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have you ever taken a picture and gotten
what we call an orb a flash of light a ball of light that either shows up in
white or any different variety of colors and you’re wondering now is this an
actual spiritual energy is it one of my loved ones is it an angel well stay
tuned to find out hi everyone I’m Diana Palm from and today we’re gonna be discussing spirit orbs are spirit orbs
angels are they loved ones and what exactly does it mean when they appear in
color are orbs real spiritual energy some of you will be able to see orbs
with your physical eyes others of you will only capture them in a photograph
but all of your pets can see orbs because they can actually see the
spiritual energy that’s presenting itself one of the ways the spirits can
communicate to us is by appearing in what we call a spirit photo I’ve
actually been doing spirit photography for many many years
spirit photography has been around since the 1800s as early as cameras have been
created we’ve been capturing orbs of light and other images of the spirit
world in photographs so this is not a new thing but it’s way more common now
because people literally have access to a camera and video camera at all times
through their smartphone so we’re taking a lot more photos and we’re capturing a
lot more spirit photography today I’m gonna actually talk to you about what
some of these orbs represent there’s been a lot of debate with this
paranormal phenomenon as to what these spirit orbs are now I am a spirit medium
I’ve also worked with paranormal groups for many many years I’ve worked in
hospice with the dying I’ve lived in haunted houses and I have
my own spiritual gifts of discernment I help spirits cross over and so I have a
very comfortable very broad range of knowledge to base what I’m about to tell
you on in my experience orbs are spiritual energy and that is not limited
to just our loved ones or ghosts or angels here is what I see with my
spiritual sight when there’s an orb present I can literally tune into the
energy of the orb and find out what it is it is always spiritual energy of some
sort and I’m able to determine if it’s a very high vibration say an angel spirit
or if it’s an earth spirit a spirit guide a loved one a ghost or even an
entity because they all exist in the same area but just at higher or lesser
frequencies the way that I relate to orbs is that
they’re kind of like a vehicle containing spiritual energy and moving
them from the spiritual plane into the physical and for some reason they can
come through in this format easier once they’re here they can literally open up
and expand into the apparition of your loved one or into their angelic form or
into the little fairies and fly around so orbs are quite literally in my
experience a vehicle from getting through from the spirit world into the
physical world and this is why we relate to them as a form in an orb it’s
literally like a ball of spiritual energy and then it’s up to us to
determine what that spiritual energy is in every different occurrence if your
spiritual person and you call upon the Angels then most likely you will have
many different orbs around you that are actually angelic orbs because I’ve seen
angels come down in orbs people that are nature lovers that spend tons of time
outdoors and really connecting with nature are really actually connecting
with the elementals and the faeries and all the nature spirits and they most
likely will have a lot of those types of orbs around them now of course when we
lose a loved one and we’re missing them and we’re asking them for signs or
they’re coming for a visit it’s highly likely that your deceased loved one will
show up as an orb and a photo for you in fact they’ll usually line up in a family
photo and take position as if they’re physically standing there we also have
orbs in haunted houses many times from their supernatural activity occurring
one of the first things that we notice is that it occurs at the same time that
we’re actually getting orbs in our photos or streams of lights or mists or
anything else so I can see why there’d be a lot of confusion surrounding orbs
and what I’d like to do is help you figure out if you are getting orbs in
your photographs what the orbs that you’re getting I’m going to talk to
you about the different types of orbs and the different colors what those can
represent and what you can expect if you’re getting a lot of orbs are they
welcome or not welcome so first I want to talk to you about ghosts and
hauntings if you’re ever in a haunted house a house that has a ghost an
earthbound spirit that’s literally trapped in the home has not gone to the
light or you feel like your house may be haunted you’re probably getting a lot of
orbs in your photos now this could be one orb it could be multiple orbs but
they will definitely be kind of muted in color they will not be full of light or
emanating in their own light the kind of grayish white orbs are earthbound
spirits they’re trapped and lost souls and they really do need to cross over if
you’re getting a lot of those in your photos you know it’s time to do a
spiritual cleansing on your home or around your body or family members
wherever you’re getting that activity so it’s best for somebody that knows how to
do this to come in and help them cross over so that your own spiritual balance
can be reestablished in your house or property or wherever you’re experiencing
this activity especially if it’s coupled with physical phenomena in your
environment if you literally hear things feel things or have things moving around
and it really has become a haunting situation at that point I would actually
call in a professional that can really help you clear the entity or the
attachment or the earthbound spirit if you’re getting black orbs these are most
often malevolent or very dark negative entities and these really should be
cleared immediately when you’re seeing bright white really self-illuminated
orbs these are like angelic presence they can also be your own loved ones
that are coming back to visit and they’re emanating beautiful spiritual
