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Science-Based Strength Training at Discover Strength 763-546-1628 Chanhassen and Plymouth Minnesota

So we would say that, that the exercise
we practice here, that we prescribe here, it is what we will call science-based evidence-based.
Which simply means we look at what the preponderance of peer-reviewed research
says on a particular a particular topic or variable the exercise program and we
simply implement with the research suggests is the most effective. So rather
than jumping on the latest fitness fad. Or saying this super fit guy or gal says
I should do this. We are going to look at what the scientific evidence says. And that
guarantees one as afer training experience. And just as important
it guarantees better results. Learning what your body is supposed to, to kind of… perform at from a peak standpoint you know that is a great they teach here. We hear all these uh… rumors about once we turn 35
or once we turn 40 all of sudden our fitness is gonna decline and our
metabolism is going to decrease. I said you know ladies that’s really because
most women don’t continue to lift as you get older. If you continue to
strength training and continued to enhance your muscular development as get
older. Your metabolism won’t decrease like the average americans does.
That’s really because people don’t strength training they don’t continue to
raise that metabolic rate. The approach to strength training I think the big
difference is… It get allows you to perform at a high level without being injured. I see so many people that get injured that don’t any type of weight, weight training or anything like that. So for me that’s the big plus. Not only physically how you look
and how you feel. But also you know basically been able to run, swim and bike really injury free since i started this. Definitely go for the free introductory work out. Check it out, listen to them. Compared to what you’ve been told before at the big box workout joints. With an open mind I think it’s hard to argue at all with Discovered Strength’s method. You got to come in here on that Tuesday night when they’re going through the strategy, the actual science behind what they do. And then it will start to make sense. Because
that’s what I needed. Then you do it and it blows you away.

Reynold King

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