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Should You Train Twice A Day? | Ask GCN Anything About Cycling

– It’s back! The show where we answer your
cycling-related questions, but this time, we’ve gone all festive. Now, first up is this from James Cycle/Can who asks, “Hey GCN, I’m
buying a cyclocross bike, “and I’ve just re-watched
the dropper post video, “and it got me thinking. “Could using a dropper
post on a cyclocross bike “help with dismounting and mounting? “#torqueback keep up the great videos.” Well James, thanks very
much for getting in contact. Now, as you know, I’ve
done a little bit of cyclocross in the past but
I’m by no means an expert. So, I had a chat with Si
about this very question. Now, you would’ve thought that cyclocross that use drop posts a
lot more prevalently, but hardly anybody at all… and I can’t think of
anybody, Simon was the same, uses them in the Pro Peloton. But, they are available. There’s a couple of brands that make them. Magura and Kind Shock do a
wireless activated system, and there’s also a
cable-activated dropper post made by P&W Components as well. So, our advice would be, to
try them and see if it helps. But Si, he’s just a
little bit of a purist, and thinks a cyclocross bike
should be a cyclocross bike, and if you stick a dropper post on, you might as well be
using a mountain bike. But anyway, if you’re gonna go for it, just make sure you get your sizing right. ‘Cause not all dropper posts
actually fit the standard 27.2 millimetre seat
tubes, so do be aware. Now, if you’re wondering what video we were talking about, it’s this one, where Dan used a dropper
post on a road bike at the Tour de France in the Alps. It is definitely food for thought. – What the hell is a dropper seat post? And that’s understandable,
especially if you, like Campagnolo, think
that mountain bikers are the work of the devil. Essentially what it is, is
a seat post which allows you to adjust your saddle
height whilst you’re riding. Now, what that allows
mountain bikers to do is get their seat out of the way. So on steep and technical descents, they can have much more
confidence and go faster. So that got us wondering,
could the same thing apply to road bikes? Could we descend faster,
on a mountain descent, with a dropper seat post
with more confidence? Lower our centre of
gravity, and corner faster? And actually, could we get more aero by lowering our entire body? (drum beat) – Ooh, sorry Dan. With that dropper post, I thought it was Si. Anyway, next question is
this, from Rafael Ciepiel… Apologies, Rafael, if I haven’t
pronounced your name right. But anyway, here is what you’ve asked. “Dear GCN, as you want me to ask anything, “I was wondering if you could convince me “to choose cycling over running? “Smiley face, and why?” What an absolutely cracking question. Well, challenge accepted, Rafael. Let me start this way. First, before I used to ride a bike competitively, I used to run. So I used to do half marathons, cross-country running, and
middle distance track running, so 800 metres and 1500 metres, when I was 14 or 15, at school. But, I got an injury, and I couldn’t run competitive anymore, so my dad suggested, “Why don’t you get a bike
and join a cycling club?” And I did, and I haven’t
really ever looked back. And look at me now, 31 years
later, I’m still in the sport. Although, I’m not racing,
but I absolutely love it. Cycling has given me
everything; it is my world, I live and breathe it,
and I couldn’t recommend doing any pursuit more than cycling. But to answer your question specifically, cycling is a weight bearing sport, so you’ve got less chance
of getting an injury, it also is remarkably
liberating and freeing as well. Now, put it this way, and I
heard this only the other day. I never thought about cycling like this. But the average speed
of the general cyclist is about the same speed
as a bird in flight. That gives you a pretty cracking view on things in the world. I mean, if I haven’t sold it now to you I don’t know what will. Also, cool kit, cool tech,
you get to see places you haven’t seen, the social side of cycling is absolutely fantastic. If you’re still a
runner, don’t necessarily stop running, but get a
bike, and I definitely think you’ll change the way
you perceive cycling. But, we kinda put it to the test the other day, just check this out. Simon took on runners, on a bike. – [Simon] The race is organised by Bingley Harriers Running Club, and it’s located just to the north of Leeds and Bradford, in
West Yorkshire, in the UK. It’s a simple premise, a
mass-start race up a big hill and back down again,
runners against riders. Now, if I’m honest though, I thought it would be a no-brainer. How could a bike not beat a runner? Well, I was in for a rude shock. (techno music) – It’s gonna be a very quick
rapid-fire round this week. Just five short and sharp
