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Sebastian Maniscalco Shares Sneak Peek of Him Preparing to Host the 2019 MTV VMAs

-We have a
big announcement tonight, but I think you will never get
a bigger announcement than what happened to you
on Father’s Day. -Baby boy.
-That’s right, buddy. ♪♪
[ Cheers and applause ] Congratulations.
That’s a big deal. -So, beautiful head of hair,
eating like a great white. -Yeah. -And, you know,
my wife’s breast-feeding. I got a little daughter at home. She’s vying for
the attention of my wife. And I got nothing to do, so… -But you just threw a
big birthday party for her. -Yes, the first birthday party,
we had an alpaca at the house. And this year —
-How do you get into this? -It’s my wife.
-Yeah. -She’s like,
“She likes mermaids.” So she contacted
a mermaid company. And little tidbit on
the mermaids. -Yeah.
-It’s all à la carte. So you get the mermaid,
but then they ask you, “Do you want a life-like fin? It’s going to be an extra cost,
all right?” She comes with a handler.
-What? -Because she’s got a fin
and she can’t get into the pool. So there’s a
person that comes with her, and they bring her in the yard
on, like, a Home Depot cart and they just
dump her in the pool. -We talked the last time
you were here. You were telling me
about your dad, who is your biggest fan,
but also your toughest critic. And you were telling me
the story about how you were watching —
You were at the Golden Globes. Or were you watching
the Golden Globes with him. -Yeah, I was watching
the Golden Globes. -And you were in “Green Book.” -I was in the movie
“Green Book.” -Congratulations on that.
-Thank you. -And it was great.
It was a big deal. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Thank you. -A great movie. I loved it.
-Thank you. -You were great in that. And, so, you were watching it
with your dad, and they end up winning
the Golden Globe. -Yeah.
-And your dad — -So, my dad was wondering why I
wasn’t at the Golden Globes. -He stands in front of the TV
and starts yelling at you. -Yeah, he’s like,
“Why aren’t you here?” I go, “Well, dad,
you’ve got to get invited. You know, I wasn’t invited.” He goes, “Well, I hope
we’re going to the Oscars. And, you know, just let me know
so I could take off work.” I go, “What do you mean ‘we’? I got a wife.
You know, I’m bringing her. I’m not bringing you.” So he was upset that
I wasn’t going to bring him. -Yeah. -And I got, like, a —
I didn’t even — I got a pity ticket
to the Oscars. -Well, wait.
You got invited to the Oscars. That’s big, though, right? -Yeah, well, I was sitting in
Mezzanine 3, last row, so my back was the back of
the building, right? -Dude, I wish he was joking.
You brought a photo. This is his view from where
he sat at the Oscars. That’s the stage.
[ Applause ] [ Sad tuba plays ] So, what is going through
your mind? What are you thinking about
when you’re there? -So, the woman next to me — The show started,
and she was writing. I go, “Excuse me.
What movie are you with?” She goes, “Oh, no. I’m writing a book report
for my school.” I was, like, with —
I was with the seat fillers. So, I’m not going to lie. I went to the lobby,
had a couple of drinks. And I’m trying to figure out,
“If ‘Green Book’ wins, how am I going to get onstage?” So, I’m walking down.
I got a tuxedo on, tuxedo shoes. I’m walking down the stairs.
And — poom! Now, I don’t know if anybody has
ever fell down stairs before. But there’s a moment
where you’re like, “Is this going to happen?” And I’m up. But this isn’t
three or four stairs. This is, like, I had time. As I’m rolling down, I’m going,
“I can’t believe… I’m in a tuxedo… at the Oscars,
falling down stairs.” I mean, like, I’m hearing people
go, “Oh, my God!” Call an ambulance!” -Wow!
-So, I’m in the lobby. The movie gets called.
I’m watching the TV. Everybody is onstage. You had, you know,
craft services. You had —
-Yeah, I get it. Everybody. -Everybody. Everybody.
58 people on. And my dad’s — “Where are you?”
-Yeah. -And I’m like,
“I’m putting ice on my knees.” -“I fell down the stairs, dad.” But you have a big announcement that you are going to
announce tonight. This is a big deal for you.
-Yes, yes. I am hosting the VMAs, 2019. [ Cheers and applause ]
♪♪ -Hey, congratulations.
That’s a big deal. -Thank you. Thank you. -That’s a giant deal.
-Yeah, it’s huge. It’s huge. So, I am so excited.
I know that you did it. -Yeah, I’ve done that before.
-In 2002, I think you did it. -It’s one of my favorite —
Yeah, actually, it was. -And my dad, again, he’s like —
-It’s MTV. It’s a big deal. -It’s huge. But, again,
my family is negative, right? So, he calls. He goes, “You don’t know
nothing about music,” right? Like, today’s music.
-Why is he mad at you? -I didn’t really grow
up with pop-culture music, but I think this is
going to be fun, because MTV wants kind of an
unfiltered look of the VMAs through my eyes, so… -You’re gonna be fantastic.
-I know! -Wait. What? August 26th
is when you are hosting. And I got to say, they couldn’t
have picked a better host. -Oh, thank you.
-You’re gonna be fantastic. And MTV actually sent over a
little behind-the-scenes of you preparing for hosting the VMAs. And I want to show this. This is
never-before-seen footage of Sebastian prepping
for his MTV VMAs gig. Take a look at this. -Babe, you are not
going to believe this. They asked me to host
the 2019 VMAs. Could you believe it? -Do they know
you know nothing about music? -Babe, I grew up on MTV.
Come on. Madonna, Prince…Wham! Hey, robot, I don’t know
if you heard, but I’ve been asked to
host the VMAs. What can you tell me about it? -Are you sure
they haven’t made a mistake? -Yeah, I’m sure. Now tell me the acts
that are involved. -Are you familiar with Cardi B?
-What is that? A spice or a supplement? -What about Billie Eilish?
-No, but can’t wait to meet him. As soon as they announce
the VMAs, 3 million teenagers are
going to search, “Who the hell is
Sebastian Maniscalco,” right? -[ Laughs ]
-It’s not that funny. -Yeah! Sebastian Maniscalco,

