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Self Discipline: How to be MORE Disciplined (Willpower)

this question that i’ll ask you at the end of the video is absurd it’s ridiculous it has nothing to do with the video but i’m pretty sure it will make you laugh time to discuss a famous study let’s say we put you in one of these rooms you take a seat at a desk and on this desk is a plate of cookies and a plate of radishes the people conducting this study tell you you cannot have those cookies this is extremely difficult for you because you’re hungry and those cookies look very good plus you’re being told you can’t have them little did you know your friend is in the same study he’s across the hall the cookies and radishes are on the table he has no restrictions some time has gone by and they’ve taken you and your friend out of these rooms and they’ve given you 30 minutes to complete a puzzle that can’t be solved seems a little dastardly but they’re wanting to see if your willpower was used up by being told you can’t have these cookies compared to your friend how long did you spend on this possible for giving up eight minutes your friend 19 minutes that’s a dramatic difference eight minutes versus 19 minutes once the study was published in 1998 it was accepted as truth that willpower is a finite resource you have to be very careful the choices that you made throughout your life because if you drain your willpower it affected how you solve problems however as time has gone by people have challenged the study and found that we have more control over will powers than we think and the rest of this video will show you how to increase it once in three ways to increase your willpower ok here we go let’s discuss the first way right now do you see what I have on I love this shirt I feel very comfortable right now why is that because i went to the thermostat and I said for a temperature that work best for me to wear the shirt i wanted to that’s how life is however you want to perform the goals that you want to achieve set the environment that’s conducive to make that happen but here’s the issue the people you’re surrounded by have different preferences they have different goals they have a different temperature that they like that works best for them someone may come over to my house and right now they’re shivering other people are hot and take the shirt off but if you take control of your environment you change that thermostat make it how you want to it makes it very easy to succeed for example if you want to read more surround yourself with people who read surround yourself with books want to become more muscular and have more smoothies surround yourself with people who do the same and lastly if you want to live the fuck life surround yourself with people who are also living the thug life a man i decided to change my thermostat and things have been working better but what you do if you can’t change your environment if you’re wondering the same thing that step to let’s say you’re Eli Manning your go-to option Odell Beckham jr. you’re throwing it to him all game long everything’s working fine but the defense triple coverage soon where do you go next just like when you have the environment you want and then something changes if you prep beforehand you can still be successful that’s where if, then steps in. if X happens then i do Y. here’s an example let’s say you wanted to lose weight you’ve made all the healthy choices you now cook all your own food and you’re doing great but then family come into town and they want to take you out to eat and everyone is ordering food like this you see a salad on the menu you know that’s the best option but it’s a tough decision maybe you’re a young man like me and you order the salad but then you get someone who remarks come on live a little what are you trying to look good in your bikini then what happens is that you give into peer pressure you make the decision that’s not best for you and then you regret it later it’s so much easier to succeed when you have more plays in your PlayBook let’s take the scenario right here if I prep beforehand and written down if I got to eat then I get the healthiest option period if people make fun of me because of this then I make a joke right back that’s what i do now i did a healthy option people tease me about it and I’ll say something like i can’t eat that go straight to my hips see if you prepare beforehand have the right play you can make that healthy choice much easier and get a laugh if you want to win in life you have to prepare to win and this will involve writing down these if-then scenarios to evaluate your priorities and make the right decisions to ensure your success even when you’re in scenarios where you don’t have Odell Beckham jr. to throw to step 3 i learned from Mother Teresa let’s say you’re outside and you notice that there’s a can on the ground you want to pick it up be a good citizen but then you look around you see 365 can scatter across the street you don’t pick up that can because you don’t think it’ll make a difference but little did you know that if you pick up this can today just one can and do this every single day for a year eventually there will be no cans on the street mother teresa has said if i look at the mass i will never act if i look at the 1i will your goals work like that to discipline yourself to make the right choices day in a day out and the day will come when you could do the things you want to do when you want to do them your dream will be a reality that ridiculous question i mentioned is coming up in just a moment but let’s summarize these three steps to become more disciplined step one change your environment adjust the thermostat to a temperature that works best for you so you can wear the shirt that you like step number to add some place to your PlayBook start writing down if then scenarios that when the time comes when you have a tough decision you make the right choice step number three pick up that can make that right decision today and keep making it and it will pay off over time now it’s time for the ridiculous question here it is the question is is what should a DJ named his son a DJ should name his son ERIC! a friend told me this and I’m telling everybody I suggest you do the same if you want more videos like this that are helpful and sometimes a little outrageous you can subscribe to my channel today by hitting that little circle right there and get a weekly video from me this is Michael Unks the former shy guy helping you communicate with the world i will see you in the next video

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4 Replies to “Self Discipline: How to be MORE Disciplined (Willpower)”

  1. Great Video, the only thing distracting was the difference between the volume of the scenes. The video scenes where great and made the video really enjoyable, you should keep on doing so. The question in the end was totally ridiculous and in my opinion not funny and out of the context, but it's healthy for your channel, because it's about you and gives the viewer access to your personality and someone to relate to. I would also like to see a video or hear your opinion about how to stay disciplined in unexpected situations you're not prepared for. Should I just decline if a co-worker invites me to dinner after work because the food isn't healthy? (This might be a terrible example but you might get the point)

  2. I have the will power but I become a different person when I want the immediate gratification, so I don't even want to try to use my will power to stop myself even though I could. I then latter regret it. My long term goals stay the same until I get the urge for immediate gratification again. Can you explain how to solve this problem because it doesn't seem to be a will power problem but a different personality at different times problem. (the personality then has different goals from my personality now)

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