questions. Here we go. Timothy Fish, “Why don’t you have “a GCN sticker on your laptop?” It’s because I saw the Lego Batman movie, and Robin, he just blew me away. Hence his place on my laptop. Next up is this, from Mr. B. “Why is everything called a ‘hack?’ “Did the word ‘tip’ get replaced?” It seems as if it did. Next up is this, from Clive Woodling. “After six months off the
bike following knee surgery, “my physio has just
given me the green light “to start cycling again.” Nice one. “What maintenance check
should I do on my bike? “It was cleaned and lubed and generally “in great condition six months ago, “and has been stored safely inside.” Well Clive, if that’s the case, your bike should be absolutely fine. Just make sure you pump your tyres up, get them to the right pressure, and worth going over your bike with an Alan key making
sure everything’s tight and nothing’s rusty, and it
should be absolutely fine. Glad to see you back on your bike. We have this from Speedrunnet 123. “Hi GCN, I’d like to know what “road bike is fastest in the headwind. “Is it disc brakes or rim brakes?” Well, we’ve not done any
tests to see which is quicker, rim brakes or disc brakes,
but Canyon do state there’s a one watt penalty
for the disc brake air-road over calliper brakes on the same frame. So, not much of a cost really there for vastly superior braking power. Finally, in this week’s rapid fire round, “Do pros have problems adjusting “to new bike when moving teams, “or when a manufacturer
brings out a new bike?” And that’s a question from Ian McKenzie. Pros don’t really have a problem, but what they do have access to is the best physios, the best experts in terms of getting the bike fit right. They will have a particular
size seat set up, but again, in between
bike brands there are different geometry set ups. It will take a little bit of a while for a rider to get
dialled in, but generally they shouldn’t have too many problems. Next up, we have these two answers, Note they’re not questions,
down in the comment section from the hotly debated and discussed issue of internally routing your cable. So first is this, from Mike Richardson. “Internal routing issues… “If you get really stuck,
try sucking thin thread, “or cotton, through the frame with “a vacuum cleaner hose
sealed to one opening “with a bit of electrical tape. “It works every time for me.” Also, we got another really cool suggestion from Aquiles Mas. “Try using neodymium magnets
to route your cables. “I use it to guide the cable right to “the exit hole on the frame. Really easy.” Two cracking suggestions from an issue that certainly isn’t gonna go away, especially on modern bikes. Most modern bikes now have
internally routed cables, it’s a big issue, so it’s a topic that can be explored ad infinitum. So what I’m gonna do, or what I’ve done, I’ve dug back through the annals and the archives of GCN, to find this absolute gem of a video in relation to routing your internal cables, and it stars a very young and fresh-faced Lasty threading the internal
cables on my old bike. Just check this out. – One of the things that we get a lot of questions about
is internal cables. Internally cabled bikes often aren’t the easiest bikes to work with, so we’ve got a trick that
you can try if you get stuck when you’re trying to re-cable a bike. Before you start this
job, you need to ensure that your outer cables and
any ferrules are ready, or in place, for when you
thread the inner cable. Start by cutting a
length of cotton thread. You want it to be at least 30 centimetres longer than the length of your down tube. At this point, it’s
really, really important to remember to thread the cotton through all the component parts that the cable needs to go through too. ‘Cause if you don’t, it’s
just not going to work. Tie the thread to your
handlebars and thread it through the cable hole,
ignoring the outer cable. Put your vacuum cleaner at the exit point of the cable, and turn it on, taking off any extensions from the
vacuum cleaner should help. (vacuum running) The thread should now be
running through the frame. If you’re having trouble
vacuuming the thread one way through the frame,
try switching direction. Thread the inner cable through the outer and have it ready for what is normally the frustrating part,
putting it through the frame. Untie the thread from the handlebars and tie it to the end of the cable. You’ll need to use a
strong, yet small, knot, a clove hitch, or, if you’re more advanced than us, a rolling hitch is ideal. Now, simply pull the thread through the frame with the cable
attached, and, it works. – Finally, in this week’s show, we have this question over on Twitter, from Erik Knauf, who
asks, “How about combining “multiple GCN indoor training
sessions in one workout? “Which combinations make
sense? #TorqueBack.” Well, Erik, thanks very
much for getting in contact. You can do any sort of
combination of sessions, if you so wish, but bear in mind that most of our indoor sessions are pretty tough, so you need to make sure
that your body can take it. And also, it’ll depend on
