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What’s up, Hermanites? I’m Scott Herman you already know that’s my bro Dave We just got done doing a really awesome back workout if you guys haven’t seen yet be sure to check it out right here [the] pump was pretty good, [but] Dave came to the gym today to film the back workout And we started talking before we filmed about weight belt [Dave] has a weight belt Dave really likes to use a belt you [guys] never really see me use one I do have one it’s my BSN weight belt has my last name in the back. It’s pretty cool It’s a really expensive belt but for me personally. I don’t like to rely on a belt [I] want to use my internal belt which is taking a breath and then flexing your cores tight as possible While using the breath that you take in to push against your abdominal wall and push against your entire core all the way around to Make this a solid piece. That’s why I don’t normally use a belt um is there a time When you should use a belt? Well if you have a weak core you may want to use one but then if you use it all [the] time You’re going to get you can always have a weak core. You never not really doing anything to to make it stronger If you’re on a strict powerlifting program, where you’re doing a lot of really heavy lifting Yeah it might be a better for you to use a belt at least two or three times a week because you’re Fatiguing your lower back a lot if you need to Handle all that volume all that lifting [without] throwing your back out or if you just want to be able to continue to lift you Might need some [support], but Dave so tell the community what was told to you about your belt? Well, I was in the gym I was lifting. I was doing deadlifts. I was going for my [1] rep Max It was 415 or whatever on deadlifts the guy came over to me He was telling me that I should get a real power lifting belt it this wasn’t cutting it He told me to get the one that kind of locks in Um but showed them your belt first of all this this is you know this isn’t no accessory to the gym This is a gym now this isn’t no nike $30 belt that you get a champs I mean, this is a legit belt that I got offline yeah I mean a lot of money unless you’re a belt goes on with velcro I mean I would probably not want to use that it’s not that really that safe But as long as you’ve got some clips and you can lock in that’s a really decent belt this belt is thick So really if you don’t think you have [to] get the belt that clamps in the main reason I mean obviously those belts a little more expensive They are a little bit nicer to use and as a [powerlifter] if you’re just trying to get into your set it’s a lot easier to clamp it really tight because if you don’t have the clamp you have to use a different or Alternative method to get that belt [as] tight as possible but one thing that I went over with Dave and This is one of my biggest pet peeves in the gym when I see people lifted using a belt is it just use the belt wrong And you can actually do more damage using a belt the wrong way Then you could if you didn’t have one at all and what I mean by that is if you’re going for your one rep Max And you’re living a ton of weight and you put that belt on wrong It’s like you’re not even wearing anything at all so mentally you might psych yourself up, okay You know what my back’s gonna be fine I got my belt on and then when you do the set as You bend over that belt sliding up and down like what is that doing? It’s doing nothing So absolutely nothing for you the reason you put a belt on is to keep all of this as tight as possible and when you use no belt and you use your internal belt what I just talked about which is where you take breath in and Then flex and push, you’re pushing everything into itself within your abdominal wall, so now If you’re belt is on lose This is why I don’t have a shirt on I wanted to show you guys this say the belts on like this And it’s kind of loose Okay You’re going to have to mentally Push your stomach out like that to touch the belt to make the belt actually work, and so what you’re doing is you’re over-exaggerating [the] internal belt to make the this belt work for you The weight belt is supposed to be an added benefit to make [your] core stronger It’s not supposed to be what you’re now relying on to do the lift it’s not supposed to be okay my belts on so I don’t have to even think about what’s going on inside of [me], so Some tricks that you do to get the belt super tight, and this is how you’re [supposed] to wear a belt anyways is Get it on where it’s supposed to be and now I actually had to make a few extra notches on my belt And that’s one of the things that we figured out with Dave is He gets it on tight, but it needs to be a little tighter You can get a drill and you can just drill extra holes you can’t even tell that I drove these So it’s not going to ruin the belt But what you want to do is Get the belt nice and tight If you use a pole or something sturdy or you can have one your friends help you is You wrap [it] around like this, and now what you need to do is take in a breath suck in your stomach and then Get as tight as [you] can You should feel Like you’re walking around like you’re like 800 pounds like the hulk You know you want to feel like this belt is keeping your waist nice and tight now There is such a thing as putting the belt on too tight Like there is such a thing as putting the belt on too loose So if that belt is too tight and you can’t properly take in a breath and contract your abs and use your diaphragm and push all that [together] nice [and] tight and Sit in to do whatever lift you’re doing then the belts too tight, so you might have to experiment with that Also [to] when you have your weight belt on if you can’t breathe It’s good indication And it might be a little too tight and if you start to lift And you start to get a little lightheaded it might be an indication that the belts a little too tight as well so loosen it up if you have to you but as You guys can see with the belt on like this. There’s a little bit of overhang from my stomach It’s pushing in on me And now what I would do to set up for any lift whether I’m using a bench or a deadlift or squat is in this moment taking a breath and it’s not going to be a full breath if you’re taking too much air you’ll probably pass out from all the pressure inside your Body take in a breath and then use that breath to expand your diaphragm and then flex your abs and push everything So just like this and now that belt is pushing in as my body’s pushing out and that’s what is making the core Super solid and that’s going to give you a strong lift So if your belt on and you’re going to go do a lift and as soon as you bend over we have the bar That down slides up your back, and then as you lift it it slides back down you need to adjust your belt So I hope this video was [helpful] for you [guys] You know just looking out for you want to make sure you guys are lifting in the gym You’re maximizing your gains and Dave this belt is totally fine. Oh the one point I wanted to make when you guys saw me You know going like this to tighten the belt. That’s all that power lifting belt does is you’re able [to] go as far as you [want] to and then that clamp it so If this gets annoying and have a hard time tightening the belt that’s what the clamps for it gets rid of having to do that so Dave thank you for coming by and telling me your belt story. Thank you that inspired this video So if you guys liked this tip you want to see more be [sure] to like and comment below if you haven’t Subscribed already make sure you do if you haven’t made your free profile [on] the best place to go for social media to engage with other Hermanites make sure you go there and check it out so Dave What’s your maximum output, bro? More now that you have this belt.

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