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Self Discipline |  ANDREW MORRISSEY #27

I think in 2018 I wanted to really get
past and this seems to be a great image Get past people’s delusions yeah this
idea and a lot of people starting their Own business or a lot of people putting
themselves out there they are very Delusional around what they
can do, what they’re actually good at and So as a result tend to be people want to
do everything oh I can do everything That’s the first lie that we tell
ourselves. First you gotta find out What’s your strength, what’s your
strength. Okay Ask yourself what your strengths are,
triple down on that and the rest Outsource it, it’s that simple.
Find people who are better than you at What they do whether it be creating
videos, creating blogs, creating content, Social media, marketing, whatever it is if
they’re better than you outsource that Stuff you can focus on what you’re good
at and you can triple down on that because I think it’s turning up in the digital
rounds is or turning up in any aspect For your business, your brand new
customer you have to be not delusional You have to be realistic, you can’t lie to
yourself so if you’re realistic you will Realize that showing up is building
rapport, sharing your story is building Your rapport, sharing aspects of your
journey your wife is building rapport And if you don’t have the
self-discipline to create all that Content we need to outsource it to other
people it’s that simple guys Out source what you’re not good at anb triple down on your strengths find out what you Could are triple down on those and the
rest find people to help you this is the Age of Aquarius guys you better get
people to help us it’s about community Collaboration and yeah… welcome to the
Age of Aquarius

Reynold King

3 Replies to “Self Discipline | ANDREW MORRISSEY #27”

  1. First of all thanks for giving some advice about the delusions of any work starting first.
    Your advice and the experience of your own life will be very helpful to me.

  2. By creating some video on video I was always thinking that I can make any video. But When some of my great content come to me, I feel that all things is not possible to me. I can try it only, I can try my level best. Thanks for remind me about the lie word in mind mind.
    Nice video andrew.
    Go a head.

  3. Good view. Corporations have succeeded because they are composed of people that are good at what they do. The CEO of BP doesn't pump gas, dig for oil, find the oil, transport the oil etc…, Think about having a group of people, good at what they do, freeing you up to do your thing.

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