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Small Tip For Big Results (Strength Hack)

– What’s up guys, it’s Chris
Heria, welcome to the vlog. Today I’m gonna be
showing you one small tip that’s gonna deliver really big results and can be applied to pretty
much all workout routines. And that one tip is combining
resistance bands with weights. If you guys saw my video
on the THENX channel called You Only Need This To Build Muscle, in the video I had mentioned
that when you’re using weights the most effective and most
difficult part of the movement is gonna be at the
beginning of the exercise. But when you’re using resistance bands the most difficulty and effectiveness comes from when you’re reaching the peak of a contraction or the
peak of your exercise. The more the band starts
to stretch the more tension and resistance it’s gonna give you. And that’s why it’s important to use both of them in your training. We’re actually gonna be
using a resistance band with weight at the same exact time to get both benefits simultaneously, saving you time, and making your workout a lot more efficient and effective. And with weights and resistance bands combined you’re gonna
challenge your muscles from the beginning to the
end of your contraction. And that’s gonna bring you
crazy results, crazy power, more strength and explosiveness,
and super dense muscle. And another benefit is what
the resistance band does to the eccentric portion of an exercise. See, when you’re using a
weight all you have to do is control the negative
as you begin to come down. But when you have a
resistance band attached you’re actually gonna be fighting against the resistance the entire time, while controlling the weight to descend, increasing your time under tension and giving you a greater contraction. So that’s what we’re
gonna be working on today. I’m gonna show you guys
a full-body workout to show you guys that you can apply this to all the muscle groups, so that’s what we’re gonna be working
on with today’s routine. I want you guys to follow
along this workout with me. And remember to get this
routine on your phone. Download the Heria Pro app from the App Store or
the Google Play store. You’ll be able to start
this workout with me, and also get full access to all
my personal workout routines and workout programs that I’ve
created for specific goals in mind, like burning fat
and building solid muscle. So if you haven’t,
download the Heria Pro app in the App Store, let’s get
this workout routine started. The first muscle group we’re gonna work on is gonna be our biceps. We’re gonna start off with bicep curls, which I think is the best exercise to show you guys how to combine weights and resistance bands, let’s get started. (rhythmic instrumental music) All right, we’re all set up, ready to go. (rhythmic instrumental music) ♪ Heria music ♪ (rhythmic instrumental music) (exhales deeply) All right, so there we had bicep curls with
the resistance band. If you tried this you’re gonna feel that it’s a whole lot harder, especially when you reach
the peak of your contraction. You can really feel the resistance start to increase the closer you get. And that’s gonna build strength
with the entire movement, not just a portion of that movement. So, moving on, we’re gonna work on our back with some weighted pullups. For weighted pullups I’m gonna be using the lighter brand new Heria weight vest. This will be in the shop
in just a couple days guys. Our new vest is 30 pounds and gives you an even greater range of motion. So get ready, we’re coming out
with some brand new colors. And we’ll be doing some giveaways, so stay tuned for a chance to win one. (rhythmic hip-hop instrumental music) ♪ Heria music ♪ (rhythmic hip-hop instrumental music) All right, there we have weighted pullups. That just felt a whole lot
harder with the resistance band. And I find the best way to do this is to place the dumbbell
right underneath you, tie the resistance band around it, and put it around your neck. From this position the resistance band should be giving you tension
from the bottom straight down, forcing the muscles that are required to perform a pullup to work twice as hard from the beginning all the way to the end. And moving on to the next exercise we have dips, let’s go for it. All right, I got my resistance band. I’m gonna hold it on both
hands, give it a little loop. Put it over my neck,
we’re ready for some dips. (rhythmic hip-hop instrumental music) ♪ Heria music ♪ (rhythmic hip-hop instrumental music) (exhales deeply) All right,
as you can see on those dips, my body really wanted to shoot back down. You want to fight that
as much as possible. Really work the eccentric
and control your descent to really get the most
out of this exercise. So, that was chest and triceps. Moving on we’re gonna go into legs with some barbell squats, let’s get it. All right, we’re all set. (rhythmic hip-hop instrumental music) ♪ Heria music ♪ (rhythmic hip-hop instrumental music) (weight crashing) All right, there we had barbell squats with the resistance bands. Now, for this specific
exercise you’re gonna feel the maximum resistance from
the top of the exercise. And as you begin to
descend you’re gonna feel the tension from the resistance band start to slowly reduce
as you reach the bottom. But when you start to come
back up you’re gonna start to feel the increasing
tension build back up, making it a lot more difficult
to perform this move, and making it harder to finish the rep. Moving on to the next exercise,
we’re gonna be working on our shoulders with
some military presses. All right, so let’s get started. And one of the best things
about using resistance bands with the weights is that
it really forces you to stabilize evenly on both sides as you’re doing an exercise, which will reduce muscle imbalancement,
and also fire up those deep tissue muscle
fibers, let’s go for it. (rhythmic hip-hop instrumental music) ♪ Heria music ♪ (rhythmic hip-hop instrumental music) (exhales deeply) (weight crashing) That was a tough one. Moving on, we’re gonna work on our core with some hanging leg raises. All right, here we go for weighted leg raises with the resistance band. (rhythmic hip-hop instrumental music) ♪ Heria music ♪ (rhythmic hip-hop instrumental music) Phew, those are super, super tough. Definitely want to start
off with the lightest resistance band you have and
probably the lightest weight you have if you’re trying this exercise. But this move is
definitely an ab shredder. Moving on, we’re gonna go into our last exercise, working our triceps. We’re going for overhead tricep
extensions, let’s go for it. (rhythmic hip-hop instrumental music) All right, we are all set. (rhythmic hip-hop instrumental music) Let’s get a full extension, all the way back down, chin up, big chest. (rhythmic hip-hop instrumental music) (grunts) All right, (breathes heavily) that’s definitely a great
way to grow your triceps. And that’s gonna be the last exercise to complete round one
of this workout routine. To really get an effective
workout you want to do this at least three rounds
to see the best results. And hopefully you guys start adding this tip into your workout regimen. And, of course, if you
need some resistance bands you can always pick them
up at And if you need a weight vest you can always pick one
up at, along with our fitness training
apparel and other equipment you’re gonna find helpful
during your training. Thank you guys so much for watching. I’m gonna go ahead and finish my routine. But if you enjoyed the video
or you learned something, then definitely smash that like button. Leave a comment down
below, and let me know what you’re working on, what you want me to make the next video to be about. Share this video with
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already because I post every single Thursday 2:00
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the first 30 minutes you always have a chance
to win some Heria apparel. For everyone that’s a fan
of the music we’ve reached well over our goal of 10k
followers on SoundCloud. I’m gonna be dropping a full album of my beats for you guys to train hard to. So if you’re already
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gonna be the first ones to know and the first ones to train
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this workout routine, as well as my personal
workouts and workout programs that I’ve created with
specific goals in mind for burning fat and building solid muscle. Make sure you downloaded the
Heria Pro app in the App Store or Google Play store to
get my workouts with you in your pocket, have me
as a personal trainer, and start getting in the
best shape of your life. And with that said, I’ll
see you guys next Thursday, 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time,
mad love, peace out. ♪ No heat ♪ ♪ You can be my main girl ♪ ♪ For a week ♪ ♪ Then I’m on a plane girl ♪ ♪ But I can do it if you
only want the fame girl ♪ ♪ I seen that shit go to her head ♪ ♪ She ain’t the same girl ♪ ♪ We’re playing with fire ♪ ♪ We’re playing with fire ♪ (rhythmic hip-hop instrumental music) (moves into heavy hip-hop
instrumental music) Smash that like button guys. (knocking)

