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Soundarya Lahari Shloka4- Freedom from Disease, Fear and Poverty

Fourth shloka of Soundarya Lahari is the first
to provide a glimpse of the form of the goddess who is addressed by this stotram. Targeted towards providing a seeker with immunity
from fear, disease and poverty, this shloka describes the glory of the goddess’s feet. In this video we are going to learn how to
pronounce this shloka, along with it’s pronunciation, meaning
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below. Let us first look at how to pronounce this
shloka. tvadanyaH pANibhyAm abhayavarado daivatagaNaH
tvamEkA naivAsi prakaTitavarAbhItyabhinayA |
bhayAt trAtuM dAtuM phalamapi cha vAnChAsamadhikaM sharaNyE lOkAnAM tava hi charaNAveva nipuNau
|| 4|| Let us now look at the meaning of this shloka. sharaNyE=O Goddess, who is the refuge,
lOkAnAM=to the people of all the worlds tvat anyaH daivatagaNaH=Gods and Goddesses
other than you pANibhyAm=with both their hands
abhayavaradaH=display abhaya, fear dispelling and varada, boon providing mudras
tvam EkA=You alone na Eva asi=never are the one
prakaTita vara abhIti abhinayA=todisplay these varada and abhaya mudras
Shankaracharya says, this is because bhayAt trAtum=In order to rescue one from
fear vAnChAsamadhikaM dAtum=and in order to provide
one’s wishes in plenty phalam api cha=and deliver results
tava hi charanau Eva=your feet themselves are
nipuNau=competent enough In this shloka, Adi Shankara moves further
up in the praise of the goddess. In our previous videos, we saw how he started
describing her glory starting from the dust below her feet. In this shloka, he praises the greatness and
capability of The Goddess’s feet as follows. He says: O Goddess, who is the refuge to the
people of all the worlds; Gods and Goddesses other than you display abhaya, fear dispelling
and varada, boon providing mudras with both their hands. You alone never display these varada and abhaya
mudras. This is very clear to us looking at the imagery
of goodess rAjarAjeshwari or lalita tripura sundari. She is depicted as holding a noose=pAsha,
a goad=ankusha, five arrows=bANa, and a sugarcane-staff bow=ikshu chApa in her
four hands. While usually gods and goddesses are depicted
with their hands in either abhaya, or varada mudras, sometimes both, goddess lalitha does
not display these gestures. Shankaracharya further states that the reason
for this is, In order to rescue one from fear and in order to provide one’s wishes in plenty
and deliver results the goddess’s feet themselves are competent enough. Soundarya Lahari Prayoga prescribes this yantra
in order to derive the practical benefits of this shloka. You can find the a link to the high definition
poster of this image in the description below. Chanting the shloka onethousand times every
day for a mandala of 40 days, bestows the sAdhaka with freedom from diseases, fear and
poverty.You can watch this video for a more practical understanding on the science and
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Reynold King

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