light because they’ve been healed and they’re coming back just to visit you
and offer you love so you will know the difference they’re bright white and
they’re very noticeable these usually will hover around right after somebody
passes for a couple weeks and then you get visited from them periodically
throughout the years those are the most common orbs that you will ever see or
experience in your photographs or even with your physical eyes however if you
do begin to see a lot of bright and colorful orbs I’ve got a breakdown of
what those orbs mean and what they also represent a dark blue orb can be an
angel or a high spiritual guide it could even be a master dark blue is also
associated with Archangel Michael so if you’ve been calling for protection or
you work a lot with Archangel Michael directly you could start
noticing that there’s blue orbs around you in different photographs a gold orb
is associated with angels although not one specific one a green orb is
associated with prosperity and with healing and is also the color for
Archangel Raphael which is all about healing so if you work with Archangel
Raphael and get the green orbs that is your clue that Archangel Raphael is
there working with you and helping you out the green orb itself can represent
this energy of healing and prosperity coming into your life whether or not
Archangel Raphael is there an orange orb is often associated with friendly
spirits and spirit guides it is the color for archangel gabriel and brings
with it an energy of peace and harmony pink orbs represent love and comfort and
are the color for Archangel Ariel if you’re getting a lot of real dramatic
dark pink energy this could actually be the pink flame of (Archangel) Chamuel the pink flame
of Chamuel represents divine love and adoration now red orbs are kind of
tricky because it really depends on if they’re bright and shiny or if they’re
low dense type of red energy if you’re dealing with the kind of low muted dark
red energy that could actually be a very negative very dark spirit and some would
call this a demon and this is something that also needs to be healed and removed
from the earth plane but if you’re dealing with like a beautiful red energy
and you’ve got his orb a beautiful red around you it could actually be
Archangel Uriel red also represents passion but
often this passion can lead to anger depending on how somebody’s handling
this energy red could also represent vitality and life force energy always
pay attention to your actual feelings and the way you feel in your
surroundings if you’re getting a red orb and follow your guidance and your
intuition on that if you feel that anything’s not right then you definitely
want to have a clearing at this point but if you feel like it’s raw vital
energy and fuelling your passions then it’s okay to have the red energy around
you if you have violet colored orbs around you this most often is going to
be a loved one in spirit or a spirit guide bright yellow orbs represent
enlightened peaceful and positive it’s the color for Archangel Jophiel but if
the color is like a mustard yellow or a dimmer yellow that could actually be a
warning that this is a lower vibrational spirit and this also should be cleared
purple orbs represent mercy and forgiveness sometimes there may be
somebody that you need to forgive that has harmed you or maybe you’re receiving
forgiveness from somebody else but the purple orb represents this energy of
mercy and forgiveness and is the color for Archangel Zadkiel bright white orbs
are divine energy and are most likely angelic or your loved ones in spirit
that have gone to the light and have come back to visit you in a very pure
and healed manner this is a Holy Light this could be your loved ones coming
back to visit you and let you know that they’re okay and offering you love and
support so bright white will be associated with the highest realms of
angels and your loved ones they are so closely connected to source that they’re
actually showing up and illuminating their own bright light now another thing
that you can actually look for in the orbs our faces sometimes if you blow up
the picture large enough you can actually see on the inside of the orb a
human looking face you can see pet faces you can see all kinds of different
images within the orb itself and sometimes that can actually show you who
is visiting and what types of energies are around you but they don’t all have
faces the ones that have faces are of the two varieties either an earthbound
spirit that needs to be crossed over or a loved one visiting you that you will
immediately recognize in this simple recap if you’re seeing colourful orbs in
brown dark yellow black dark grey or a murky color of red those are warning
signs for you that there’s some spiritual energy in your environment or
around you or your location that needs to be cleansed if you’re receiving orbs
in the color of green blue bright yellow or orange there’s healing energy all
around you and your being loved and supported from the spirit world and if
you’re receiving those beautiful bright white orbs this is you being surrounded
by your angels and loved ones if you have any questions about how to do some
spiritual healing for yourself to clear your environment I’ve got lots of videos
on that if you have had some spiritual activity around you that makes you feel
uncomfortable and you’re not quite sure how to clear yourself and your home or
your location make sure to reach out for a private session I actually do this
remotely and I work with people all over the world to help them clear their
spaces and maintain the highest spiritual vibration in their homes so
they can actually live in a more vital and healthy environment if you’re
interested in that or need help and assistance make sure to check out my
website at if you’ve associated orbs with one of
your particular loved ones in spirit or an angel I would love to hear about it
down in the comments below and if you’d like more videos like this make sure to
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when I upload a new video thanks so much for being here everyone
have a great day

