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Strength and Conditioning : Squat

first exercise we’re going to talk about today is a squat the squat is essential to developing
more body strength crucial to the breakdown position in tackling the
stronger we can get the lower body more force the athlete can apply to the
ground help him to be a better tackler first thing is the setup you want the athlete to have their feet shoulder width apart feet
going straight ahead eyes looking straight ahead the athlete wants to sit back and down into their hips arms go out for front for counter balance 1001
1002 hold and they return to the top alright you want to maintain a flat back position eyes focused 2-3 yards in front you make
sure the knees don’t bow in to keep the knees out ready and
go down and hold maintain a flat back position make sure
tho head and neck staying in line with the spine and up we’ll do another rep here ready and position and go and return back up for beginners start with a set of 3 by
10 makes you perfect your body weight before you start to add any external load

Reynold King

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  1. Are you strength training this offseason? The squat is essential for developing lower body strength and crucial for a proper breakdown position in tackling.

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