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Speed training gym workout with Alfred Sim

Hi everyone, Coach Jing Zhi here. Today, we’re gonna try a speed workout with sprints coach Alfred Sim at his new gym, Mast Fitness There’ll be two parts to this video, the main workout and the warmup. Today, we’re gonna see the main workout. Hi Jing Zhi! Good to see you! Okay, I want your squat to be a little bit different. Point your toes a little bit outside, like this. And then as you go down, point your knees in the same direction as your toes. Okay, for the squats, these are some of the points that you might want to know. As we go down, this is what we call the eccentric contraction phase for the buttocks. So as you go down, you can actually carry very heavy and do it slowly. This is strength building phase. At this point, before you come up, we call this the amortisation phase. You want to be as short as possible. You want to keep it as short and fast as possible. Then the moment you hit that, and up! We also call that the sticking point. And as you come up, this is called the concentric contraction phase. And you want to be as powerful and as fast as possible. So, down slow one more time. And then be quick over here, and up fast, like this. It targets mainly the lower body. but of course the back is one thing that is so important. Once you carry very heavy things on your shoulder, heavier stuff on your shoulder, you need a lot of core strength to balance it. so that you can hold on to your posture. So you wouldn’t want to put the bar on your back and then you start to slouch like this or move back like this. So you wanna keep it straight and firm up your core. You can land on your heels and you try your best to stretch as far as you can. We want to work on the range of motion. So, for lunges,, you gotta be sure that you’re in the middle of the bar so that it won’t be too heavy on one side. Some of the proper technique that you should watch for when you do your lunges: Try to lunge forward and land on your heels. It’s okay to land on your heels. Make sure your body is straight at all times, not leaning back too much or leaning forward too much. Same as the squatting, your knee shouldn’t be over your toes like this. Should be behind your toes, and keep your back straight like this. So this is the lunge position. What about the back knee? Should the back knee be on the ground? I personally would not prefer that. I don’t prefer that. So just be sure that you don’t hit your knee on the ground. It might be painful and I don’t think it’s feasible to do that. All the way up. Left knee a little bit higher. Use a box about this high, can be a 30cm box or this is a 45cm box. So just place one foot on top and you can do a basic step up like this. Just a basic step up. And remember to work with your arms because this is the exact running action. So swing your left knee up, with an arm swing like this so left knee with the right arm and then back down. You can also use these as a strength program by adding weights. You can carry a barbell or even hold on to two dumbbells and then start doing step ups like this without any arm swing. And then of course safety is very important. What you can do is you can also push this against the wall so that you won’t fall forward. For example, this is the wall. So just push the box against the wall like this. Just in case if you move forward, at least there’s something for you to kick. Quick! Quick! Quick! Quick! And go! Nice and relax! Super! What we want is to create is a very fast, very powerful ground contact. High impact on the ground with super short ground contact time. So it’s gonna be like this *claps* Just like how you bounce a basketball. You need to firm up your ankle, so try not to push off the ankle. You fix your ankle, just like how you do skipping. When you do skipping, your ankle is fixed. So you want very quick ground contact. So the moment you land, you prepare to land. When you’re in the air, you prepare to land. So the moment you land, you bounce off quick enough and then go for the next hurdle. Continuously. Okay,. so no double jump in between. I’ll give you a coaching cue okay? Okay, let’s go. Swing your arms. Up! Quick! Quick! Quick! Quick! And go! Yes, up, up, up, up! Okay, ooh! Hi guys, if you like this video, do give us a thumbs up. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. And don”t forget to share and subscribe!

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