Reynold King


  1. Good morning
    Back in October a few weeks before my move to South Carolina, I saw a beautiful orange orb in the corner of my eye. It was very brief. November 11, I was talking with my mother in her home, I experienced this angelic clear white orbs in both of my eyes. I had to go sit down because it was blocking my vision. It was so amazing! It last for 3-8 minutes

  2. Great information with details that are not often discussed … as usual, Diana defines what you are seeing and brings clarity to your experiences! Love this video!

  3. Thank you Diana, I love this video! I’ve had what I thought are orbs show up in my videos. They are small and move around. Some, I’ve cropped into that are a definite circle moving around and others that are so small that I can’t really crop in clearly. They are not lense flares which can happen outdoors, and it’s not a little bug flying in front of my camera as I’m looking at the camera and never see any. I have had them show up in winter when there aren’t any little bugs flying around in my studio. Would you say that these are actually orbs? Oh and they are always white.

  4. My Uncle just passed away last weekend and my mom came over and told me and I remembered a beautiful photo from my wedding that our photographer took of him and his wife dancing in the sweetest embrace😭 I started looking through our wedding photos and there’s a picture of me and my husband dancing with orbs big and small around us and another with orbs around our little boys! I thought it was so neat! At our wedding we did a memory table for our loved ones and it was so important to me to invite both our grandmothers who had passed on when we were both very young. I’ve had a special bond to my grandmother even though she passed when I was only 5 and had a picture of her holding me at our wedding and we got our wedding video back and one of the first images in the video was the photographer zooming in on the pic with my grandma-It was so meaningful to me and I knew in my heart she was there in spirit❤️

  5. At times it maybe a flash and immediately something happens or evolves later. now the same color appears to manifest slowly as I set better intentions. Thank you Diana

  6. I see orbs with my naked eyes at times. Different shapes n colors. Also get em in photos. Too bad I can't share em with you. I truly believe I've got a angel too on video

  7. Thank you so much for video about orbs. I have also seen green orbs in pictures and read that green orbs is also about the heart chakra.

  8. I was recently talking about this with my sister. Both of our parents are deceased and I have been wanting to see them or even feel their presence but I don’t. 😔 I watch these shows of people talking about and showing pictures of their experiences with ghosts and spirits. But I’ve never experienced it.

    I do believe in God and in Heaven. I know my parents are always watching over me and my family. My family and I have met with a medium before and I got to see and experience what it’s like when my parents came through. But for me that was only once and it’s been awhile. All I’ve ever wanted lately was to hear from my parents again.

    I just discovered your channel and these kinds of informations about orbs or pet spirits are very interesting. I love it!❤️ I can’t wait to check out more of your videos. I’ll even subscribe. 😉
    Even though I may not feel the presence of my parents around me I at least know they always with me in spirit and always watching over me. 👍🏽

  9. Long before my dog Rosie died I have a few pics of her surrounded by these. And my son at a young age. Rosie did contact us after she left us 3x

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