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Strength Training for Pregnancy

Alright next question comes from
Taylor. Hi Dan, thanks for starting this podcast. It’s been excellent so far. Well
that puts a lot of pressure on me. Boy now so you’re worried about just going
that way? My question is about strength training for pregnancy. As kindly as I
can say this Taylor, strength training has almost no effect on pregnancy. I had
a class in about the fifth grade and they explained how pregnancy happens. it
doesn’t have anything to do with the way I train push, pull, hinge, squat loaded
carry. Though actually the hinge probably helps a little bit. Okay that
was an attempt at humor. Are there particular exercises you recommend prior
to an expected pregnancy. That’s now that’s a good question. As well as during
and after pregnancy. Okay I can’t to give you any advice about during pregnancy
and after pregnancy I would like you to make sure it’s all cleared with, you know,
your practitioner. Before getting pregnant I would suggest that the female that the female build up some work
capacity because what’s going to happen during the 40 weeks of pregnancy, is
there’s gonna be a lot of there’s gonna be a lot of additional load as we go
through. So that’s why I’ve always thought that loaded carries, learning how
to squat again, learning how to hinge again. Bulgarian goat bag swings with the
weight on the belly might actually be an interesting practice. I’m gonna tone down
my my answers here because I do have concerns about the fragility of life
during pregnancy and I don’t want anything I say to be misconstrued and
add to. You ask how should intense and volume change before during after.
Mmm I gotta tell you and I know there’s a guy in Australia wants to punch me in
the face because I say it depends but I can’t even imagine and it depends
answer more important than this. I don’t like to talk about it but you know my
daughter Lindsey and my wife nearly died at childbirth and it’s just too fragile
for for you to ask the opinion of a strength coach. It’s just it’s just too
fragile but I appreciate the question and and maybe we can find a fine female
strength coach who’s had children to help you on that. Sarah Smith for
example is someone to have great regard for and I’ll do my best to contact her
and see if I can help you there. Thank you. Those are good
questions okay. That I can’t answer

Reynold King

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