what your objectives are. But if you’re training for Sporteef or for racing, doing two sessions in one day would definitely benefit you. You just gotta make sure
that you have adequate rest in between each session, and
also make sure you’re getting enough fluids, that
you’re totally hydrated, and that you got your energy stores right. So make sure you’re
fueling correctly as well. Now, quite often I used to do two indoor training sessions in one day. They weren’t essentially back to back, I used to have a two or
three hour gap in between. What I used to do, in terms of combination of the style of session, first off, in the morning, I’d do a HIT session, a high intensity interval session, because I was far fresher and could get far more out of my body
when I was fresher. Used to have then, two, three,
maybe even four hours off, and in the later afternoon,
or even after work, I’d then do a longer,
slightly less intense, endurance-based session. But you can mix and match, and
again it really will depend on what sort of fitness
you’re aiming to get. It could be Sporteefs,
or you could be focusing on endurance, or it could be
that you’re starting to race, or you wanna get that racing edge, so you’re looking at more
high-intensity sessions. Just make sure that you rest adequately and you can definitely get some benefits. Now, a little cheeky combination that I’ve got for you here, is… I get fit fast, so it’s a 40 minute indoor sweet spot session,
like a tempo session, more of an endurance session. And also, combine that with our 30 minute high intensity indoor workout. Try those, flick ’em
around, see what works best. – We start, before we kick things off on the climb, and at one point we’ll be going through the snowline, it’s important we get things
warmed up nice and easy. So, 90 rpm to start with,
for just under three minutes. Perceived effort level
between two and five, But gradually ramping
things up so we’re ready to start the first sweet spot session. Just under 1:40 now, to the final sprint of this first 15 minute session. Final minute now. Stay focused, really make
this last one count, okay? Three, two, one… – This is a 30 minute,
high intensity interval, fat burning training session. So, we are gonna begin by
starting to pedal very gently. Just a warmup because we have
got some hard work to come. We are doing eight 30 second intervals, as hard as we possibly can. Now, that sounds tough, and it is. But don’t worry, there’s
plenty of recovery between those intervals,
because this is the most effective type of training you can do, firstly to get fit, and
secondly to burn calories. – Well, that’s it for another edition, a rather festive edition,
of ask GC Anything. Nearly knocked the candles over there, they just stayed upright. But please do keep those questions coming using the hashtag TORQUEBACK
down in the comments section, or across on social media as well. And if, by some strange quirk of fate, you haven’t already subscribed to the Global Cycling Network, you can do so for free
by clicking on the globe. Now, for two more very cool videos I think you’d like, how about clicking just down here for a Zwift Academy final from South Africa, where one very talented winner won themselves a place on the Continental Dimension
Data Team for 2018. Or, click just down here, another video with Dan, where he travelled to Zambia for World Bicycle Relief,
to see how much difference a Buffalo Bike makes to those communities.

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  16. Cycling is the superior sport because there is no such thing as the 'running tour of wine country' or a '2 week running tour of Italy.'

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  55. #torqueback – what are your thoughts on the possible negative effects of too much screen time crossing over to being on trainer and doing programs such as Zwift? We are already glued to our phones and iPads when not on the bike , why would we want to encourage it while on ? I tried zwift for the first time and found myself more distracted by the screen than what I was doing and my own thoughts . Thanks !

  56. Hello Guys! First keep up the great shows! For a beginner cyclist like me they are like a bible. And second, I have a question I cannot find info about in the wide web… How often should we change when drafting? Would it be measured by distance or time? #TORQUEBACK

  57. Want some suggestion on the clipless pedals.Been in cycling for around half year and now ride with a entry level bike.Wondering is it necessary to change to a clipless pedals or wait until getting a more medium level bike? I'm really scared about falling off with the clipless pedals.Will it cause really serious injury?#TORQUEBACK

  58. What is the recommended training difficulty level to ride on zwift, some of us ride with it on max others argue half way is a better ride others say 75% of max

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