Reynold King

100 Replies to “Sebastian Maniscalco Shares Sneak Peek of Him Preparing to Host the 2019 MTV VMAs”

  1. i love sebastian. He's so relatable and he feels like he's one of us, and not like another celebrity. i love that, because they are us. He's HILARIOUS AND AWESOME

  2. His pièce de résistance is What's Wrong With People. You can find it here. Not my channel but anything to represent. I was blessed to see him in Melbourne, Australia. Hope he comes back. Also The Pete And Sebastian Show podcast goes back years. Get your life.

  3. Any body else annoyed by how much Jimmy cuts people off?! Like let them speak, because they tell their story better! It's not about you bro

  4. Sebastian could be a great host for the VMAs as long as MTV are willing to let him write the jokes and script instead of forcing him to say unfunny jokes.

  5. 4:46 Jimmy “Why is he mad at you?!”
    Lol that’s just Sebastian’s dad – he has a permanent yell.

  6. Don’t worry Sebastian.. they’re gonna be begging you to host the Oscars and I love how you just say what it is I’ve sang background for some famous people in these shows so he’s telling the truth. Unless you are the main thing, you pretty much get treated like crap. The only highlight is BMI the music Union paid me incredibly for 3 mins on stage. The hotel and limo rides but other than that.. you don’t exist. Lol

  7. With every passing year, it becomes more and more difficult, and painful, to watch Jimmy Fallon interview anybody. He is beyond corny.

  8. That’s the worst venue for him… I get his family… their audience is not gonna get him… I hope so… I hope I’m wrong

  9. Check out Cheyenne singing the hit song "Ashes" from Deadpool 2 by Celine Dion! Hope you all enjoy!

  10. So happy for Sebastian – Congrats on your beautiful family! So happy everything's working out for your career. Best of luck for the VMA's!

  11. Hollywood is so fuckin lame. Sebastian is not. Just let him be him why the fuck are they makin him dress like a little metrosexual.

  12. I'm a tour guide in Hollywood on the big bus . I always let my tourist on double decker bus know Sebastian worked at the 4 seasons hotel in Beverly hills on my tour . 95 percent of people don't know who he is but they will no soon . Europeans not so much in to comedy I noticed lol

  13. I read a comment on somebody saying that he should host SNL, laughing at just the thought of how great that would be.

  14. the only part I watched was Sebastian, I recorded the show so I could fast forward the rest of the show to just watch the parts that he was on

  15. Pursuant to Oscar's mezzanine seat bit – Did Fallon say "Dude, I wish he was joking …. ."? (2:27) Dude? Really? Picture Carson starting a sentence with that … NEVER would've happened.

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