  14. Usually filipino loves talent plus looks.. pero exempted sila.. honestly theyre very talented big round of applause.👏👏👏 sana naman magkaroon sila nang iba pang music.

  15. I remember when Full blooded Filipino/American citizens helped Kpop when it’s still starting, making choreography for 2ne1, G-Dragon and Taeyang. also some filipino things done by koreans (like the “Pogi” finger sign) maybe because of Sandara Park? because I saw on their reality TV show, Dara started stepping on new shoes of other 2ne1 members and here we call that “binyag”. I think it’s think we need to collaborate with Koreans.

    ABS CBN should learn from the success of SB19, there’s a girl group called A.S.K with members AC, Sheena and Krystal, They have so much potential!! I think A’tin’s should also show support to this group to help SB19 in building a new golden era of Filipino music industry that can help different industries here. WE NEED TO HELP EACH OTHER TO BUILD IT! please spread this message ♥️

  16. Hello po pwede po mag suggest.. pwede nio po icover yung song na SUMAYAW KA ni Gloc 9.. kasi ang lupet ng mga steps nio po mga idols.. sana mapagbigyan nio po ako😘🥰🥰🥰❤
    Salamat po

  17. I want SB19 – GO UP DANCE TUTORIAL….Yung tipong sila mismo yung nagturo.😊😊😢😍
    Ahmmm ahmmm Sejun,Stell,Justin,Josh at Ken??Baka naman😊😊😅😢😢Ok lang ba??

  18. Omg now philippines really is improving and maybe at the very soon lots of girl and boy groups will be then release

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