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Soft Skills for Managers (How to Develop Soft Skills in the Workplace)

Why are some managers consistently rated
the best while others fall flat? The difference between the two types of
managers is specific skillset called soft skills. If you’re looking to make
the leap into a managerial role or currently a manager looking to level up, then stay tuned this video will change your entire approach to your
professional development as a manager and leader within your organization. Hi
I’m Jessica Aries, a career strategist and leadership development consultant
who helps busy professionals level up in their careers at For the
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my channel and hit that bell to be notified when I post a new video. When I
first became a manager I thought my role was to be a master delegator and
taskmaster. I’ve been lucky though in my life to
have some great mentors and managers who steered me away from this misguided
approach toward a more human centric approach to management. What is the core
of being a great manager? People skills AKA soft skills. Soft skills differ from
hard skills and that they are not technical skills they are learned
through practice and repetition, they are the most difficult skills to develop but
also some of the most valuable as a manager to have. But how do you determine
what soft skills to build out? Well, I coach people every day on this exact
topic and I’m here to share my secrets in this video. So, let’s dive into what
soft skills are worth developing and how you can level up your management and
leadership skills through soft skills. Soft Skill #1: Emotional Intelligence.
Remember that managing others is about people not tasks determining what
motivates your people will make you far more effective as a leader within your
organization. Remembering that you manage human beings who have families, emotions,
and stressors outside of work will take you so much farther as a leader than
operating as if your employees are widgets or machines. Soft Skill #2:
Communication. Taking time and making time to
communicate your expectations your vision and your goals for your team is
key. All of this requires strong communication skills as a leader. Soft
Skill #3: Teamwork. Being a manager means you need to be a
good leader. Leaders aren’t just delegators. They’re also the person responsible
for identifying when their teammates are struggling need help or are at capacity.
Having a team player mentality is absolutely essential for a strong
manager and a skill you should be developing out from day one. Soft Skill
#4: Problem-Solving. Being able to identify solutions to problem is a
skill set every employee should be developing. Managers, in particular, need
to be adept at problem-solving and be strategic at implementing solutions to
problems. This is a skill set every manager must have. So, definitely be
developing out your problem-solving skills if you’re a new manager or if
you’re leveling up as a manager. Soft Skill #5: Empowerment. The last
skill that great managers have is the ability to empower and motivate their
employees. They give them autonomy and invest in their employees because they
know empowered teams power organizations. So definitely think about how you can
empower the people on your team to make the greatest impact on your
organization’s success. So, now that you know the soft skills I think you should
be developing out as a manager comment below with one of the soft skills you’re
working to develop out and if you enjoyed this video check out my video on
how to create better workplace boundaries. Work-life balance is so
important in today’s technology-driven economy and it’s important that we
create healthy boundaries around our workspace and our personal space. Kick
off your professional development as a manager by taking my free quiz to
identify your most employable soft skills. If you like this video please let
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skills squad if you think that this video helped you identify how to become
a better manager.

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  1. Leveling up as a manager doesn't have to be reserved for those in the C-suite. I hope this video helped you identify the best soft skills to develop and how to go about growing as a manager and a leader in your organization.

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