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100 Replies to “Small Tip For Big Results (Strength Hack)”

  1. Hey guys, here is a free workout for beginners to change their lifes and start becoming active..

    Class: Beginner

    Warm up

    15× Air Wheels


    5×6 Austrailien Pull ups
    5×6 Bench Dips
    5×6 Pull ups (Assist)
    5×6 Diamand Push Ups (on Knees)

    Warm up

    10× Box Jumps


    5×15sek. Leg flutters
    5×6 Squads
    5×6 Crunches
    5×12 Squads

    Warm up

    50× Air Weels


    5×6 Push ups
    5×6 Austrailien Chin ups
    5×6 Push ups(normal)



    Warm up

    15min speed boxing


    1×8 pull ups(assist)
    1×30 push ups

    3×6 pull ups
    3×6 chin ups
    3×20 Push ups

    1-2min pause

    MAX pull ups


    Warm up

    20min Boxing


    4×15-20 Push ups
    4×15 Sit ups
    4×10 Diamand Push ups
    4×6 Pull ups


    Warm up

    20min Parkour


    3×12 Diamond Push ups
    3×15 Sit ups
    1×8 Negative Muscle ups


    Warm up

    15min Martial Arts


    1×8 Pull ups
    1×20 Push ups

    4×6 Pull ups
    4×6 chin ups
    4×15-20 Push ups

    Hope you guys enjoy it;)

  2. You can imagine how I appreciate these elastic bands. That doesn’t look but this is really great. However, weighted pull-ups are a problem, I move shoulders and omoplates slowly but I love to go fast with arms and the weight hurts my legs when I am clapping my hands.

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  8. I used to be in a weaker state but followed many of your guides and am in way better shape. Can’t thank you enough. Keep it up✌️

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    Day 1: 5 sets of max pushups
    4 sets of 15 toe to bars
    Day 2: 3 sets of 5 pull-ups
    3 sets of 6 chin-ups
    4 sets of 15 hand grips
    Day3: 5 sets of 18 sissysquats
    Note: I’m a beginner and quite skinny.

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    i'm very resourceful and creative and
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